Capricorn Horoscope - October 2017


Venus and Mars connecting in Virgo occurs in your 9th house, traditionally, creatively activating the way you approach your own worldly experiences and personal philosophies, and the reasons why you believe what you believe. The conjunction will make a powerful connection to Pluto, in your traditional 1st house of self and first impressions, then a constructive connection to Saturn, residing within your 10th house of professional ambitions, suggesting that this conjunction will be both transformative for you, and determined, with a possibly fated feel, but one that will undoubtedly urge you forward, whether you're ready or not.

Venus and Mars in Virgo at 19° from the 4th to the 7th will inspire practical measures of love, self-sufficiency, and emotions that make sense. The keyword to the nineteenth degree of Virgo, created by Marc Edmund Jones, is elimination. All of these life lessons you've either been learning— or rejecting— to allow and stop trying to control, and to trust in All That Is and allow universal flow will come to be rather essential now. The nineteenth degree of Virgo asks you to be emotionally resilient.

What is it you want in this lifetime?

How are your needs and your wants coming together?

Eliminate all the noise, all the urges to control, all the weight you continue to keep despite your better judgment in letting it go. Eliminate all that is unnecessary, be it someone or something that drains your energy; a job, a relationship, an unnecessary obligation, or an unhealthy habit. Eliminate all that is no longer useful to you and your greater good. Eliminate what/who takes away from your light, or keeps your from your Truth.

The way you embrace the world at large, the connections you make and keep, and the tribe you find comfort in being involved with in this lifetime will become exposed as Jupiter moves into Scorpio, through your traditional 11th house. Jupiter will be here until November of 2018, so confronting your vulnerabilities and allowing these evolutions in obligation would be best. Look for my Jupiter in Scorpio post to learn more about this transit in general.

In life's daily battle, do not allow me to ask for protection in the wake of perils, but rather courage to face them.
—Rabindranath Tagore

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