Free Natal Chart - Love Area

Written by Marija Dragojevic

Free Natal Chart - Love Area

Love is one of the most important life areas. Whether it is real love, platonic love, happy love, unhappy one… Why do we behave in our relation the way we do? What can we expect in our love life in the future? How to understand that the relationships are true? Is our astral constellation benevolent or not?

You might be surprised but replies to these and many other questions lay in our birth chart. Nearly all planets and celestial bodies placements by astrological houses and signs can tell us about features of our personality which directly or indirectly influence our love life, our attitude to love partner and his/her attitude to us. They can tell lots about possible situations which can happen in our love life – both position and negative; about strong and weak points of our relationships and much more.

In our Free Love Report you will get your Natal Chart and brief texts interpretations for planets residing in the Fifth House and placement of Venus by Signs in your Natal Chart.

Please note that we also offer an extended version of Love Natal Chart that provides very detailed explanations of placements of planets in Fifth House, Venus by Signs, Venus by Astrological Houses and Venus aspects to other planets.

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