Dionysios Xenoulis

Dionysios Xenoulis
Dionysios is from Greece and was born in 1984. He has been studying astrology since 2010, and is the co-owner and content writer of Free-Spirited Mind website. Currently, he is preparing a lot of astrological e-books to be published, while his long-term plans are to strictly dedicate himself on literature. His Sun sign is Leo, while his Ascendant falls on Sagittarius. The strong Sagittarian influences of his natal chart have led him to travel a lot during the last years, living a semi-nomadic life and passing a lot of his personal time near nature. You can keep track on new articles he publishes on Free-Spirited Mind Facebook Page.

Full Planets in Houses Analysis

Your Full Planets in Houses Analysis is the core in understanding yourself through astrology. 

Who you really are… What and where are you destined to be? What areas of your life are going to be successful and in what matters you may experience challenges?

Answers to all these and many other questions are here, in your Full Planets in Houses Report. It describes every detail of natal placement of all planets by astrological houses. 

The planetary positions during the time of your birth create a stereotypical pattern which your life tends to follow. Discover your strengths so that you can reach success easier. Explore your weaknesses, in order to face your challenges with less trouble. Our Full Planets in Houses analysis offers you the best insight concerning all of your life matters; a mirror to observe yourself under a new light.

How does it work?

Every astrological house rules certain matters of our lives, and so the presence of a planet in that house can show us a lot about how we perceive those matters, what actions we do, as well as how our surroundings and reality affect them. Each planet brings forth different types of energy, whether positive or negative which has an effect on our whole life.

Thus, by examining the natal planet placement you can understand better the archetypes imprinted in you during the moment of your birth and see potential strengths and weaknesses. This report will not only grant you knowledge of who you are, but will also give you an upper hand in life, as you will know where you need to improve on.

The Report includes analysis of the presence of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Lilith, North Node, South Node in the houses.


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The Blessings of Jupiter

Jupiter is the fourth brightest celestial object after the Sun, the Moon and Venus. This gas giant is famous for being the most benefic planet, empowering any house or sign he is placed in. Astrologically, he is ruling expansion, bringing luck and prosperity. His benevolent character brings success to the matters connected with that house, protects you from possible dangers and bears luck.

Every individual should research his natal Jupiter placement in order to understand better its functions. Thus, the house where it is natally located should be examined better, so that we realize what activities will be also helped by luck. For sailing the seas of life, a good vessel is necessary. Yet, when the wind helps, we can reach to our destinations with less effort and quicker.

Try our free product to see which life matters are destined to have positive outcomes in your life!


Save up to 80% on the reports and get Full Planets in Houses Report at 9.80 USD ONLY and even MORE: get Full Planets in Houses + In-depth Birth Chart Report at 14.00 USD.