Astrology of June 2017, Major Astrology Transits and Monthly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

Horoscope for all signs

June could be the month that really pushes you to the brink.

Or, if you're wise, you could agree with the powers that be to allow whatever greets you and decide willfully to agree to no set plans whatsoever.

The end of May introduced Venus applying a conjunction to Uranus and June will see this through, also making a connection, simultaneously, to both Saturn and Mars. The sun will also be moving opposite Saturn for a good portion of the month. This will largely challenge much of your securities and one or two of your preferred foundations. This should not be much of a surprise to you.

The sun will square Neptune and this energy has a tendency to blur the lines and boundaries, inspiring you to question what is fact, what is fiction, and what it all means. You may find that something has become lost, forgotten, or simply misplaced. Or, you could lose track of your direction, forget an important detail in your goals, or misplace the drive that has helped bring you to where you are today. Worry not; this, too, shall pass.

What helps this atmosphere of fuzziness, luckily, is Mars making a trine connection to Neptune, as well, offering intuitive hunches, toward whatever is lost or misplaced, or even what it all means—at least for the time being. This will assist you in keeping your balance, your direction, and your connection to the bigger idea.

The Full Moon on the 9th in Sagittarius at 18° makes a connection to Ceres in Gemini while Mercury moves without making any connections to any other planetary bodies in the earlier degrees of his domicile, the moon connecting by conjunction to Saturn in opposition. You may need to protect your Truth in some way that defines the traditional structures of your life, the life that you have built for yourself.

Jupiter stations direct on the 9th at 13° Libra, activating again the Libran and Venusian circumstances in your life in really big ways.

Neptune stations retrograde in Pisces on the 16th at 14° which will inspire inward retrospection about healing and moving on and being alive.

A cardinal t-square between Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn begins the 20th with the void lying in Aries. This day also offers the Summer Solstice, representing the longest day of the year. Cardinal energies need to initiate, to begin, to inspire, and with the void in Aries, a true (potentially last ditch effort) beginning is necessary or a newly proclaimed sense of independence embraced. However, with asteroid Juno so close by, this energy may inspire new beginnings within existing relationships, forming stronger bonds and firmer foundations, or new beginnings through new relationships.

The New Moon in Cancer at 2° on the 23rd will make connections to Chiron, Uranus, and the North Node in Leo. It's a good time to connect with yourself, and with those you love, and to contemplate the most effective ways you show your love while the new beginnings you come upon now may offer you healing in a brand new way.

By the end of the month, the sun will be applying a connection to Mars, while trining Neptune, and will therefore retrigger the t-square mentioned above, opposing Pluto and squaring Jupiter, to connect exactly in July.

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