Cancer Horoscope - January 2018


Happy New Year's Cancer!

You will have for most of this month 4 planets in the 7 th house of Relationships and supporting partnerships opposing your Sun sign of Cancer in the 1st house of your social personality and your own personal style to people this will create an opposition with Saturn, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the Sun.

You will feel brittle, sometimes lonely, and misunderstood. You will have a very hard time to understand the nature of others, you will not respond clearly and will deny anything that comes to your plans. This saturnian aspect will bring slowdowns that bring constructive and beneficial periods in the future. And, you know exactly how to take advantage of this situation.

With this monthly forecast you will be able to hint what exactly is going on in your relationships, and personal establishments, there will be challenges and obstacles you will need to overcome this month, but this calm and serenity that you bring will make the situation feel much healthier. You will have the opportunity to get away from what is no longer relevant to focus on much more promising goals.

The whole planetary energies for this month Cancer it will not be beneficial to go headlong but to move one step after another while keeping a step back on the situation. Your cancer horoscope offers you the opportunity to rebuild otherwise, better, on bases more in keeping with what you are today. And if it's not always easy, the confidence you have in you will be crucial.

Use this period of renewal to start on what you really want. Whether you change your job, your company, or everything you want to put yourself to work or change your career, you will not miss opportunities (and opportunities) to reorganize your professional life as you see fit. You will find that that the troubling energies of the month were only put in your path to find the tangibility of hard work and patience did pay off substantially.

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The horoscope is written by Manuel Eloy Gaona, the owner of Texas Astrological Society. You can book a personalized reading with Manuel on his Facebok page.

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