Aries Horoscope - August 2017


The Aquarius Full Moon, at 15°25' on the 7th will occur in your 11th house of connections and will confront you with the emphasis of power and control within the urging objective of becoming someone greater than who you already are by moving beyond your own self created images of self.

This lunar event will challenge your personal stability and your ability to go with the flow when necessary and your capacity for taking on what may be too much for you to handle, especially in regard to your sensitivities toward your current atmosphere, goals, dreams, hopes and wishes.

Control is much of an illusion in this lifetime, however, the idea of this illusion in much within your control in both a mental and emotional sense, isn't it? Mind and body are connected and interconnected and always affecting the other... thoughts are things, truly. A healthy balance between realistically reasoning and idealistically dreaming is a good goal.

Are you mentally and emotionally in control of your life?; your actions, your choices, your reactions and responses?— in relation to what you encounter when pursuing your goals?

Are you strategically planning your moves? Remember that there is forever an interconnectedness that underlies everything... The connection you're seeking to that which is larger than yourself is already there. Just tap in.

The second Leo New Moon, also the next total solar eclipse, will occur on the 21st at 28°53' in your 5th house of livelihood.

What does Leo demand? In all ways, through all means, Leo demands authenticity. And for you, you're demanding authenticity through the pursuits which make you come alive, feel alive, and truly engage your entire being.

Who are you? What sets you apart as unique?

What is your Truth? Does it involve an urge to expand beyond your own influence?

This New Moon event is a new beginning for you. Your self-expression and creativity may not have many boundaries for which to stay within— especially as you are needing to be at the center of something now— however, your relationship to Truth, however risky, does require boundaries of reality in balance with the boundary-less ideas and ideals of your individualistic dreams.

Dream distinguished dreams.

Change is an easy panacea. It takes character to stay in one place and be happy there.
—Elizabeth Clarke Dunn

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