Aries Horoscope April 2017


Mars, your ruling planet, is making some major connections with both Saturn and Neptune, inviting potential movement or frustration to your 2nd house of values, 9th house of insight, and 12th house of hidden meanings. The more willing you are to be honest with yourself about responsibilities you've agreed to and obligations you're bound by the less likely you are to hold expectations beyond what is reasonable, especially in regard to what you assign value and status to, what you look to-- or where you go to- find inspiration or truth, and what you tell yourself on a cold, dark lonely night. Any frustrations or inconveniences you experience are likely from a lack of attention and is a clear and direct nudge for you to pay more mind as you move toward your goals.

April will represent a turning point in may ways for you; as Mars guides your way, be mindful of mercurial delays as Mercury retrogrades back through your 1st house of subjective thought. You may be forcefully reminded of your most recent obstacles or directly interrupted from your current endeavors. Do be mindful of this and consider for a moment that this may be a celestial opportunity to regain your perspective on things that need to be dealt with, things that require a practical touch, and things that could potentially be of resource to you in the future.

As you begin to watch your hopes and dreams manifest themselves, watch also your mouth, your mindset, and your immediate response to the surroundings of places and people around you. Personal relationships will be huge and the understanding that you intimately and directly contribute to everything and everyone around you in one way or another is essential. Be grateful, be gentle, be mindful, and you will be the best version of yourself. Always.

The universe is truly conspiring to work for you, and nothing but.

"Little by little, time draws out all things in sight and reason takes them to the shore of light."

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