DMAstro Team

DMAstro  Team
Most of the astrologers participating on DMAstro position their works, reports and services under their own names and we on DMAstro encourage them to do so! And on our website you will also find some astrological reports, articles and other materials positioned under DMAstro name. They are the result of work of professional astrologers who by some reasons decided not to be personally presented and want to position their works under our name and brand. But this, by no means, makes these materials worse than the work of our named professionals!

My Sun Sign Report

Your Sun Sign also known as a Zodiac Sign is the most known astrological combination which describes your key personality features. Your Sun Sign is where the Sun was located at the moment of your birth: date, time and place. Although most of you have already learnt your Zodiac Sign from widely available tables of Zodiac dates we must say that in many cases it can be wrong! When the date of birth is close to the border between two signs, such general tables may provide false information and you may be for example a Taurus and not an Aries! That happens because the time of the Sun's entry into a Sign will be very different in, let’s say, San Paulo and Tokyo. So, are you sure that the Zodiac Sign you think you are is really what you are? With our Free report “My Sun Sign” you will not only know your Zodiac Sign for sure, but also get a full Natal Chart generated for you. In the report, you’ll get interpretations of your Zodiac Sign meaning, it’s main characteristic, upsides and downsides and much more!

If you want to have a deep insight into your personality, strong and weak points which define what makes you YOU and how it affects your life path, love, career, family and other life areas, you should get your Complete Birth Horoscope. To get it now at discounted pricing, consider our special offers:


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Synastry Love Compatibility Report

Synastry Compatibility


Synastry Report is, no doubt, one of the most popular ways in astrology to understand the compatibility between two people who are already in a marriage or in love and still dating or interested in one another. The best thing about Astrology Synastry is that it compares Birth Horoscopes of two people and looks at your relationships from BOTH sides – you and your partner.

The Synastry report by DMAstro goes even deeper. It is not just a list of aspects, but calculates total dual harmony/discord score of a couple and analyzes the aspects from the most discordant to the most harmonious. This allows you to pay special attention to these energies and see areas where your love flows easily and where you might run into issues...