In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis

Written by Marija Dragojevic

In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis

Every placement of planets by signs and houses and planets angles at the moment of our birth has deep effect on our personality, habits, attitude to life situations, decisions we make and on our life path in general. Thus, knowing your Birth Chart is the core in understanding who you really are and find answers on where you can and should go in various life situations...

In-depth analysis of a Natal Chart gives us possibility to manage our living the way we want, to improve life, to correct mistakes we do, to be prepared for unpleasant events, to explore talents and use them to make our life better, to find out where the dangers are and where our greatest happiness is.

Have you ever wondered why:

  • Sometimes, happy events surprise us when we least expect them?
  • Sometimes, „life happens“making our living hard?
  • We feel that there are hidden talents and opportunities which we never use to improve our way of living and our life in general?
  • We repeat over and over the same mistakes, without any conclusion that would prevent doing them?

All of that is not coincidence. Natal Chart is a sort of „blueprint“ of all that events. It is not our „destiny“, but the possibility for us to explore ourselves, to prepare for future events the best we can. It helps us to know and use our talents and opportunities, which, like hidden treasure, are inside us.

In-depth Birth Chart Analysis describes your personality in every detail, tells about your talents and possibilities in the work area, love affinity, possible events and situations that you should be aware of and more. You can learn all this with help of the Sun, the Moon, all planets, asteroids and astrological points and their placement by Signs and Houses, and their aspects described in our In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis.

The interpretations for the report are written by Marija Dragojevic, a famous astrologer from Serbia whose approach to chart readings is based on the works of most famous astrologers such as Robert Hand, Liz Green, and Robert Pelletier.


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