Capricorn Horoscope - January 2018


Happy New Year and a very happy Solar Return for you Capricorn!

The Sun has entered your First House of personal identity, our style of interacting with people, it is the first impressions people receive from our appearance. Saturn the ruler of your sign is located in the 1st house together with other 3 planets. Saturn in the 1st house would represent some months that reinforces your pragmatic side, serious, down to earth, with you it is straight to the point, we do not waste time and we advance. At least that makes you effective and it will highlight your professional qualities.

Saturn in the 1st house will give great confidence to assert themselves and the ability to become persistent until the very end, they will work until the end and win. It is time to push for that promotion or put your desires ahead of you and work towards your goal. You have the capacity to work long hours, your desire is more than just goals it is about being well placed in life.

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The horoscope is written by Manuel Eloy Gaona, the owner of Texas Astrological Society. You can book a personalized reading with Manuel on his Facebok page.

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