Taurus Horoscope - January 2018


Happy New Year Taureans!

The Sun and Saturn will be in the sector that is familiar with our core values and philosophies, later in the month Mercury connects with Saturn in the 9th house which will make you very thorough, as a Taurean you will want to know how your resources are being characterized from others as too difficult, it will be very difficult to mobilizes the ins and outs of any situation that you are identified with, or you support. You play a strong role with people who are responsible and careful about what is essential and realistic.

While, it will be very easy for you to adapt to any situation that happen to you for this month, you will move forward and take the first step in a very thoughtful and posed way. You will see that you will gain much admiration and inspiration if you share your thoughts without projecting your expectations, involve yourself with others without any plan of manipulation of what the outcome will be.

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The horoscope is written by Manuel Eloy Gaona, the owner of Texas Astrological Society. You can book a personalized reading with Manuel on his Facebok page.

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