Full Planets in Houses Analysis
Full Planets in Houses Analysis
Planet Longitude House Position
Sun08 Can 32' 30"      8
Moon14 Sag 45' 38"      2
Mercury04 Leo 15' 26"      9
Venus05 Gem 06' 19"      7
Mars22 Gem 58' 32"      8
Jupiter12 Can 00' 49"      9
Saturn29 Pis 35' 27"      5
Uranus16 Vir 06' 59"    10
Neptune19 Sco 39' 31" R     1
Pluto16 Vir 06' 38"    10
Chiron26 Pis 13' 53" R     5
Lilith10 Pis 05' 30"      4
True Node24 Tau 42' 27" R     7
Part of Fortune13 Ari 17' 46"      5
Vertex17 Gem 26' 32"      8
Planet Aspect Planet Orb
MoonTrinePart of Fortune1.46
MoonTrineHouse 20.23
JupiterSquarePart of Fortune1.28
NeptuneSquareHouse 25.13
ChironSextileTrue Node1.52
True NodeSextileChiron1.52
Part of FortuneTrineMoon1.46
Part of FortuneSquareJupiter1.28
Part of FortuneTrineHouse 21.23
VertexSextileHouse 22.91
House 2TrineMoon0.23
House 2SquareNeptune5.13
House 2TrinePart of Fortune1.23
House 2SextileVertex2.91


Before proceeding to the analysis of your planets in the houses, we should state a few things about how the planetary positions function.

Every astrological house rules certain matters of our lives, and so the presence of a planet in that house can show us a lot about how we perceive those matters, what actions we do, as well as how our surroundings and reality affect them.

Our solar system astrologically consists of 10 celestial bodies, which we tend to call planets even if the Sun and the Moon are not. This means that at least two of the twelve houses of a natal chart are empty of planets. Usually, an average person has four or five houses empty. This by no means that the matters of that house are non-existant in his life. Nevertheless, the presence of a planet in a certain house implies that the house is of a rather important priority in the native’s life. For empty houses, there exists a different type of analysis, based on the ruling planet of the sign where the house cusp falls in.

As there may be located more than one planet in a house, frequently contradictory ones, one can easily understand that their effect is in the end a mixture of the two. After all, it is the infinite variety of planetary combinations that makes the life of each individual unique. Read your report without receiving everything it says as destined to happen to you.

Astrology should be mostly used as a tool of self psychoanalysis than a gateway to foresee possible futures. No matter how good insight any astrologer can have, it is impossible for him to reveal even his own future in full. Never forget, that life is in your hands and you create your reality. And may this report be a beginning for you to start learning astrology. As I always say, there is no better astrologer for a person, than his own self!

So, let’s see now your Full Planets in Houses Analysis: 



Natives who have their natal Sun placed in the 8thhouse are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex and the occult. No matter which their Sun sign is, they become quite Scorpionic in their character, have deep desires and a very strong will. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth.

This Sun placement creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death. Such individuals are very interested in discovering the meanings of life, constantly seeking for answers on whether death is the final destination or we continue towards somewhere else. These interests make them attracted to the occult, and they can reach tremendous knowledge about such kind of issues. Observing the big picture of how life functions makes them difficult to be satisfied by common experience and everyday reality. Nevertheless, this placement attracts a lot of supernatural experiences, and many of them are permanently transforming them. Everything that is unexplored or taboo for the masses, fascinates them and attracts them. This is also a reason for the masses to slightly fear them, or consider them morbid and dark.

A person with the Sun in the 8thhouse will live many lives in one. These lives can be experienced either one after the other, or even simultaneously. It feels like being a protagonist in different movies, and because every movie has different surroundings and concept, the native is a totally different person in each one. While transcending from the one life to the other, the person can experience powerful dissolutions of his ego, and each death of his temporary persona is simulating real death. An 8thhouse Sun person has many ways of simulating death, in order to get acquainted with the biggest mystery and prepare himself to experience it. Other people might think that such natives are not afraid of death. Of course, this is not a right view. People with Sun in the house of death, are either consciously or unconsciously following the eastern orthodox proverb:

“Die before you die, so that you don’t die when you die.”

A curious fact is that the individual may achieve fame and success after his death. His death might be theatrical, phantasmagorical or dramatic. There are possibilities of leaving legacies towards the masses. This placement can be present in writers and artists that have their work more recognized after their death than during their lives.

The Sun in the 8thhouse, which is responsible for other people’s money, loans and inheritances, is quite good for the native’s finances. Large amounts of wealth can come in their hands after the death of their father, or another father figure. It is very frequent that they lose their father while they are still young in age. When the Sun is in Leo sign, then most times the native’s father dies from a heart attack. The Sun placed there makes them great in handling other people’s money, or even governmental. For such natives, it is quite easy to get a loan from a bank, provided that Sun does not have adverse aspects from Mars, Saturn or Pluto. In such occasions, natives are advised to not indulge in taking loans; they might easily receive one but have tremendous difficulties in paying it back.

They are very magnetic and seductive; their sexuality is as intense as a Scorpio’s. The Sun in the latter part of the 8thhouse makes sex a religion for them. Such people are feeling becoming gods through sexual activities, and are also creating a God/Goddess of their partner. For them, eroticism is art, expression and meditation. Their bed is an altar, and every sexual act is a ritual. The same attributes appear to people that have the Sun in the first part of the 8thhouse, with the difference that they are concentrating on their partner, and not on the idea itself. Their sexual evolution is strongly connected with bonding to their significant other (ruled by the yth house). They are aiming in uniting the two souls into one body, and reaching the perfect creature by abolishing duality. On the other hand, whoever has his Sun near the 9thhouse cusp is more interested in higher and more abstract meanings about sex, which makes less necessary the unification with one particular other soul.

The 8thhouse is an open gate to the other realms, and when one’s Sun resides in the house it can grant him psychic abilities. The native is very perceptive and his intuition is usually right. They can read people through peering in their eyes, and are very difficult to trick or swindle due to strong defenses. Sun in the 8thhouse makes a person suspicious, with paranoiac tendencies. Their emotions can reach enormous heights, and so can their orgasms in sex. The 8thhouse has no borders when one manages to pass its gates. What lays outside, is just infinite, and we are so small in front of it. That is the main reason of fears and taboos created by 8thhouse issues. They are just locks, keeping the gates shut for the unprepared. The ones who are ready, can handle situations that exceed the 5 senses and 4 primary dimensions. And the 8thhouse Sun people, are born ready.



When the second house of a person’s natal chart is occupied by the Moon, everything connected to his wealth and belongings becomes extremely important for his security. The presence of the Moon makes the individual sensitive concerning financial matters, and usually makes his income fluctuating frequently, just like the tide of the sea.

This pattern’s origin might be from the mother, who has also been rather insecure concerning money during the native’s childhood. The mother was emotionally attached both to the child and to her house, and the native will frequently spend his money on items used for cooking. Other expenses include decorations for his home and furniture. In case that Venus is also present in the house, or aspecting the Moon, there will be over-expenses on luxurious objects. In general, such kinds of people dedicate a big part of their income to their family and immediate surroundings. A second house Moon person will not indulge in investing his money into social activities, unless these are happening in his own house.

Possible sources of income are areas connected with the Moon, Cancer and the fourth house, traditionally ruled by the planet and its sign. These could be food, working from home or even being engaged with real estate. A lot of people who own restaurants or work as cooks have this placement, especially if the Moon is somehow connected with the 6thand/or 10thhouse. The Moon does not help for establishing a healthy income/expense pattern. Big part of the money can be spent in a rather short period, forcing the native to withstand difficult days till his next payment. Curiously enough, he will do the same thing again and again.

An issue that the Moon in the second house can create is becoming overly attached to people. Such natives can hold onto others very tightly, developing feelings of belonging and owning towards them. The same can appear towards objects, especially if the object is carrying some memory and nostalgia. They can have a difficult time parting with things they like, and in extreme situations when the Moon is heavily afflicted they can literally fill closets with useless stuff. The individual can have many tendencies to become a collector, and difficult Lunar aspects with Mercury or/and Pluto can create a very obsessive personality, dedicating his time into worshipping this fetish objects.

There are high possibilities for the native to be financially dependant on his mother, even in his adult years. If it is not the mother who helps, then it should be some other mother figure, which does not necessarily have to be older. This could even be the native’s girlfriend or wife, while in a female horoscope a female friend, aunt or grandmother. Anyone who plays the nurturing role of the mother in the native’s life can become his Moon shining in the house of material possessions. If the individual with such a placement is a man, he is advised to work on his masculine side as over-activating the Lunar energy will make him a very passive character, unable to hold his life in his own hands.

When the transiting full Moon falls in this house, there might be unexpected windfalls of money. Nevertheless, this happens roughly once a year in the native’s horoscope, and to receive big amounts the transiting full Moon must be supported by other transits too. In all the rest cases, the earnings of the day/period will just appear to be higher than usual, and will be quickly spent.

Finally,  small piece of magic advice, taken from the Russian traditions for people whose wealth is connected with the Moon: Take a silver coin, and hold it in front of the young crescent in the sky, the days after a New Moon. The energy of the waxing moon will expand the silver in your hands, and your money will be multiplied. The same can be done with anything silver: spoons, jewels and more. Be careful to not do the opposite, showing your silvery to a waning Moon: the effect will be to empty your pockets from money.



When a person has his natal Mercury in the 9thhouse of the chart, the placement makes him be of a rather high intellect, being capable of viewing the big picture. His mind is very broad; on the other hand he can lack the ability to see thoroughly the details.

The 9thhouse is ruling everything that is foreign, and Mercury placed here will definitely make the native learn foreign languages and have a rather different mentality and philosophy than the rest people residing in his homeland. He will be also influenced by foreign cultures and religions, mixing them with the ones he learnt as a child and creating his personal one. His fascination with foreign traditions and people will lead him to a lot of distant travels, especially if the Sun or Venus are also present near his natal Mercury.

This placement is the best for writing and publishing, and the individual may be involved in writing about philosophy or religion. Such a person adores researching and is a life long student, mostly of abstract subjects as the ones already mentioned. This helps him develop a higher view on these matters, and his observations can be later transformed into texts of a rather good quality. Curiously enough, one of the reasons that urge him to study is a strong dislike of routine, boredom and shallow meanings; thus his mind is pressing him to open his horizons through learning in order to not fall in depression. People with natal Mercury in the 9thhouse can be information junkies, love to research encyclopedias and will frequently open 20 tabs of Wikipedia in their browser. The native’s sense of curiosity is very strong and can lead to profound discoveries.

Of course, this placement has also its negative traits concerning learning; the native does not concentrate on one particular subject and is multitasking while learning. Due to this fact, he will know a lot, probably on nearly every subject that exists, but does not have the time or the will to become deeply specialized in something. Nevertheless, this is usually a conscious choice; becoming specialized in a certain subject will make him bored and he will most probably quit such type of attempts.

As the 9thhouse is ruling higher education, Mercury here can indicate becoming a teacher. The native has quite a lot of possibilities in progressing as an academic professor; on the other hand even religious preachers and gurus can also have this placement. Mercury in the ninth gives a tendency to try to inspire other people, and if afflicted by planets in the 1stor the 12thhouse may signify an over-inflated ego that needs to mentor people in order to feel pride. An other personal trait to guard from is being a smart-aleck; people who have such a natal Mercury are susceptible to showing off and all types of Luciferian attitudes. Exercising modesty is a great tool of progressing; through such practices the native understands even better his own value.

These patterns usually start with a rebellion towards the native’s teachers and parents during childhood. The youngster observes the broadness of his own mind, and discovers that he can learn information that elder people are unaware of. He then uses it as a weapon to counter the knowledge that the elders have, usually without understanding that knowledge dwells in experience and not in the details. With heavy afflictions of Mercury, the young child will frequently hassle his teachers and parents, in an attempt to show that he is smarter than them. These, of course, usually fail; yet such failures become a motivation for further learning as the individual does not like losing and will want to revenge and prove his right. Even this wrong and negative procedure can have a great outcome in his life, as the native gradually self-educates, without understanding how much he invests in his future.

If Mercury is adversely afflicted by Mars or Pluto, the native should be careful not to become dogmatic. This placement can make him enforce his own ideas to other people, and even if these ideas are correct and precious he can become highly disliked from others. In case you have such afflictions to your Mercury, understand that your ideas might be correct for yourself but not necessarily apply in the same way for other people. Be a little bit more open towards understanding other points of view and accepting what you feel more correct than your own; you will be later rewarded by upgrading and structuring an even better philosophic model of thought than the previous you had.

Mercury in the 9thhouse is also a very good position for people who study and exercise the law. It can create lawyers and judges, while also religious people or priests that may have authority positions in certain countries or cultures. Do not forget that even in our days, there are places on Earth where the priest is exercising justice on the people. In case that you have this placement and will be somehow involved in religion, investigate thoroughly the personal reasons hiding behind that choice. If they still contain egoistic traits and the need to have an authority, you are not ready. You will be eventually, but better try later.



An individual having his natal Venus in the 7thhouse might be easily considered as the luckiest in marriage matters. Venus is domicile here, as the house is ruled by the sign of Libra. Its placement brings a lot of harmony and balance in all types of unions, and creates a pleasant personality that prefers to solve all problems through calmness.

When Venus resides in the house of partnerships, the marital life of the native will be happy and full of love. Their significant other will be very attractive and will probably have Venus in his first house, a Libra or will elsehow have a heavy Venus/Libra emphasis in his chart. The couple will reach harmony and the marriage will be without a lot of confrontations and quarrels. Unless other factors contradict it, this Venus placement will bring to the individual the marriage of his dreams. And indeed, people with such a placement are dreaming of a marriage since their young years. Generally, such natives dislike being on their own and will always prefer the security of a relationship, probably being involved in good ones during their life. Yet, when they find the correct person to become a life partner, they can commit without any problems; if Venus is well-aspected it indicates a long lasting love even after the wedding. When Venus is adversely aspected the spouse can be lazy and passive; nevertheless this is not a real problem as love is a lot more important than such habits.

The wedding of the individual will be a rather expensive event. Venus in the 7thhouse indicates a lot of money spent on the ceremony, which will involve a lot of people and will be generally regarded as phantasmagoric. The native will buy an expensive suit or wedding dress; have a majestic wedding cake and excellent food. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will make the couple shine as if in a fairy tale. Of course, in case that Venus is adversely aspected, this overspending will have negative effects on other areas of the native’s life. It is quite easy to understand which areas will be challenged through observing the placement of the planets that have squares or oppositions to natal Venus.

The gifts of Venus do not stop here; this natal placement is wonderful for any type of business partnerships. The native has great diplomatic skills that aid him to keep good balances with his partners and prosper through such types of unions. His business partners are also becoming his friends, and the atmosphere surrounding their job is very pleasant. In addition, Venus favors all kinds of contracts, while also will bring victories in any law disputes that may appear. This natal placement is great for dealing with the public; it promotes a good public image and thus is prominent in people who are occupied in PR.

A seventh-house Venus is an optimist, concerning how he views his partners. The negative traits are ignored while the positive are magnified; this can indeed create a false view but definitely bonds the two individuals stronger. With natal Venus in the 7thhouse, the native both gives and receives tenderness and respect, which in turn empower both people’s self-confidence. The couple progresses together, and is not enemies that have something to divide but rather allies helping each other.

An afflicted Venus in the 7thhouse can bring delays in marriage, especially if by Saturn. Adverse aspects of Venus to Jupiter will make the spouse a procrastinating person, adoring all types of luxuries and overindulgences. Squares and oppositions by Mars or Neptune might indicate a fake image of the spouse, which can be of a rather promiscuous nature and a good liar; nevertheless even these aspects do not mean there will be a lack of balance in their marital life.

When planet Venus is examined, few advices can be given due to the positive traits that this planet usually gives. As it is directly connected with pleasure and happiness, the native should strive to dive into the gifts it offers. The only thing one should be careful of, is concentrating strictly on the benefits of this benefic planet and forget the rest matters of his life.


Natal Mars in the 8thhouse is one of the most potent placements for the fiery planet. Mars is the co-ruler (or old ruler) of Scorpio, before planet Pluto was discovered, and still holds a lot of power over the house’s matters. Being domicile, he will boost sexuality; nevertheless the aggressive nature of the planet can also create problems in life areas ruled by the eighth house.

Mars usually brings a violent death, which happens rather suddenly. This placement could bring a death by a sharp object, a bullet, an accident or war. In case that the planet has good aspects from other celestial bodies, it would bring at least one near-death experience.  The chart owner will get transformed; usually in a very positive way. After that experience, his gates to the other realms will be permanently more open than before, and he may even grant psychic powers.

The individual with Mars placed in the eighth will have an interest for the occult; nevertheless the aggressive nature of the planet will probably make him be too hasty; he will try things earlier than he is ready enough. If Mars is adversely aspected there exists a danger of supernatural attacks or experiments that will go wrong.

The native’s sexual life will be more than active. Mars positioned in the house of sex will bring fiery traits to his intimate relations and of the strongest thirst for experiences in bed. Sex is for them a very important channel of recharging and letting go all cumulated negativity. They will prefer it violent and will have an aggressive attitude over it. The native’s desire will be very strong, and all relationships will be of a passionate nature. If Mars is adversely aspected with Pluto or with Saturn, the native can become a victim of abuse, usually of a sexual nature. If Mars is well-aspected, it indicates an active breaking of taboos both of the native and his partners.

Mars in the house of other people’s money may bring a lot of quarrels and disagreements in this area. The native may fight over an inheritance, or have problems dividing a property or financial gains with other people. Issues can also arise in his marital life, as Mars in the 8thhouse indicates a marriage partner that will have financial losses. This can raise tensions inside the marriage partnership concerning joint finances. In addition, this natal aspect can be a bad indication for any type of loan through an institution. The most possible outcome is that the loan will not be paid back, which will furthermore complicate the native’s finances.

The native with mars in the 8thhouse can be of a very jealous nature, easily becoming obsessive about things. When he needs to possess something and sets such a goal, he may dedicate himself totally to it and even use dubious means to get it. This applies not only to money and material things, but also on people that the native wants to feel as being owned by him. With an adversely aspected Mars, the native can become so jealous that he may even exercise violence towards the desired person that betrayed him.

If Mars is afflicted by Mercury, these two planets combine in making the individual a successful thief. The 8thhouse is also ruling money of the banks or the government, and with such an aspect the native might indulge of putting his hand inside the jar. Be careful, because if you grab a lot then the hand might get stuck inside. All these Martian traits described here should be tamed, so that they do not backfire. This mostly applies to the people who see squares, oppositions and difficult conjunctions to his natal Mars, of course. The rest can relax, they probably already have learnt how to control the eruptive character of the red planet.



Jupiter is the natural ruler of Sagittarius and the 9thhouse, thus when positioned there he feels at home and his power is enhanced. The 9thhouse rules philosophy, religion, law distant travels and benefits from foreigners, while is also responsible for all types of spiritual pursuits. Higher education, publishing and teaching also are issues of the 9thhouse, and when Jupiter is present there he will definitely lead the native towards a life of higher meanings and idealism.

People who have Jupiter in their 9thhouse are passionate with traveling to new places; this usually broadens their mind and also triggers other matters governed by the 9thhouse. They adore learning and usually continue towards master or doctorate studies, while it is a frequent phenomenon that Jupiter shines back their effort towards other people, and they become professors or mentors of some kind. If Mercury is also present in the house, traveling comes together with learning new languages and generally adapting to a new culture and way of thinking. The more close their conjunction, the more possibilities exist for relocation to another country. Good luck follows the native in his journeys, and if no malefic is having an adverse aspect to Jupiter he should expect that all his travels will be troublefree.

Knowledge is of high importance in their minds, and they prefer to broaden theirs in a wide sense, more than concentrating on a single detailed subject. For them, the big picture is more important even if it is more abstract. They self-educate during their whole life, which tends to become a hobby even if it is not necessary for them, as they usually reach success early in life.

A lot of benefits can come through universities, people of spiritual power, law or the church. The native can influence the beliefs of the masses, and especially in his elder age he might engage in writing and publishing. Honesty is valued by them, and they strongly dislike hypocrisy. They have a natural curiosity, and sharing their discoveries and thoughts with other people can become a life target.

If the native’s Jupiter is at the end of the 9thhouse and conjunct the Midheaven, popularity is to be expected. The same can happen if Sagittarius occupies the 9thhouse and Midheaven also starts inside the sign, while conjunctions of Jupiter with the Sun, the Moon or Venus are also indicators of fame. He can easily became a leader and inspire other people; this is quite likely to happen when Jupiter trines Pluto or Mars, especially if they are located in the 1sthouse. In the first situation the native would be a man of politics and hierarchical power, while in the second situation his power and leadership would derive from military surroundings.

Jupiter in the 9thhouse is a wonderful position; yet there are also some difficult consequences deriving from it. The most frequent issue is the estrangement from friends and family due to traveling or studying abroad, and generally issues concerning friends and relatives. The native might have a big circle of acquaintances, yet he frequently does not dedicate to them the necessary time due to his long-term absence.

If the 9thhouse is occupied by Pisces, it is highly possible that the chart owner will follow the role of becoming a spiritual leader. In case there are also planets or a stellium occupying his 12thhouse, and aspecting Jupiter in the 9th, he might follow the road of being a monk or become a Hermit in some other way. When there are planets or a stellium in the 1sthouse, he would most likely be an extrovert figure in religion, far from self-imprisonment and hermetism.

The 9thhouse is responsible for publishing, writing, as long as import/export business. One should expect to get involved in publishing business either when a transiting slow moving planet as Pluto forms a trine with natal Jupiter, or when the Jupiter returns to his natal position. If Pluto is responsible for the entrance into the publishing world, then this change is permanent and publishing will be a part of the native’s reality for the rest of his life. Great success is to be expected, if there exist natal trine aspects to Jupiter from other planets, and transiting Pluto triggers them.

The 9thhouse Jupiter native tends also to find love abroad and marry foreigners. This has high possibility to happen if Jupiter is conjunct, trine or sextile Venus, or if the cusps of the 5thand 7thhouse are placed in Sagittarius. A person with Sagittarius at the cusp of the 7thhouse, Venus inside it and Jupiter in the 9thforming a sextile to Venus, is more than likely to marry a foreigner. Even if planets other than Venus are present in the 7thand form such an aspect, marriage and love tends to appear towards a person from a faraway place, or of great differences in language, customs, traditions or ethnicity.

In case that the 9thhouse Jupiter is very negatively aspected, the native might be sacrificing a lot of his personal small things at the altar of higher education. He might his entire life struggle to obtain knowledge, just to understand that he missed the opportunity to do the things he loves, to spend time with the people he loves. If the adverse aspect is a square with Pluto, the things that he sacrificed cannot return back, especially when a transiting planet triggers the square. Such kind of people usually face dilemmas of moving to another country and having to reject their past. This type of aspects could also signify relocation due to political instability or war in his country, and are by no means an easy choice as the relocation could be permanent.

Nevertheless, this is a rather extreme scenario. Jupiter in the 9this one of the best placements that a native can have, and definitely positively affects the native’s life. For full interpretation of Jupiter in the houses, check out our book on Jupiter which will be published very soon.



Being located in the 5thhouse is a rather difficult position for Saturn. Even when it is well-aspected, its presence in the house of joy will restrain the native from the small amusements of life, giving a rather serious approach to his life.

The gloomy and cold nature of Saturn is definitely not the best to have in the house of pleasure. While most people party, a native with such an aspect might by shy to join fun activities or even consider them as something not interesting. He may have a very serious character concerning fun activities, and during his childhood the elder members of the family were frowning upon joy. They might be considering playing, laughing and passing a good time as a sin; thus the native can grow up in surroundings that do not allow happiness to flourish.

The native will have hard time being spontaneous, as his reactions have structured patterns. The best advice is to relax and try to enjoy yourself, even if it is difficult to adopt to such situations. Such a native might even consider the noise of a party something repulsive, preferring more solitary ways of entertainment. In addition, a person with Saturn in the 5thhouse is not dating a lot, and his relationships are mostly based on issues of stability. His views on dating are rather conservative, and when they find someone with the same kind of views they tie with him and try to build something more solid than just fool around. The best love partners for such kind of people are individuals who also have Saturn in their 5thhouse.

As the fifth house is responsible for one’s children, Saturn’s presence tends to obstruct having one. The native can have low fertility or be totally unable to have children, but this is not necessary to be the rule. The native himself might not want children, and Saturn can create a conscious choice of not procreating. Saturn can bring a child in the native’s old years, and usually the relationship with such a child is problematic due to the generational difference. People with such a placement might want to reconsider their stance towards having children, as an adversely aspected Saturn might bring misfortunes with their offspring.

This natal placement of Saturn urges the native to be in environments where there is no need for creativity. They like having a routine, programming and planning their future, while also the way they feel joy. There might be solitary hobbies like collecting and constructing things. Also, such people will hardly ever gamble in their lives. They neither find any kind of joy in it, nor like to win or lose money. Their ethics might even consider gambling a despicable sin. On the other hand, this placement can give a lot of wisdom, as the native invests a lot of time in himself instead of having fun. Becoming serious from his early ages, he can become a good professional if his natal Saturn is also connected to the 10thor the 6thhouse. In both cases, this comes together with becoming a workaholic.

The native might have received little love during his childhood, and feel unappreciated. This pattern taught him to also show little love and affection towards other. His relationships will definitely not have going out and making out in public- these things are kept for the indoors. As the person does not celebrate a lot with others, this fact in turn does not increase his popularity. The native is definitely not the first to be invited by others in a Friday night out. Nevertheless, with the people that he is near he will indulge in other activities of recreation. These would be of a different style, more adult-ish and serious. Common hobbies with others should have a practical purpose, so that he enjoys them. Also, such a native does not enjoy in giving or receiving presents, considering this movement as fake and lame. Even if he does, he will stubbornly pretend that all this is foolish and that people should focus on more important things.

The best ways to soften such a Saturn is to not be overly critical as the native’s parents were, and try to adapt themselves to situations where they can relax and feel joy. The world must be perceived in a more easy way; worrying is not the only important thing in life. Natives with a 5thhouse Saturn must raise their self confidence through group activities, and harmonize the differences that separate them from the masses. Also, a great benefit that this Saturn position has, is the chance of creating something artistic that will survive in time. Such people can become great architects or builders, and if Saturn is positively aspected their creations might stand long after the native departs from this world. If you have such an aspect, don’t be afraid to love! It is actually what you mostly yearn for, and maybe it terrifies you. Accept the love and joy given by others, and reflect it back!



Natal Uranus in the 10thhouse may strongly influence the native’s career choices, making him very picky about what he does in his life for a living. This eradicates the risk of working in jobs he does not like, and can eventually lead to doing a dream job. Or more precisely, creating it on his own.

The erratic nature of the planet is making the native feel uncomfortable in orthodox types of careers, which involve routine. For such people, a perfect job is something non-monotonous that can offer very strong mental stimulation. As Uranus is responsible for everything connected with technology, internet jobs are one of the best solutions so that the individual prospers.

Such people dislike authority and will not submit easily to employers; thus a freelancer career and being self-employed is more suitable as it can grant freedom of movement. In case that the native has to work under the instructions of an employer, Uranus will definitely rebel in some moment; this will most certainly lead to quitting the job in a quite unpredictable manner. Indeed, the 10thhouse individual may be very hasty in such decisions; he will even quit the exact moment that this idea appears in his mind. An adversely aspected Uranus can lead to lengthy periods of unemployment or quick small jobs, as the native has a deeply buried repulsion towards applying for interviews.

In addition, Uranus in the 10thhouse can bring sudden genius insights and make a person an inventor. He can literally invent his own career, even if it is not connected with electronics or technology. Uranus can make an idea suddenly appear in his mind, and dictate him to follow an occupation that is rather pioneering, unique or even weird. In any case, Uranus will bring quite a lot of career direction changes, parallel projects and alternative collaborations with eccentric people.

As the 10thhouse is also ruling the individual’s stronger parental figure (usually the father), this parent may have been himself of a weird nature. The native as a child observes the parent having a rather different approach towards work than the rest of the world, and copies this pattern to reproduce it later in his life. The father may be an Aquarius or elsehow have Uranus prominently emphasized in his natal chart. He usually dislikes social climbing to authority positions, may be an altruist or a revolutionary and these traits inspire the young native, who does also becomes a non-conformist while choosing a career.

Uranus rules unexpected events, and when located in the 10thhouse can bring sudden publicity, even if it is unwanted by the native. Usually, this happens due to some unique characteristic of the individual or his actions, and he will appear in the news or be known by the society for being an extreme paradigm. His life and career can be very interesting for other people to know, and any information about the native will be presented under the label “believe it or not”. If Uranus is adversely aspected, the publicity may bring difficulties to the person. He might feel that people make fun of his uniqueness and mock him, while also be a part of a scandal. The mass will gossip about him and he will feel pressured and uncomfortable while in the centre of attention. On the other hand, public opinion is not really something he is concerned about, so any negative effects will pass soon.

During some positive transit of a planet to the native’s natal Uranus, his career can take off like an airplane and reach great heights he would only dream of. Beware though, Uranus acts the same unpredictably in the opposite way too. A hard transit might even make a business empire crumble to ashes. Of course, one of the good traits that a tenth house Uranus offers is an indifference to failures (well, victories too). The native will gather the ashes and will be reborn as a phoenix eventually, provided that he still cares to create a new career and not just indulge in living. Because indeed, such people care a lot more about life itself than self-defining through what they do as a job. In extreme cases, especially when the wealth houses provide the native means to live, he may even consciously choose to not work at all.

Natal Uranus in the 10thhouse is a pretty good natal placement, as the eccentric planet feels quite well in the realm of Capricorn and Saturn. After all, it is a lot better to have it high in the heavens, where it will mostly influence life directions than below the horizons. The planet’s traits can at least somehow be directed towards certain targets and goals. We should also mention that this natal placement will give to the individual quite a lot of altruistic traits, and he might battle for a better society. Uranus is ruling revolutionaries and anarchists, and the native may play his role in the social structure to promote such pioneering and transformative ideas.



When Neptune is located in the first house of a native, his ethereal nature opens the gates of the other realms, making the person very sensitive to everything around him. He uses osmosis for perceiving reality and is a very strong receptor, an antenna that can receive literally everything that is near his personal sphere (or even not near). This is a double-edged knife as it can give enormous abilities but also weakens his defense towards negative influences from his surroundings.

An important advice before we continue about the traits the mysterious planet can gift: People with such a placement should be very careful with drugs, alcohol and any substance that can furthermore blur his already liquid reality. Neptune himself is creating a personality that is stepping with only one leg to the ground, so misuse of substances might totally disconnect someone from the common reality. If Neptune is only positively aspected and shielded by strong planets, then experimenting will not harm the native but rather enhance his ability of understanding the thin web of how the universe functions. Nevertheless, any usage should be under control and he should never allow himself get hooked on any kind of dependant substance. Individuals that have adverse aspects from Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus should not even try to experiment. They are very prone to substance abuse, and such kind of behaviors might awaken/create mental illnesses and psychological problems.

A main characteristic that Neptune in the first house gives are magnetic and mysterious eyes. They are so different than most other eyes, that it is frequently easy to tell who has this placement. They look out-worldly, piercing and secretive; people with such a placement are of the most difficult to be read through their eyes. You cannot understand when they are lying, and they do not betray what their mind is thinking that moment. Usually, they are green blue or grey, and they give a feeling as if the person is not looking you in your eyes but rather focusing some centimeters behind them.

Such kind of people can have great abilities of hypnosis, their penetrative look can easily mesmerize. This ability is enhanced when Neptune is supported by trines or sextiles from Jupiter, Pluto, the Sun or the Moon. The light of each of these planets is reflected by Neptune and projected to the outer world, granting even more power in their gaze. Neptune acts as a mystical mirror; other people can easily perceive him as having any of these planets in the first house. Neptune is the planet of masquerade. No one can understand who exactly the person with Neptune in the 1sthouse is. Even more, the other people project themselves in the mirroring presence of such a native, and tend to believe that he has the same characteristics as themselves. You probably have read the book “The Perfume” of Patrick Sueskind, or seen the movie that was based on it. A paragraph about the protagonist can give you the exact vision of how Neptune functions when in the first house.

“”Everyone considered the man in the blue jacket

as the most beautiful human being they have ever seen:

nuns saw on him the Messiah in flesh;

Satan’s adorers the lustrous Prince of Darkness;

philosophers the Supreme Being;

young females an enchanted prince;

Men an ideal reflection of themselves.”

Neptune is by no means the most stable planet. Having him in the house of Self, can blur one’s goals. Such a native might not have concrete aims for his life, thus acting unreliably and prefer roaming around without a reason or a structured plan. This does not mean he does not enjoy it; it can create a very happy bohemian, a bon viveur, a flaneur of life. His life might be extremely interesting and full, yet without the stability that other people prefer to have around them. They usually watch vivid dreams, many of which are prophetic. A lot of them can develop abilities of clairvoyance, though with Neptune placed there these abilities might not be easily controlled and tamed. The planet is too misty to be fully understood, even astrologers have a hard time understanding his effects in a natal chart. Their childhood was floating in fantasies and they usually build their own fantastic world around them. If they have good writing abilities through other planets positions in their chart, they can become amazing fantasy/science/mystery fiction writers.

Such people are often confused themselves about their identity. They constantly daydream, can live inside book/series characters and even copy a lot of their characteristics. They have hard time establishing a self-definition; they actually do not care about it. Being fluid is something they like, and there are frequent changes in their personality. They are sponges with endless capacity, so their character is constantly evolving to something different. They will have a lot of spiritual experiences in their life, and many unexplained things will happen to them. As their gates of perception are more open than the rest people, they attract supernatural phenomenas.

Individuals with this placement should also be careful to not be hypnotized by mischievous people who can use them. As we already mentioned, their widely opened gates have less defense towards external influences. Also, they should as much possible diminish the feelings of guilt; they tend to take on their back the guilt for anything bad happening in the world. In addition, they have a tendency of trying to become saviors, or even martyrs for the others. If they keep low on these traits, they can save themselves from many trouble, as it will be a lot more difficult for other people to use them. Altruism is great, but one must also always take care about himself instead of only the others. This way, he will indeed be able to help and serve others in a correct way.

When a first house Neptune has other people around him, he can easily understand their feelings. When entering a cafe, he can feel the thoughts of the people, so it is necessary to keep away from places with negative energy or psychic vampires. Once every three or four days, it is wise to pass a day away from masses of people, to regenerate the personal energy and get cleaned from others’ psychic influences. This will help the person to also self-determine his existence, because when he is frequently surrounded by masses his subconscious is overly-copying characteristics and patterns that are not his own.

Music is extremely important, as long as anything artistic. Neptune in the first house does not grant some artistic ability by himself; he creates the appreciator of other’s art. People with such a placement can become great art critics.

Their body needs more sleep than most other people; they tend to be weak of physical strength even if they have an athletic figure. In physical battles, they have the tendency to surrender or run, unless some strong planet like Mars or Pluto supports the passive Neptune. In addition, they are more prominent than others to develop confusing and rare chronic illnesses, or to discover an illness that they already have.



Pluto is known to be of the most intense planets, and his presence is creating an inner need of controlling the issues represented by the house where he is located. When it is located in the 10thhouse it affects the native’s career and public image, sometimes leading to obsessions concerning these life areas.

The tenth house rules the native’s father, and Pluto makes him a domineering one. He is frequently an authority person; he might be in some governmental position and the native regards him as someone respected or even feared by the masses. Even when Pluto is well aspected, the native has some subconscious fear towards his father during his childhood, mostly because he sees him frequently absent from home and constantly occupied by his position of power. Usually, the father has big expectations from his child, which can influence the native in becoming obsessed with creating a stronger career than the father. Such kinds of people tend to become workaholics, and earning a status or a strong public profile becomes a life goal.

Due to the fact that they have studied their father’s character and reactions, they will frequently be accepted by older and powerful people. Natives with this placement will receive help from Scorpionic and powerful individuals, and this help might be even hidden in secrecy. Authority people are attracted by him and see in the native a young part of themselves; this in turn makes them want to aid him by opening roads and windows for a career. Most probably, someone had helped them in the same way when they were young and they want to return the favor to someone younger who shows the same type of potential.

Pluto in the 10thhouse is a great natal placement for getting involved with politics. When Pluto is near the Midheaven, the person will have a public image, while when it is more near to the end of the 10thhouse the native will be powerful but in more shady positions. This last placement functions very well for being a member of secret organizations, as the native does not really need to receive recognition but desires attaining sheer power. On the contrary, those who have Pluto near the Midheaven want the lights drawn towards them and enjoy in being well-known. If Pluto is very adversely aspected, they should be careful as their recognition could be a negative one. If the adverse aspects are coming from some malefic planet in the 12thhouse, there is a high possibility of being part of a scandal, as hidden enemies will expose his secrets.

When Pluto is present in the 10thhouse, the masses can get obsessed by the native’s public image. This is a double-edged knife, as this placement can create love-hate reactions; there is no  chance though that this person passes unnoticed. Pluto in this house gives strong persuasive abilities, perfectionism in career issues and makes the native very robust towards difficulties he will find on his way. He simply will not care about them and just focus on his goal until he reaches it. Yes, the native becomes a control freak in his job. Other professions that this placement favors are banking and finances, other people’s money, insurances and the occult.  Pluto here is also great for being occupied as a researcher in science, with nuclear physics and generally the microcosm being the best departments he can choose.

In any case, the native who has such a Pluto should be very careful in not over-exaggerating with his luciferian pride, not forgetting who was there to help him during his rise in power and keeping as much a humble profile as he can. He must understand that a mortal being can never have everything under total control, and learn to let go when it is needed. Or else, Pluto will take back himself the gifts he granted to the individual.

Chiron in the 5th House


Natal Chiron in the 5th house of a natal chart indicates some emotional wounds connected with how much the native played as a child. The fifth house rules recreational activities and fun; thus its presence here shows unresolved traumas related to the house’s matters. Chiron in the fifth house can also signify an early disappointment in the native’s love life, a broken heart from a childhood crush.

Generally, asteroid Chiron is responsible for traumas and their healing; thus the house where it is placed is a rather sensitive area of the native’s life. In case that the asteroid is negatively aspected, especially by Mars, Saturn or Pluto, the native may have experienced quite a lot of suffering. On the other hand, a well-aspected Chiron indicates abilities of healing other people in the respective life area, as the native has learnt quite a lot from his own experiences.

Chiron in the house of creative self-expression may make the person shy to party. This placement can frequently give tendencies to sit in the corner and look at others having fun, instead of becoming the heart of the company. This behavior can trace back to childhood parties or playtime, when the individual was feeling quite alienated by the other children and not invited to participate in the activity even if he yearned for it.

In addition, the native may have experienced difficulties in love during his young years. He may have been rejected by his childhood sweetheart, or even never expressed his affection towards that person. Such a rejection can influence his adult life, making him feel insecure about expressing feelings. Indeed, a fifth house Chiron individual may frequently feel as a child when falling in love, unable to think clearly and find the courage to approach the desired person. His sexual energy may have awakened rather early, definitely earlier than the other kids around him. The lack of stereotypes to follow makes the child confused, as it is difficult to dive into subjects such as love and sexuality when even your desired partner is not mature enough to be aware of them.

The 5th house is also ruling children, and Chiron’s placement can create some complications concerning this matter. The planet definitely creates a desire to have a child, yet can make the native very anxious about his ability to handle and grow it. The asteroid can give great relations with children in general; on the other hand there are native bears huge doubts about whether he will be a good parent himself. Another fear it can create is the phobia of not being able to have children, or a general worry about how to treat them. As a result, such a native is prone to be a rather strict parent and generally give love in a wrong way. His worries about the child’s future can make their relationship rather complicated.

In case you have this placement, it will be a pity to allow your oversensitivity poison your relations with your offspring. Actually, you may not even notice some difficult traits you will have as a parent, and the reason behind that is that you are perfect in consulting other people about how to grow their children. Yet, you do not follow your own advice, allowing deeper instincts of fears to take control. Observe yourself consciously and try to end any vicious cycles of traumas that Chiron has passed to you.

This natal placement is quite good for people who work with children, no matter if they are teachers, sports trainers or child psychologists. Chiron may gift them with great abilities of healing young individuals, and empower their dreams. Having experienced disappointments himself, he knows how to aid youngsters in order to not get disappointed by the same issues.

In addition, a fifth house Chiron person may be an expert in romance advice. Even if his own life does not correspond to the advice he gives, he can offer very helpful tips about love. Usually, such people do not become psychologists for couples but just support their friends and acquaintances with coaching about love affairs.

If you have this placement, we strongly advise you to examine the natal aspects of Chiron so that you understand the whole big picture. Sometimes, by strengthening the planets that trine or sextile Chiron you can indirectly heal yourself, without having to dedicate a lot of time and effort in researching your childhood years with the aid of a professional.

Lilith in the 4th House


Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 4th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith. Thus, we should distinguish this mathematical point of alignment from the asteroid Lilith, and also from Dark Moon Lilith, which is calculated in a different way.

Lilith is not a planet and is not a material object. It is the hypothetical point connected to the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, the farthest spot from Earth that the Moon can reach. The Moon is not orbiting Earth in a circle but in an ellipse, and thus this calculation shows the astrological degree in the signs where the Moon’s transits are most distant from our planet.

Black Moon Lilith is a rather dark point of an individual’s natal chart. The distance extreme of the Moon makes emotion and sentiments hit a low and show their cold side, and the placement of this mathematical spot signifies quite a lot of doubtful or even negative behaviors. Under one’s Lilith can hide subconscious energies of malice and self-undoing, yet it would be wrong to consider her as something mostly negative.

Having Lilith in the 4th house is considered a rather unfortunate natal placement, as it directly affects one’s childhood years and family. Astrologers claim that Lilith’s detriment is the sign Cancer, and thus the traditional home of Cancer is by no means a good place for her to dwell.

The native’s early years are disharmonic and there are problems with at least one parent. The fourth house is responsible for the less dominant one, which in most cases is the person’s mother. Lilith can give an unloving mother that abandons her child, or does not dedicate a lot of time to it. There are a lot of possibilities that she is dedicating more time to her sexuality than raising the young native, and Lilith’s sexuality is a rather obscure matter.

In many occasions, Black Moon Lilith’s presence can bring divorce of the parents due to unfaithfulness or other reasons connected with sexuality. The child feels as an observer, incapable either to understand or to soften things between its parents. In many occasions, the native himself is an offspring of lust rather than love, and even if his parents decide to live together and try to create a family the odds are against them. Step-parents can also be involved in the child’s early years, and it largely depends on other factors and aspects to determine their nature.

As a result, Lilith may cause similar problems when the native wants to create a family for himself. Her presence in the house of home is far from creating a sanctuary, and there will be even similar characteristics in the situations between the native and his spouse as his parents had.

The 4th house Lilith individual tends to dedicate his time and effort in matters of the exact opposite house, the 10th. He may develop great career abilities and uses his work as a gateway to escape from being at home. In extreme cases with very difficult aspects, Lilith will create a person who uses his residence just for sleeping and prefers to pass the biggest amount of his time elsewhere.

The 4th is the house of one’s roots, and Lilith can bring a lot of secrecy about the native’s ancestors. There can be dark powers running in the blood of some female ancestors. In addition, the native may have experienced a lot of poisonous relations with family members. He feels a scapegoat and rejected, and the natural outcome of his life is alienation from his roots. In case that Lilith is adversely aspected by Mars, Saturn or Pluto, the young individual might have experienced a lot of physical punishment. In lighter cases or with good aspects, verbal abuse is more frequent.

Of course, such difficult surroundings may also bring positive outcomes. Being trained in how to survive in difficult situations, the native becomes a strong character and can excel in his career- especially the type of authority positions that involve control.

The possible negative ancestral karma can run quite deep, and sometimes a wise decision for such a native is to not form a family in order to break the cycle that repeats the same patterns. Of course, this does not apply to people who have strong benefic planets in the houses of marriage, children and family.

If you have this placement, you might unravel that you possess deep instincts of emotionally harming people. As we already mentioned fourth house is traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon, and Lilith will frequently lure you to hurt the Moon power of other people. If you notice such types of behaviors try to deactivate them, as they are subconscious programs copied from your parents’ behaviors. You have a great chance to end these cycles - and taming Lilith can unify your light and dark side into a balanced whole.



Having your North Node in the 7th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 1st house . This natal placement of the North Node indicates heavy emphasis on matters concerning one’s relationships and partnerships, while also influences his perception of Ego. In addition, the 7h/1st axis shows that your life lesson involves your attitude towards unification with other people and sharing your reality, while also is strongly connected to the terms “contract”, “agreement” and even “open enemies”.

As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 7th house must dedicate himself towards the difficult task of joining forces with other individuals. This is something he failed doing during previous lives, preferring to concentrate on himself and his own self-development. The South Node in the 1st house indicates that in his early ages he still has a lot of memories about being independent, and such a native has probably been very egoistic while young. These are all programs carried from his previous lives; he will feel much at ease by worshiping only himself. Yet, this is the critical point where things must change, and a conscious decision to unite with others is awaiting him in some moment of his life.

Such a native will frequently feel uneasy in relationships, especially in the first part of his life. He might treat his partners unfairly, preferring his own happiness instead of flourishing together with his significant other. A series of such actions and mistakes might hurt other people, in his race to feed his selfishness. A lot of energy of his relationship or business partners might be absorbed by him, and with hard aspects he might be acting for some time as a psychic vampire. Nevertheless, the karmic path of such a native is to break this pattern, and learn how to give, share and love.

The North Node always shows us what route we must follow in order to develop ourselves, and most of the times it is not the easiest one to choose. Most people usually feel quite uncomfortable about marching towards fulfilling matters of the house where the North Node is located. This is because during previous lifetimes we have gathered a lot of experience concerning the South Node house matters. Indeed, we are lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas.

For fulfilling our cause, the North Node strengthens everything it touches. Of course, a lot of fears can be present concerning the direction it indicates, as it is a terra incognita yet to be discovered. Yet, the North Node is quite beneficial when conjuncting any planet present in the house, even if it is a malefic. Naturally, a malefic planet adversely aspected will still remain a rather harsh lesson to learn. Spiritual growth will be eventually reached; even if it comes through difficulties, but generally expect the North Node of the Moon to bless you with expansion of the positive traits of any planet nearby.

The North Node in the 7th house signifies a karmic need to concentrate on creating a stable relationship or marriage. The native must learn to take care of his loved ones, or other people that he is tied with. Partners in business are also considered a very important 7th house matter. The good thing is that the North Node brings luck wherever it is placed. This means that the native’s spouse will be quite a good character, often inspiring the individual to become a better person. In addition, the North Node in the 7thhouse can gift the native with a wonderful second child. As the 7th house rules contracts and agreements, there can be benefits through them. Also, such a person will have luck in court, win against his enemies or even manage diplomatically to transform his enemies into friends.

A seventh house North Node is the best aid to achieve oneness with another individual. Theoretically, such a bond with another person can even reach the level of incarnating in one body in a next lifetime. Of course, this is if the two human beings manage to merge during their partnership and break all borders between them.

If you have this placement, try to make an introspection about how you treat other people, the most dear and near in particular. In case you see that your Ego outweighs them, it is maybe time to consider altering your views. In case you have already noticed a shift in your priorities, and that you dedicate yourself in empowering your beloved ones, then you are on the correct path. And be sure, your decisions will be rewarded by a harmonious marriage, by a long-lasting and successful business relation and many other gifts that the 7th house can bring.

The 7th/1st house Lunar Node axis brings the dilemmas “Me or Us”, “Ego or Collectivity”, “Alone or Together”, and we must choose the first option. Our previous incarnations were having a repetitive choice of the second, a pattern that we should stop now. It is possible that we did not have a different option during our previous lives. But now, it exists. And probably the universe has prepared the right people with which we can demolish our walls of Ego and let our ocean receive the waters of the others.

When you activate your seventh house and balance the karmic axis between the two Nodes, you will be able again to seek development in the first house related matters. After learning to offer to others and merge with them, you will be again free to develop your personal being. This time, on another level, more conscious and wise. In your elder years, after receiving all the 7th house lessons, the 1st house gates will be open again. Your individual evolution will not stop totally, it will just be paused so that you develop the more important 7th house issues. When finishing with your karmic debts, you will be able to use your South Node in a proper way, this time consciously.



Being born with the South Node in the 1st house indicates that the native should give less importance towards his own self and Ego. Instead, he must concentrate on learning how to blend with other individuals into union, share power and control, while also sacrifice some of his own things for the prosperity of others. In addition, a vital karmic request of his path is to learn to put his own needs lower in priority than those of his beloved.

As the Lunar Nodes are always opposing each other, a 1st house South Node gives a 7th house North node. The 7h/1st axis shows that your life lesson involves your attitude towards unification with other people and sharing your reality, and brings the dilemmas “Me or Us”, “Ego or Collectivity”, “Alone or Together”. In this occasion, the native should choose the second option.

A 1st house South Node person feels quite comfortable in worshiping his own needs and desires, which is echoing his previous incarnations. He was probably a person with a very strong Ego, being able to hold his life in his own hands and totally independent. Such tendencies and patterns appear from his early years; he feels well being alone and might frown upon relationships and deeper bonds with other people. In addition, he may be very skeptic towards business partnerships as he feels he can manage everything on his own. People with this placement may experience a strong fear of commitment, hesitating to have other people dependent on them and vice versa.

The South Node in the 1st house grants good abilities of leadership, yet frequently involving arrogance. Memories of previous incarnations where the native was behaving like an Alpha will emerge all the time, and obstruct projects that involve teamwork. He can channel those powers towards his current incarnation and continue his search for power; nevertheless it is better to abstain from such practices.

It is important to understand that by sharing power with others, the 1st house South Node native will be widen his perception and even strengthen his Ego. This placement tends to bring willfulness; the native does not care about others’ advice and can be quite narrow-minded. His powerful character will defend all his ideas and opinions, even if they are wrong.

This placement indicates strong tendencies of excessive pride. This can be quite beneficial because raises self-confidence to heavens. On the other hand, such types of behaviors can alienate other individuals. If loneliness is not a big issue, the native will not face real problems. Many 1st house South Node people are in love with their own selves, using their narcissism towards a general progress, mostly in their careers and social statuses. For some, love towards other individuals is not even desired. On the other hand, to become complete beings they have to pass the challenge of transferring their epicenter outside of their own self.

More than anyone, a person with this placement must be careful when the South Node conjuncts other 1st house planets. By indulging too much in feeding his own desires, he can harm himself by weakening them. On the other hand, when his soul develops and tends to expand towards his 7th house mission, he will notice that his 1st house planets will start behaving normally. Of course, if the planets present are Venus or Jupiter, there is no real problem concerning the way they function. In this case it might be even beneficial for the native to continue investing in his own self and not towards unions with others.

We should hereby note that the South Node is debilitating the power of any planet that it conjuncts, and this can even be quite helpful. Malefic planets are still remaining tough to bear, yet they are losing quite a lot of their potency. Of course, benefic planets are also operating less powerfully. Imagine the South Node as a gravitational hole, sucking energy from the nearby planets- no matter what type. The South Node is the entropy, leading the system of your own self towards stability and eventually decay. On the other hand, pursuing the path that your North Node dictates is literally allowing fresh energy flow to your system, negative entropy that protects your soul from getting stuck in stability (even if it’s of the type that you enjoy).

To sum up, if your 1st house South Node is making you so self-centered that you start having problems concerning the social system and the people around you, open up towards other people. This does not mean losing control over yourself and your own life. You can keep them, but also include others in the big picture. Caring about them will teach you how we are all fruits of the same tree; communicating vessels. In the end, you will gain from this procedure even more. Even if you consciously categorize yourself as an Egoist, empowering your 7th house can be another act of self-love that will bring you gain.

Learn to leave back your South Node and embrace the lessons that the opposite house has to offer. Yes, you will leave quite a lot of things behind. But it is the only way to make yourself rise as a conscious human being, a person who holds his fate in his own hands.