The twelfth house is a cadent one, and ruled by the sign Pisces and its ruler planet Neptune. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was considered the ruling planet of Pisces and thus he is still considered as the co-ruler of this mystical house. It is also called the house of the unconscious, self-undoing and imprisonment. Even if it is considered one of the most dangerous houses, we should not forget that its basis lies directly in the depths of our mind. So, by changing the way our brain functions, and healing our souls, we can even extinguish the difficulties this house might bring in our reality.

In this house are located the deeper levels of our mind. The mechanisms behind our thoughts and actions, our subconscious and unconscious, things we have inside us but do not know (or prefer to not concentrate on).


In this house one can find his hidden psychological problems and work on them, the weaknesses that he tries to keep out of public view. These weaknesses are frequently patterns of self-undoing, and unless resolved in ones psyche they will definitely strike back towards his reality. A 12thhouse Mars, for example, will accumulate hidden aggression which will some day reach some critical point, resulting either into an uncontrolled explosion (towards maybe random people), or to an introversive implosion. The last, might end up into psycho-somatic diseases or a difficult time handling one’s own self. Generally, when planets are present in the 12thhouse, it is necessary to understand their position’s meaning; you will actually understand things about you that are present but you do not observe..

The house is strongly connected to Karma, and many difficulties (or even rewards) that it brings are outcomes of previous or even future lives. It is also an open gate towards these other lives; by meditating, praying and living a monastic life you can send through this gate energy to your other incarnations. Indeed, a lot of people who live a somehow hermetic life (no matter if they are monks in a monastery, prisoners or simply lonely people), are having planets located in the house. These are usually triggered by slow moving transits, which are temporarily or permanently leading them to such a pattern of reality.

The 12thhouse also rules our dreams, our sleeping patterns and the time we sleep. Psychology, as a science, is all about the 12thhouse and its mysteries. Also, psychic phenomena, clairvoyance and a lot of paranormal activities; mostly those that are uncontrolled by the native. The 8thhouse is ruling his conscious descend into the other realms; the 12this more about his unconscious abilities, and they many times remain untamed unless the person digs deep in his soul.

Furthermore, here lays self-sacrifice and suffering, while also secret charity.

All that is hidden, the secrets and the skeletons in the closet are also matters of this dark hose. Behind the scenes activities, illegal jobs, illegal affairs and confidential documents are also categories falling under the influence of this house. In addition, the house is responsible about secrets that we can uncover, both in ourselves and in the collective unconscious. Researchers and inventors frequently have planets here, bringing them insights that help their discoveries. Here one can also observe his hidden enemies, and having malefic planets located in the house can show us a lot about their presence and nature.

The 12thhouse is governing all large animals, in opposition to the 6thone that rules small domestic ones. People with malefic planets, or planets that have adverse aspects from malefics are advised to keep away from large animals, as accidents might occur near them. On the contrary, when benefic planets are present, the individual might be receiving a lot of joy through big animals, or even create wealth in a business concerning them.

An individual with difficult planets present in the 12thhouse is advised to keep away from alcohol and other substances, as they might worsen the condition and functions of these planets. The house is also indicating pre-natal conditions and how the baby was experiencing the time he passed in its mother’s wombs. Malefics present in the house can indicate difficulties both during pregnancy and birth.

Finally, the house is also ruling monasteries, asylums, hospitals, prisons, rehabilitation centers and every institution that imposes limitations. This does not necessary mean that a native who has planets in the 12thhouse will be restrained in such an institution; he could be even working for one. Another example could be an artist, passing a lot of time in loneliness so that he can work better, get inspired and use his imagination. All types of imprisonment are to be observed here, both willing and not. So, during a heavy transit, it is many times better to try self-imprisonment, than face the pushy consequences of the planet.

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