Astrology of August 2017, Major Astrology Transits and Monthly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

Horoscope for all signs

August begins, exact on the first of the month, with Jupiter connecting to Pluto exactly, by square, at 17° Libra/Capricorn; now is a time to reflect and revel in your natural responses to how you instinctually navigate yourself through each adventure you have.

And you'll have plenty of opportunity to do so...

The Aquarius Full Moon, also the next partial lunar eclipse, at 15°25' on the 7th at 11:10am PDT* will occur while making an aspect to Pallas Athene by both the sun and moon by trine, creating a t-square of fixed energy with an emphasis on power and control.

This lunar event will challenge your personal stability and your ability to go with the flow when necessary and your capacity for taking on what may be too much for you to handle.

Control is much of an illusion in this lifetime, however, the idea of this illusion in much within your control in both a mental and emotional sense, isn't it? Mind and body are connected and interconnected and always affecting the other... thoughts are things, truly. A healthy balance between realistically reasoning and idealistically dreaming is a good goal.

Do you allow others to call your shots?

When you consider the future and your goals, are you optimistic or pessimistic or somewhere in between?

Depending on how you answered these questions, work on tuning your emotional standpoint in consideration to your mental foundations, noticing if this doesn't help balance your overall outlook.

Mercury will station retrograde on the 14th at 11° Virgo and will move in retrograde until September 5th at 28° Leo and will create a shadow phase between July 25th and September the twentieth.

Again, this mercurial retrograde period will be in the earthy element, and concentrate more, as in Virgo, with what you use, what you really need and what you merely think that you need, and in relation to both of these— where does your health come in to it, not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Mind and body, somewhat of an ongoing theme here; consider these ideas through the retrograde phase.

The second Leo New Moon, also the next total solar eclipse, will occur on the 21st at 28°53' at 11:30am PDT** and make a friendly connection to Uranus at exactly 28° Aries, once again, and will complete an entire cycle through Leo. Keep in mind, too, that Mars remains in Leo at 20° and the North Node, at 23° Leo. This is a ton of Leo influence, a lot of fire, too.

What does Leo demand? In all ways, through all means, Leo demands authenticity.

Are you living your creativity or are you living in the real world?; are you able to do both?

Are you living your Truth?

This New Moon event is a new beginning for you. Your creativity may not have many boundaries for which to stay within, however, your relationship to Truth, however creative, does require boundaries of reality in balance with the boundary-less ideas and ideals of your dreams.

Dream impossible dreams... but then realize a way to see these impossibilities manifest in realistic ways. Make the idea of impossible feel like a mere obstacle. The important detail to be mindful of here, as you approach the energies of detail-oriented Virgo, is to remain practical in the face of your hopeful impossibilities.

Another important movement is Saturn stationing direct on the 26th at 21° Sagittarius, once more asking you to define both your Truth to the zeitgeist truth, in a general sense. Sagittarius is the embodiment of Truth, the ultimate Truth and the truth you seek to understand between the realities of what you understand and that which you do not. Sagittarius, above all else, needs to experience everything in an effort to know, to understand. Sagittarius wants to be faced with the opportunities needed to embrace a personal philosophy while Saturn wants to regulate and limit and order and maintain... you see the struggle.

Reality is a very Saturnine idea, but, have you ever considered that your reality may be different from the reality others understand to be real? Furthermore, is your "reality" truly what it is? Or, is it a man-made version of what a traditional governing structure of institution regulates it to be?

There is a reason that Sagittarians are always jovial and fun-loving— because humor is definitely needed when one is lost to truth... it's a very serious (Saturn) matter. When one does not fully know or understand up from down, other than what we've always been told... humor is quite necessary.

Saturn moving directly through the final degrees of Sagittarius will jumpstart these questions once again, questions you have, as well as questions you ask of your laws, your government, your country, and your moral codes of conduct. These questions must be asked.

Truth always finds a way. But Truth has many layers... it's up to you to pull away each layer.

Saturn will move into Capricorn on the winter solstice.

*12:10pm MDT; 1:10pm CDT; 2:10pm EDT
**12:30pm MDT; 1:30pm CDT; 2:30pm EDT

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