December 2017 Horoscopes - STAND FOR SOMETHING

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December 2017 Major Astrology Transits

Mercury and Saturn continue to connect willfully to Uranus, while Mars also opposes the planet of surprise simultaneously. The planet of war and movement makes an awkward connection to Neptune. Also, Jupiter and Neptune mingle, and finally, at the end of the month, Mars and Jupiter connect. All of these planetary connections inspire movement, and the need for it, however cryptic they may be at the time.

The awkward connection between Mars and Neptune is by sesquiquadrate, which is an awkward aspect of 135 degrees, only adding to whatever confusion you're experiencing, especially in regard to asserting yourself in a healthy manner. All the more reason to stand up, to stand tall, and to stand up for yourself. To stand up for something.

The opposition to Uranus by Mars will either inspire a breakthrough or illicit a breakdown, depending upon how you confront yourself and your circumstances. This is a high energy time that will likely push you to your point, especially if you are not living in your light. And there will be no ignoring this, or avoiding it. Circumstances may even bend to direct you back to yourself. You can make it, as always, either easy or difficult.

This is a celestial opportunity for you to embrace, also, what you ordinarily avoid— out of fear, disdain, or distrust— and these energies will undoubtedly provide the stage for you to do just that.

Jupiter also makes a friendly connection to Neptune, luring you to reframe your perspective that the world and all of its universal energies are not demanding too much from you, but rather, presenting you with circumstances and situations that are asking you to prove yourself and what you have to offer back to the universe. This is yet another reason why your personal Truth is so important, so essential, so completely necessary to you: it is from your belief in what you hold within yourself that you are able to see yourself through, time and time again.

To end the year, we will see Mars applying a connection to Jupiter by conjunction in Scorpio, (an exact conjunction at 17° Scorpio on January 5th, 2018); these energies are beyond powerful, friends, almost ensuring that you will need to comply with an energy beyond what you've ever before known. Seriously, this is beyond words. Cryptic, indeed, is as much of a descriptive as I can muster at this time.

You will need grit, a gnawing grit about you, to fuel both your foundational and spiritual goals. The energies around you may ask you to do much more than you've ever tried to do, or something that involves something you know nothing about... try anyway.

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