Pisces Horoscope - January 2018


Happy New Year, Pisces, this month the sun is traveling over the house of social requirements, whether that be social or professional you would like to define yourself with finding the objectives in each group and support this movement with your friends. The sun in your 11th house of networks, socializing, groups and fraternities.

This is a formidable time to network and socialize with people. You will have to agree to raise your head for you to be in situations up-front, without a veil in your face and agree that you want change. This can be time of great inspiration and much exchanges that are constructive, bringing renewal and filled with insurance that you will feel for over the weeks.

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The horoscope is written by Manuel Eloy Gaona, the owner of Texas Astrological Society. You can book a personalized reading with Manuel on his Facebok page.

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