Astrology of October 2017, Major Astrology Transits and Monthly Horoscopes for All Zodiac Signs

Horoscope for all signs

October 2017 Major Astrology Transits

Both Jupiter and Saturn will continue to connect to Uranus through the month, please refer to the Astrology of 2017 Part II section, from July to December 2017, as these energies will be felt in the forefront and in the background in varying ways.

The major planetary transits of October 2017 are:

Mercury in Libra
Aries Full Moon
Jupiter Moves to Scorpio
Venus in Libra
Mercury in Scorpio
Libra New Moon
Mars in Libra
Mars Square Saturn

October 2017 Horoscopes

In Thailand, the expression *jai yen* literally translates to "cool heart." The word 'jai' is also Buddhist in origin and can resemble something intangible, yet present within everyone, much like Westerners would understand through the idea of spirit or soul, maybe even self. The Buddhists believe that the heart possesses one's "pure awareness," which is necessary in achieving enlightenment. The word 'yen' is "cool" yet it also represents, more symbolically, as patient and calming, to be in charge of one's own temperament. Further, to lose one's cool lends to a heated heart, which represents anger and rage, the opposite of enlightenment.

To possess a cool heart, it is my understanding, suggests that you're able to empower yourself by being in control of only yourself in that you're able to maintain a patient and mindful temperament, especially when the heat is on. That you're able to allow, to accept, and to know, deep down, that you do not hold any control, that you do not know all the answers, and that you are completely content with this.

Seek out those who lift you up, who motivate you and challenge you to be your best, and who appreciate you for who you are rather than expecting you to be someone you are not, or who they wish you to be.

Seek out circumstances that speak to you, move you, and inspire you to follow your Truth.

Seek out love and a balanced temperament.

Distract your ego and possess a cool heart.

By no means should you avoid that which you do not understand. Revel in these differences. With a cool heart, understanding and respecting the differences between yourself and that/those which ask more of you than you're prepared to/for, look at everything in your life with a beginner's mind in that you may understand you will never know everything and accept this, gracefully.

Seek to possess a cool heart. Always.

When Venus and Mars come together, one's wants and needs come together, too, with much more ease and aplomb and if you allow... you'll be free of the control your own ego holds over you. Without your ego calling all the shots you can enjoy the luxuries of possessing a cool heart.

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Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
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Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017
Horoscope October 2017

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