Synastry Compatibility Free

Written by Jamie VanZuuk

Synastry Compatibility Free

Each individual is born with a natal chart, marking the positions of the planets and luminaries throughout their lives. When two individuals meet and begin a relationship, the pairing and combinations of these two charts through synthesis is called a synastry chart.

A synastry chart will indicate what a relationship's dynamic instincts are, foretell practical things such as routine or expectations, and identify weaknesses within the structures of the pairing.

The moon symbolizes our needs, our feelings, our dreams, and our memories. The moon connects with our personal unconscious and when our moon meets another's moon, our needs for security, comfort, protection and familiarity are triggered. When two moon's work together, harmonize, our behaviors are more in sync and dependable, our responses are more reliable and less volatile, and our reactions are less about  ego and more about love.

Our ability to nurture holds strong when two moon's sync together, allowing our past hurts and pains to dissolve or be resolved. This clears resentment, and eliminates alienation. When two moon's clash, our innate needs feel threatened and our defense mechanisms turn on. It is through our moon signs that we can clearly see the vulnerabilities between two people and also understand where each person is coming from. 

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