Capricorn Horoscope - December 2017


This is a time to stand up, on your own.

At first sight, on the surface of it all, the opposition to Uranus by Mars will either inspire a breakthrough or elicit a breakdown, depending upon how you confront yourself and your circumstances. This is a high energy time that will likely push you to your point, especially if you are not living in your light. And there will be no ignoring this, or avoiding it. Circumstances may even bend to direct you back to yourself, to your light.

You can, as always, make it either easy or difficult.

Mars is in your tenth house of professional ambitions and social recognition and is opposing Uranus, which has been moving through your fourth house of home and heart now for some time... Since roughly 2008, you have likely felt a little like an outcast, a wanderer, or simply not really fitting in somewhere, like a stranger or outsider. Either unable or unwilling to plant roots or feet anywhere stable or maybe you've had opportunities to roam for whatever reason— unconventionality is now needed within the realm of your reputation, to be remembered for something truly amazing.

Take an initiative at work, in your career, or with your name as a trademark and allow this honest vitality to shine, despite feeling out of place anywhere but on the clock. Perhaps if you achieve the recognition you've always been seeking, you'll see your surroundings differently, not so unsettled after all.

"The strangest thing is happening to me. As time goes by, I feel that I live nowhere, and that no place wants me."
——Clarice Lispector

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