Karmic Astrology and Karma Expression through a Person’s Life


Considered to be root of every birth chart, Karmic astrology is important for our understanding of basic patterns and surroundings in which person starts. Here we can find what is core background for emotional reflexes, in which areas there is evident slow start, where learning curve tends to boom and which effort leads more quickly to success.

Karma is both learned and judged. Great deal of talent may lie under pile of consequences just because it was unlawfully exercised in the past. As soon as it is propelled to function in usable and good manner, person is replenished and can move forward.

Quality understanding of higher energies Karmic position is a key of self-development. Visible dosage of negative energy, forwarded before to surrounding, can be cleared from useless energy patterns of past and obsolete spiritual principles. That benefits to people around us as much as to ourselves.

Most important elements of Karmic analysis are:

  1. 4th house, its ruler, ruler position, planets in house by order
  2. Moon, its sign, position by house, aspects with Moon
  3. South Node, house position and aspects, short explanation of North Node
  4. Saturn, house position, planetary aspects, sign

Secondary analysis:

  1. List of retrograde planets and short explanation
  2. Chiron, house position

Karma Expression through a Person’s Life

Effects of Karmic work are more evident in youngest years. In first 7-8 years of life person is very much determined by condition of its home rules and is under great influence of mother figure. Here we can find 4th house as area where first Karmic roles and events would emanate. As person starts its development, emotional outfit presented by Moon position dictates many early relations. When person starts to exploit first talents, Node elements and their gift of channeling unconscious are starting to affect person, mostly when profession is going to be chosen.

Saturn, however, slowly shows its influence during every listed period. House were Saturn is positioned is usually plagued with notorious obstacles and hardship. Aspects of this planet can both test and develop traits of other planets as they can put them to almost nightmarish condition by feeling of entrapment and anxiety. Years around Saturn's natal return, around 29th year from birth, are known to be as crucial in formation of mature personality as family, workplace and social position are rounded at this time. Gained experience can be put into good outfit of integration, balance and firmness which are corner stones of future spiritual development. 

Influence of retrograde planets is manifested in overall slowness in area where retrograde planet is positioned. Stubbornness, introvercy and even claustrophobic feelings are traits which follow this subject. Person is generally less prone to changes; in extremes it can form concentrated set of Utopian ideas which can hamper development significantly. Retrogrades are symbolic indicator of areas where something was not fulfilled in proper manner (lack of freedom, constrained or weakened force of action and so on).

Chiron deserves a small report of its own but in Karmic questions he tends to point sore principles of balanced healing - place where we can rest our soul not only by paid debts but also in gentle play with process as it is. It points area were Karmic wound is often least visible but most painful, secret area were healing should be patiently applied.          

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