Full Planets in Houses Analysis
Full Planets in Houses Analysis
Planet Longitude House Position
Sun24 Leo 58' 17"      8
Moon05 Can 42' 54"      7
Mercury11 Leo 55' 31"      8
Venus10 Vir 26' 20"      9
Mars10 Gem 11' 56"      6
Jupiter23 Sag 47' 17" R     1
Saturn12 Cap 28' 56" R     1
Uranus21 Leo 38' 29"      8
Neptune06 Sco 36' 55"    11
Pluto05 Vir 29' 58"      9
Chiron00 Pis 03' 59" R     3
Lilith11 Can 23' 34"      7
True Node15 Vir 39' 50" R     9
Part of Fortune27 Lib 32' 36"    10
Vertex01 Leo 52' 59"      8
Planet Aspect Planet Orb
MoonSquareHouse 23.28
ChironQuincunxHouse 22.37
True NodeSquareAscendant1.14
VertexSextileHouse 20.56
AscendantSquareTrue Node1.14
House 2SquareMoon3.28
House 2QuincunxChiron2.37
House 2SextileVertex0.56


Before proceeding to the analysis of your planets in the houses, we should state a few things about how the planetary positions function.

Every astrological house rules certain matters of our lives, and so the presence of a planet in that house can show us a lot about how we perceive those matters, what actions we do, as well as how our surroundings and reality affect them.

Our solar system astrologically consists of 10 celestial bodies, which we tend to call planets even if the Sun and the Moon are not. This means that at least two of the twelve houses of a natal chart are empty of planets. Usually, an average person has four or five houses empty. This by no means that the matters of that house are non-existant in his life. Nevertheless, the presence of a planet in a certain house implies that the house is of a rather important priority in the native’s life. For empty houses, there exists a different type of analysis, based on the ruling planet of the sign where the house cusp falls in.

As there may be located more than one planet in a house, frequently contradictory ones, one can easily understand that their effect is in the end a mixture of the two. After all, it is the infinite variety of planetary combinations that makes the life of each individual unique. Read your report without receiving everything it says as destined to happen to you.

Astrology should be mostly used as a tool of self psychoanalysis than a gateway to foresee possible futures. No matter how good insight any astrologer can have, it is impossible for him to reveal even his own future in full. Never forget, that life is in your hands and you create your reality. And may this report be a beginning for you to start learning astrology. As I always say, there is no better astrologer for a person, than his own self!

So, let’s see now your Full Planets in Houses Analysis: 



Natives who have their natal Sun placed in the 8thhouse are illuminating the obscure meanings of death, sex and the occult. No matter which their Sun sign is, they become quite Scorpionic in their character, have deep desires and a very strong will. For them, power is very important while sex is a mystical experience of death and rebirth.

This Sun placement creates an urge to go deep into the mysteries of life and death. Such individuals are very interested in discovering the meanings of life, constantly seeking for answers on whether death is the final destination or we continue towards somewhere else. These interests make them attracted to the occult, and they can reach tremendous knowledge about such kind of issues. Observing the big picture of how life functions makes them difficult to be satisfied by common experience and everyday reality. Nevertheless, this placement attracts a lot of supernatural experiences, and many of them are permanently transforming them. Everything that is unexplored or taboo for the masses, fascinates them and attracts them. This is also a reason for the masses to slightly fear them, or consider them morbid and dark.

A person with the Sun in the 8thhouse will live many lives in one. These lives can be experienced either one after the other, or even simultaneously. It feels like being a protagonist in different movies, and because every movie has different surroundings and concept, the native is a totally different person in each one. While transcending from the one life to the other, the person can experience powerful dissolutions of his ego, and each death of his temporary persona is simulating real death. An 8thhouse Sun person has many ways of simulating death, in order to get acquainted with the biggest mystery and prepare himself to experience it. Other people might think that such natives are not afraid of death. Of course, this is not a right view. People with Sun in the house of death, are either consciously or unconsciously following the eastern orthodox proverb:

“Die before you die, so that you don’t die when you die.”

A curious fact is that the individual may achieve fame and success after his death. His death might be theatrical, phantasmagorical or dramatic. There are possibilities of leaving legacies towards the masses. This placement can be present in writers and artists that have their work more recognized after their death than during their lives.

The Sun in the 8thhouse, which is responsible for other people’s money, loans and inheritances, is quite good for the native’s finances. Large amounts of wealth can come in their hands after the death of their father, or another father figure. It is very frequent that they lose their father while they are still young in age. When the Sun is in Leo sign, then most times the native’s father dies from a heart attack. The Sun placed there makes them great in handling other people’s money, or even governmental. For such natives, it is quite easy to get a loan from a bank, provided that Sun does not have adverse aspects from Mars, Saturn or Pluto. In such occasions, natives are advised to not indulge in taking loans; they might easily receive one but have tremendous difficulties in paying it back.

They are very magnetic and seductive; their sexuality is as intense as a Scorpio’s. The Sun in the latter part of the 8thhouse makes sex a religion for them. Such people are feeling becoming gods through sexual activities, and are also creating a God/Goddess of their partner. For them, eroticism is art, expression and meditation. Their bed is an altar, and every sexual act is a ritual. The same attributes appear to people that have the Sun in the first part of the 8thhouse, with the difference that they are concentrating on their partner, and not on the idea itself. Their sexual evolution is strongly connected with bonding to their significant other (ruled by the yth house). They are aiming in uniting the two souls into one body, and reaching the perfect creature by abolishing duality. On the other hand, whoever has his Sun near the 9thhouse cusp is more interested in higher and more abstract meanings about sex, which makes less necessary the unification with one particular other soul.

The 8thhouse is an open gate to the other realms, and when one’s Sun resides in the house it can grant him psychic abilities. The native is very perceptive and his intuition is usually right. They can read people through peering in their eyes, and are very difficult to trick or swindle due to strong defenses. Sun in the 8thhouse makes a person suspicious, with paranoiac tendencies. Their emotions can reach enormous heights, and so can their orgasms in sex. The 8thhouse has no borders when one manages to pass its gates. What lays outside, is just infinite, and we are so small in front of it. That is the main reason of fears and taboos created by 8thhouse issues. They are just locks, keeping the gates shut for the unprepared. The ones who are ready, can handle situations that exceed the 5 senses and 4 primary dimensions. And the 8thhouse Sun people, are born ready.



Having the moon in the 7thhouse has a drastic effect on partnerships and everything that has to do with unification. Should it be marriage, a stable business relationship, or other type of contract, the moon’s light gives a special hue to this life subjects’ department.

The feminine energy of the moon makes an individual drawn to relations and blending with another soul, making them prefer to avoid any type of solitary activity. The need for emotional support and fulfilment is strongly present.

The moon is the quickest-moving celestial body. As such, this can bring hastiness and instability in the house it is located. This results in jumping from one relationship to another, many times having delusions that the significant other is the one and only.

This in particular is stronger in people who were born at a full moon, because then the moon acts as a shining pendulum of hypnosis, reflecting in full the light of the sun. Such kind of people should be careful, for what they are really seeing is the reflection of the sun which is located in the 1sthouse. They actually seek being themselves and strengthening their sun aspects which even is responsible for the body and vitality, but they look towards the opposite direction, magnetized by the beauty of the full moon. The opposition of these two celestial bodies gives great possibilities of a problematic family and early years of the native, with the parents either separating or quarrelling.

Fear of being alone, makes the 7thhouse moon people jumping to new relationships rather quickly, and building dependency faster than other individuals. In a man’s horoscope, the moon placed there gives big importance to the women of his life. He wants closeness and security in his relationships. It is very common that such a person is attracted to people with prominent moon or a having a lot of characteristics of Cancer. There is high possibility of the mate to have physical looks that are of Moon and Cancer. It can draw a Cancer ascendant person, or a Moon in the 1sthouse person, which both tend to give white skin, dark or even raven-black hair, general paleness and slimness. It could also bring Goth-style significant others, especially if Uranus or Pluto are involved with some aspect to the Moon.

Another general rule is that it attracts sensitive partners, and the feeling of mothering or being mothered is typical in the couple. The exchange of energy comes highly through sleeping hugged together, caressing and nurturing each other. If the 7thhouse moon lays in Taurus, the couple might express their affection in feeding each other and indulging in gourmet experiences together. There is high osmosis between the partners, and feelings are flowing strongly, thus also being vulnerable to outside interventions. The couple’s sleeping together can bring mixing of dreams, or even prophetic abilities through dreaming.  Of course, the moon also influences moody behaviors, and when heavily afflicted by Uranus or other malefics can have as a result the tendency to relate with hysteric or depressive characters.

More than one marriage or long relationship is highly likely, and the Moon’s shining can trigger a public type of official vocation. The native can receive positions that are connected with a public image, and make him generally known. Of course, the Moon can never guarantee a prolonged publicity by itself – it is rather drown towards the opposite, unless there are slow moving planets strengthening the moon’s position by triangles or sextiles.

In a man’s horoscope, when the Moon is only positively afflicted, it gives a very good wife. The pattern should involve also a very good mother, which is afterwards emotionally replaced by the spouse. It indicates good business partnerships, especially in what has to do with design and art. On the other hand, when there are a lot of hard aspects, both the emotional life and work life have quick ups and downs.

They have a strong ability of absorbing other people’s mood, and if in hard aspects with Neptune they can be very easily hypnotized or emotionally used. Their psychic ability is strong, depending also to what other planets exist in water signs and on aspects from the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). These affecting the moon can open gates to the realms of collective subconscious and mass psychology, which also empowers artists and designers can gain their reputation. They can feel generational waves of styles and patterns arriving to the material world, and create such products before the beginning of the wave. Thus, they can even become influential leaders in new waves of art.

Many are also good cooks, or involved in cooking business. It is not unusual for a 7thMoon Pluto to be meaning being a co-owner of a restaurant, with great care being dedicated from the native to its functioning. In case there is a conjunction of Moon an Venus, the native will be dedicating a lot of effort also in the appearance of the food, making it perfect for high-class gastronomical business.

When the Moon is conjunct Mars, one should be aware that his spouse might tend to participate in violent and rude behavior, which will be in the native’s hands to soften. Saturn in conjunction can bring problems and delay of marriage, which could be afterglows of a cold and distant approach pattern of the native’s mother. Jupiter, in contrary, brings a wealthy and happy partner, enhancing and strengthening the Moons fragile and moody light.

A 7thMoon person can heal himself and others through nurturing, and taking care of people can even balance negative natal aspects. In case he manages to stabilize his union’s moody characteristics, moonlight can guarantee him a pleasant unification, full of sweetness, mutual acceptance and romantic love.



When Mercury is positioned in the 8thhouse, the native’s intellect receives Plutonic traits, making his mind over-analytical and able to get deep into every subject it concentrates on. Such kinds of people are very focused and have amazing abilities of uncovering secrets. They adore solving mysteries both of the material realm and the occult.

A native with such an aspect may have a great career as a detective, an undercover policeman or a spy. His eyes are always there to focus on the details, while his brain can filter the important information and figure out links between evidence even if it is not profound. They are also able to intuitively understand liars, see gaps in plots of stories and highlight dubious parts. It is very difficult to lie to such an individual.

When Mercury is present in the house of death, the person’s mind is drawn towards the occult. They should be very careful, especially if their Mercury is adversely afflicted, as their words and thoughts have immense power, resulting to effects that can be even be described as “unconscious black magic”. Indeed, whatever negative they wish, say or think can materialize; if their character is grudgy and revengeful they can do a lot of harm to other people. Trying to focus on positive thoughts is an exercise they should always practice, as in the end life tends to return the evil created by someone. The 8thhouse is an open gate, and sending negativity through it will have a mirror effect back in some other moment.

While 8thhouse Mercury people adore uncovering secrets of other people, they keep their own well hidden. They strive to keep their thoughts in a fog of mystery, and will easily lie to others in order to create a false image. This technique, even if unconsciously done by such individuals, is a great source of power. They strengthen their thoughts, by not sharing them; the same way that in many religions the real names of gods were not revealed to the masses.

Due to the 8thhouse also ruling sex, Mercury strongly connects sexuality to the intellect with such a placement. People who have such an aspect will choose partners with whom they can communicate in deep levels, share fantasies and otherwise use speech as a means to transfer sexual energy. Mercury in this house receives a lot of dark, Plutonian attributes, making the individual indulge in games of controlling his partner through words. If the planet is afflicted by Pluto or Mars, there are possibilities of obsessive or manipulative behaviors; in extreme situations this aspect can create stalkers and abnormally obsessed minds. This placement gives a natural disbelief towards others, and someone with this placement would not hesitate to check on his significant other. This might be from looking the messages on the telephone or social media, to even creating real detective-style researches in order to uncover possible infidelities. Indeed, when Mercury is very heavily challenged by malefics, the mind of any native can reach extreme and uncontrolled behaviors, no matter in which sign or house it is located.

On the other hand, such a mind can be a blessing for a writer, a psychologist or someone interested in the other realms and the connections with our reality. They take big pleasure in uncovering the reasons and mechanisms behind things, can easily analyze characters, behaviors and motivations;  at the same time, they can foresee the development of strategies – this can also make them great chess players. Their speech is very persuasive, and when they talk they automatically receive a place of authority, which can sometimes be regarded as a manipulative technique and even create enemies in people that do not accept and tolerate such behaviors.

Mercury in the 8thhouse is a great placement for finances and working in governmental organizations. It is not uncommon that people with such a placement have a career as accountants for the government, in tax departments, banks or big multinational companies; they can also be stock analysts or otherwise work where the big money is. In business, their morals can be rather flexible, and their hidden agendas can even harm people. They usually do not cause harm deliberately; but hey will not blame themselves if something like that happens.

In case of adverse aspects falling on natal Mercury, there can be legal problems with some inheritance. Usually, such problems have to deal with some kind of paper or contract, and it depends on the nature of the planet afflicting Mercury on whether the story will have a happy end. There are possibilities of them losing a sibling or important neighbor while young; this issue should be observed more though through the 3d house and its ruler.

Finally, when the planet of speech is placed in the darkest house, it definitely creates a person using black humor. Indeed, such individuals like sarcasm, enjoy readings where even morbid areas like death are seen with a pinch of salt and like to laugh towards everything that is a taboo. These are the type of people when see a human scull will take it in their hands and start making fun jumping on a grave and shouting “To be or not to be, that is the question”. Fun people to hang around, unless of course you become the victim of their weird sense of humor, which is many times difficult to understand whether hides some inner aggression and malice towards you. As we already said, these people tend to hide their real thoughts, and a genuine positive behavior could be appearing as malignant. Or the opposite.



The presence of Venus in any house is a very beneficial placement, but when she is high in the heavens it illuminates even more the worldly matters of the native. Natal Venus in the 9thhouse has a very positive effect on anything connected with education, religion, philosophy or travels.

The native who has such a natal placement will love traveling and will quite enjoy his journeys. He will adore foreign languages and possibly learn more than one, while also be fascinated by foreign culture and religions. Such people will spend a lot of time reading about traditions spirituality, getting connected through books with foreign philosophies. Their love for anything exotic will eventually help them travel a lot, while also gaining a lot from this activity. The possible gains are not only financial; in fact such gifts will be granted by Venus only if it is somehow connected with the 2ndor 8thhouse by sign. Depending on which house cusps are located in the signs of Taurus and Libra, you will understand the life areas that will be benefited from this natal placement of Venus. People with this natal placement adore geography from their young age, and will frequently pass time studying encyclopedias, maps or watching documentaries about our planet.

There are high possibilities of the native finding love abroad; Venus tends to bring attraction towards exotic people and in some cases even marriage to a foreigner. This is sure to happen if the cusp of the 7thhouse is located in Venus or Libra. People of different cultural backgrounds will be strongly attracted to the native too; he will feel a lot more popular than in his own country. This placement gives kind in-laws, who will give a lot of love to the native and have balanced relations with him.

Natal Venus in the 9thhouse is an indicator of writing and publishing. Individuals with such a placement will indulge in this activity with a lot of passion and love. Venus may urge the native write romantic literature, or generally create very artistic writings full of atmosphere. In case that Venus is residing in Leo, the native will write theater plays or movie scripts. The native will have a very rich vocabulary and people will love reading or listening to him. He can also become a travel writer or elsehow involved in publishing about matters of geography, cultures or religions.

While Venus placed in the ninth house is usually bringing higher education, it can make the person quite lazy and prolong the time he will study. For him, the surroundings of a university will bring a lot of fun and pleasure, making concentrating on the subjects quite difficult. People with this placement may indulge in a very active student life, full of parties and leisure activities.

In case that Venus is negatively aspected there are possibilities of never finishing his studies; nevertheless the things he will gain through any type of activities connected with his university will aid him a lot. Sometimes, it is not the diploma that counts in success; such a native may have an even more important asset to help him in his career. This would be the experiences he gained through blending with groups of students, good friendships and a broader sense of knowledge than a graduation paper can offer. Of course, this does not mean he will never graduate, and even if this happens it might be his conscious choice.

Venus in the ninth gives a great respect to the ceremonies and arts of various religions. The native may read a lot about them, travel to take part in different rituals and later publish books about his philosophic views on them. Eventually, they will choose one certain country or culture and fall in love with it, making it the epicenter of their attention. They become deeply connected with the collective soul of the foreign nation, and will usually relocate- at least for a period of some years.

Even if Venus is adversely aspected, it will still function well in the house traditionally ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius. The blending of the two benefics planets’ energies will always create positive outcomes in the life of the individual. Nevertheless, hard aspects to the native’s Venus might initially give him a lot of escapism traits. His first steps towards discovering the world around him will be a general dissatisfaction with the everyday reality he experiences in his own place. This can be highly disturbing, especially during his young ages where a lot of restrictions are usually present. Nevertheless, when he comes of age and opens his wings, liberation will eventually come and new horizons are opened.


In case that natal Mars of a person is located in the 6thhouse of his chart, his job will constantly devour the biggest part of his energy. Mars is not joking in this placement; the 6thhouse is not only ruling one’s work but also his health. Unless the red planet is very well-aspected, the native should be very careful to not over-work and put his health in danger.

Mars brings all kinds of jobs connected with physical strength and the enforcement of power. It also rules uniforms, so when placed here it can create the military, the policeman, the athlete, while also the surgeon. In addition, it gives jobs connected to operating tools and instruments that cut, different types of machinery and everything involving weapons. Thus, there is a wide range of occupations that he gives; even if the rule is that the job will be a rather active one, there are still possibilities of just being employed in a shop that sells knifes, guns or tools. Also, all categories of metallurgy fall under this rulership; this is the natal placement of the blacksmith and common occupations.

Such a native is never lazy and can become very frustrated when he sees others procrastinating. His patterns are rather structured, even of a militaristic type. He will wake up very early, spend a lot of hours working and most probably will impose to himself a very strict routine. In addition, he will eat and sleep at the same time every day, follow special diets for long time and preferring clothes of a certain style without changing it. These people know how to make things done, and can accomplish a lot more in a work day than nearly anyone else. Indeed, Mars in the 6thcan give superpowers at work. It will also strengthen the leadership abilities of the native; what he says will be done by the ones under him. Quickly and correctly, because if they do not do it as they should, the native will explode towards them. The type of leadership the native develops is usually not the one that inspires, but the one that induces fear. Extremely pushy and very authoritarian, the native will not be liked by many; nevertheless his methods bring results.

Mars in the 6thhouse can indicate inflammatory disorders and high fevers; the native’s health is easily afflicted by sudden rushes, migraines and all types of diseases that make the body’s temperature rise. Curiously enough, the native’s health issues are strongly connected to anger and conflicts in his work and will follow similar patterns. If Mars is adversely afflicted then there will be frequent quarrels and competition in his job surroundings, which will furthermore create health issues, usually of a quick nature. If the native is of a very violent and argumentative nature and has chronic tendencies to clashes in his job with co-workers or people under him, the anger will definitely manifest as a disease that will need a surgery. Furthermore, difficult aspects to Mars indicate accidents in his job surroundings, mostly connected with machinery, weapons and sharp objects. One thing is sure when Mars is challenged- it brings blood.

If you have a difficult Mars and want to soften his functions consider calming yourself down and seeing your work less seriously. Fanaticism should be abandoned and the Martian energy challenged to more recreative activities such as sports. You should definitely become softer towards the people around you; it is not the planet Mars who is to be blamed- it is you, projecting his most violent traits. Thus, the only way to change the possible health difficulties is changing your own perception of your occupation.

Natal Mars in the 6thhouse brings a love of aggressive animals. People with this placement will prefer to have an angry Doberman than a friendly puddle, a badass Bulldog than a lazy cat. They usually train it to become violent, which can be a huge mistake as they in the end copy its behavior and become violent too. In case that Mars is afflicted, the animal owner will get in some kind of trouble with his pet, and there is even a chance of being attacked by it some day. With this placement, we definitely advise against obtaining such a pet and training it in a way that will furthermore release the violent energy of Mars. Of course, as you sow so shall you reap; thus do not complain if such a pet as a company will make you more vicious.



Having Jupiter in the 1sthouse is definitely beneficial, as the first house is the house of self and Jupiter is the considered the most beneficial planet. Which are the blessings it brings though?

First of all, one must understand that the 1sthouse is also responsible for the body and not only for character. The ascendant in particular is to be responsible for the physical appearance, and thus any planet conjunct the ascendant or close to it is having influence on our looks.

When Jupiter is residing near the ascendant, it tends to give beautiful and noble characteristics. Depending on which sign it is in, it tends to give beauty to the body parts that are ruled by that sign. If, for example, the first house contains Sagittarius, the person’s hands and legs tend to be long and well-shaped, as Sagittarius rules them.

The further from the ascendant, the more influence has Jupiter on internal characteristics and one’s attitude towards life. Usually a native with such a placement is jovial and smiling, with a great sense of humor. It creates the typical shining person that brings light to other people and attracts large companies of friends. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so one should be careful of obesity problems – especially if the planet conjuncts the Ascendant. Being the planet of luck, it brings positive outcomes in difficult situations, narrow escapes from accidents, and is considered a savior angel. Of course, one must always have in mind that depending on luck is not to be practised, as it is the few situations that luck will not work that can bring a catastrophe.

The native should be very careful with his over-confidence, which can easily arise when he observes his general luck and sees that the chances are in his favor. It takes only one bad moment that Jupiter will not work as usual; to turn things upside down. Another problem that it could create is laziness and self-indulgence, especially when in square aspect with the Mid-heaven, which frequently happens when Jupiter is located in the middle of the first house. This might not be totally bad, as Jupiter there could signify an abundance of money and resources that could imply there is no actual need of work to survive and prosper.

Another thing someone must be careful of, is over-generosity. Jupiter gives a kind nature, always ready to help others, but by doing that all the time someone can get easily taken advantage of by the people around him, especially if Jupiter has a hard aspect with Neptune. Being the ruler of Sagittarius, it can make the person fond of philosophy, law, and religion, creating prominent and fair priests, governmental employees, and famous personas.

Last but not least, this placement gives very high possibilities of good vitality, quick rehabilitation from sickness and disease, and a long and healthy life, especially when in good aspect with other personal planets. Born with Jupiter rising? Enjoy it, but always keep your feet to the ground! This is the safest way to have Jupiter shining throughout all your life without causing you problems. Always ask it to bring you “much,” but steer shy of asking for “too much”. Be careful for what you wish for!



Saturn is widely known to be a malefic planet, so what happens when it is located in the house of one’s self? Relax, as things might not be so tragic – Saturn is also a great teacher, who many times through difficulties helps us evolve. His nature bonds us and restricts us, but accepting the limitations he applies on us and learning to live with them becomes the liberation from the trouble he brings.

Having Saturn in the first house makes the individual a rather serious person; Saturn is by no means the most enthusiastic planet of our Solar System. The native is cautious or even shy, prefers stability in his affairs and everyday reality and likes to focus in structuring his life. They are hard working, and many times life presses them to work from their early years; to grow and behave like adults too quickly. Their self-discipline is outstanding and they feel utterly responsible. Their sense of responsibility can go far way beyond what they really can have an effect on, many times making them feel guilty about things that should not be of their concern.

Their young ages are usually depressive, especially if Saturn is debilitated by sign or by adverse aspects from other planets. During their childhood, they did not receive a lot of love from their surroundings, and happiness was something that elders usually frowned. They are taught to be limited, to not express themselves openly and their self-confidence is usually low during their whole lives. Their parents transferred to them ideals of systematic work, goal achievements and usually were too harsh concerning criticism and failures. The child always felt like the ugly duckling, and most times Saturn does not grant beauty to the native’s body, which furthermore has an impact on the general confidence of the individual. Saturn in the first house tends to give a short body, and any difficult aspects from other planets can create various problems in the native’s appearance and body functions. Nevertheless, such natives can endure long in life and even reach deep old ages, death tends to forget them and they just (literally) shrink in size.

Their parents and family are usually very conservative, and many times religiously fanatics. They tend to keep old traditions of modesty, creating a strict behavioral shell for the native to move in. It is usually after the return of Saturn to its natal position (approximately at the 29thyear of the native’s life), when he begins to open up to more liberal life philosophies and changing his attitude. The return of Saturn marks a turbulent period, which in the end liberates the individual and he starts a new life cycle, where achieving joy is a non-restricted goal. Childhood fears are starting to dissolve and the native creates a new perception of himself- the ugly duckling transforms into a totally different being. Also, children with such a placement can have suffered bullying in school, which is making them even more reserved when expressing their identity to the outer world.

Saturn is a planet strongly connected to Karma, and the difficulties it brings are usually debts from other lives that have to be paid before the soul is allowed to set sails towards new directions. The individual tends to accumulate a lot of wisdom from early years; the difficulties that Saturn brings make him a very experienced person, which can usually become a mentor to others when of old age. If Saturn is aspecting planets in the 9thhouse, or has some special connection to Jupiter and/or Sagittarius, the accumulated knowledge of the native will be transferred to younger individuals and his Karmic road will be a blueprint for younger souls to learn. The native can have suffered a painful birth experience, having difficulties to come out from his mother’s womb. For the newborn, the first impressions of the outside world can be fearful and traumatic, the new surroundings might appear hostile and the first instinct to awake is self-defense.

As characters, people with Saturn in the first house tend to be workaholics; this is for them a way to battle pessimism and melancholy as they need to see their efforts materialize so that they understand there is a progress taking place in their lives. Another strange pattern that this planet grants, is a different perception of time. Such kind of individuals are feeling time pass a lot more slowly, and during periods that transiting planets aspect their natal Saturn they will even feel that time stands still. This explains furthermore the burdens that they experience; when difficult situations arise in their lives they might seem lasting forever.

As the 1sthouse is opposite the 7th, which is responsible for relationships and marriage, Saturn may bring delays or a quite older partner. These are sure to happen when some planet is located in the 7thhouse and forms an opposition to the 1sthouse Saturn. Nevertheless, when the individual enters a committed partnership, there is a lot of stability and it will either last long or even till the last days of the couple’s lives.

If natal Saturn is in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra, he is bring out his good traits in the life of the individual and most of the difficulties are blunted – of course if there are no heavy aspects falling upon him from other malefics. These signs are allowing the planet to express itself like a kind teacher, and when the individual co-operates with him he can achieve all his goals through hard work and self-discipline. In such situations, the native actually adores pressure and structure because it grants him feelings of both safety and personal evolution.

Even though having Saturn in the house of self is a challenging placement, the native should not get disappointed but rather try understanding what Saturn is demanding from him. When debts to Saturn are returned, he can be very generous – and his gifts usually last long. In case that your first-house Saturn is only positively aspected, then you can expect a lot of help from him as there are karmic debts towards you to be returned in this incarnation. A small piece of advice in general, for anyone facing Saturnian issues is to serve and give love to old people. When respecting the elders and offering to them, Saturn softens and offers back to you the love and care you shine on the people ruled by him.



Having natal Uranus in the 8thhouse is a rather good placement, which totally complies with the tendencies of our aeon. The 8thhouse is an open gate to the other worlds, and the presence of Uranus is a very strong indicator of powers that still cannot be explained. The erratic character of Uranus might bring some issues in the everyday reality of a person; nevertheless material things are no priority to such a native.

The 8thhouse is widely known to be the house of death, and Uranus placed inside it is giving a sudden and unusual death without suffering. This by no means implies an early death, but quite much erases possibilities of leaving this world due to sickness or other lengthy processes. In case that Mars is aspecting natal Uranus, this might happen through an accident. In addition, Uranus is responsible for all weird deaths that can even become news on the television. Curiously enough, it is also ruling funny ways of death, and everything else that falls in the category “believe it or not”. Yes, if you have this placement, be careful of stepping on banana skins or choke on your own saliva. Yes, being struck by a lightning or electricity is also a matter of this placement.

As the 8thhouse is linked to inheritances, this natal placement gives quite a lot of possibilities to receive an unexpected legacy. If the planet is well-aspected, this is definite to happen and the native will generally receive a lot of financial help through other people, even without doing anything to get it! His finances might change drastically, and become a wealthy person in just one day, after a long period of poverty. Be careful, because the nature of Uranus might also do the exact opposite.

When the planet is ill-aspected, it gives high possibility of bankruptcy, with the government or banks confiscating the native’s wealth. Again, such types of events will be unpredictable and will strike like a bolt out of the blue. Even if a bankruptcy happens, do not get disheartened; Uranus might gift back the same way it takes something away from someone. A good characteristic of such types of people is that they do not really care about wealth, so ups and downs of their finances are regarded with a pinch of salt.

The rebellious planet Uranus seeks freedom in the matters of any house it is located in. When placed in the 8th, the native will seek freedom through sexuality. People with such a placement do not have taboos and adore engaging in breaking the taboos with their partners. Uranus in the 8thcan give a deep need of sexual experimentation, creating a lot of fetishes and perversions. The native’s sexual encounters are surrounded by altruism; the individual loves to offer to his partner and can reach higher spiritual levels with someone he unites. Sex becomes sacred, and even magical. People with this natal position of Uranus might be interested in Tantra, Yoga or various systems of such types. These can include energy manipulation through sexual arousal, but such a thing is not necessary. There are a lot more ways to raise energy, without the need of it to be sexual.

As we speak about magic, we should not forget to mention the occult abilities of such an individual. Uranus may grant him with a very strong intuition, which is usually arriving as a lightning strike. These types of insights can create sudden clarity moments and even bring clairvoyance. The person can instantly “download” cosmic information, and psychically even be in more than one place at the same time. This natal aspect helps with astral projection and common techniques; the native’s veil towards the unknown is rather thin and he can learn how to lift it without a lot of difficulties. The other realms are strongly attracting a person with Uranus in the 8thhouse, and he will be very interested in researching the possibilities of life after death. A lot of people with this placement will believe in reincarnation, or some other form of life/soul continuation after the physical death of the body.

Uranus in the eighth gives a natural hate towards banks and the financial system. The person might not care about paying his taxes and generally will dislike being in any type of connection with such institutions. This placement is typical for people that use alternative ways to handle their finances. They prefer electronic numismatics, such as the Bitcoin. Also, they will choose to trade services with someone rather than pay or get paid. Generally, a good aspected Uranus may indicate great gains generated through the internet, while also donations through it. This placement can guarantee a success in crowd-funding or elsehow raising money for a start-up company.

This placement is a rather good for Uranus; he feels quite free in this Scorpio/Pluto house. Due to the fact that the 8thhouse is an open gate towards… the infinite, Uranus enjoys the nonexistence of borders. Thus, he can operate rebelliously without being repressed by any type of restrictions. Except of course for a physical death; but is there anyone who will not pass this gate?



With natal Neptune in the 11thhouse, the native’s friendships are surrounded by the planet’s mist, making them either fantastic or deceptive. The sign in which Neptune is located, and especially the aspects of other planets play a very important role in defining if this natal placement is good or bad.

In any case, the individual with such a placement will attract quite a lot of people who will be of a rather weird nature. The 11thhouse is traditionally ruled by Aquarius and planet Uranus, and the presence of Neptune will bring friends who are mysterious and artistic. As Neptune rules substances, the native’s friends may frequently indulge in alcohol or drug abuse, which will make them rather unreliable and passive as characters. The native should be rather cautious, because such people may influence him a lot; hard aspects of Neptune to Mars or other malefics indicate that he may also enter their fake world of addictions.

Neptune is dissolving the barriers of the house it is present in, so while in the eleventh it blurs the borders between the native and his friends. The groups in which he is a member may operate as a collective organism and the individual traits of each participant are dissoluting in the mass; this might be a wonderful experience of unification, of course provided that each person has good intentions. The danger is always present, as if some of the members have darker intentions they may manipulate the group and denounce any responsibility of their actions. They will cover it up under the collective responsibility, or even try to blame others (and the native too) for anything that can go wrong.

If you have this natal placement, be always sure that you build the right boundaries. In addition, as your perception might be idealizing your friends, have a family member or someone else who you trust for a long time tell you an opinion about the people you hang out. A different (and maybe even more conservative) point of view can save you from unwanted situations. Always be alert when your friends try to get much from you, and consider your life and belongings as something they can intervene or take as if it is normal. Guard against psychic vampires, their masks can be fascinating but it is what is under them that counts. Neptune in the 11thhouse tends to bring people that will abandon you when your finances decline, and this will definitely happen if natal Neptune is squaring some planet in the second house or its ruler.

On the other hand, the groups of people to which the native is attracted can be of a very spiritual nature, and when good aspects are present they will altogether indulge in activities that will expand their consciousness. Such groups might be of humanitarian purpose, promoting beneficial ideas and altruism.

Natal Neptune in the eleventh house is great for being a part of musical or artistic organizations. The native will probably join at least one amateur artistic group, while it can  also indicate singing in choirs as Neptune rules spirituality and is connected with both singing and church. In any case, music and the fine arts will be definitely present in the gatherings of such groups – at least as a background of their functions if not as a central cause.

An adversely aspected Neptune will make the possibility of receiving help from friends while in difficulties highly doubtful. The most probable reaction would be that they will passively observe the native, and just show some compassion but not indulge in material or practical support. On the contrary, the individual himself might be always aiding his acquaintances, even if they seldom show signs of gratitude.

This natal placement can be a great blessing if used correctly, as it can lead to becoming part of pioneering hyper-organisms of people who unite. The native definitely strives create such a fantastic union, an utopian community where the individual souls blend and merge into a collective one. Nevertheless, he should always exercise wisdom concerning such matters. Even if such ideas will lead towards a better society, he must be sure that the rest group members share common visions. Thus, they should hang on their individuality as much as possible, and not allow a loss of personal Ego happen unless they are totally sure about it.



Having natal Pluto in the 9thhouse is a very powerful position, which can lead the native to profound discoveries of the secrets around how reality is functioning. Pluto here is capable to grant power over people, and the individual should be very careful to not misuse it.

When Pluto is located in the house ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, his penetrative abilities to observe details are strongly expanded. This placement may make the individual follow the road of the scientist, as the 9thhouse is responsible for higher education. His studies can be connected with molecular biology, nuclear physics or anything else that has to do with research in depth and in detail.

The native has also great abilities of becoming a psychologist, mostly specialized in massive currents and phenomena than psychology of the individual. Pluto here can uncover the secrets of the mechanisms behind the collective unconscious; thus such a person should better invest his time in researching and writing theories of psychology than dedicate his life into healing people as a doctor. His role may be highly educative towards others; he can create a school of thought, become an academic and influence a lot of students.

On the other hand, when Pluto is adversely aspected this placement can be very bad; yet not for the native himself but for other people. Pluto here can create the religious extremist, the narrow-minded fanatic who upon discovering his personal religious truths will try to impose them to others. A conjunction to Mars may lead him to even use all types of cruelty for promoting his ideas. If you have such a placement, always be careful about how you treat the ideas of other people.

The fact that you reached knowledge through research does not make your beliefs untouchable and de facto correct. Moreover, as spirituality is a very philosophical subject without concrete borders, sticking to a doctrine and becoming a fanatic of it does not lead you to a spiritual evolution. Battle your own pride, and understand that every other person has all the right to evolve the way he prefers, and not the way that you suggest. After all, religion and higher meanings is a rather personal thing. Be tolerant.

As the 9thhouse is ruling distant travels, the presence of Pluto will bring life-changing experiences through one’s journeys. This planet quite often signifies permanent relocation to a foreign country and generally makes the native transform totally after discovering a new country, religion or culture that he prefers. Distant journeys are for him an unquenchable thirst developed through his young ages, and might be an unattainable desire for long years due to poverty issues. Due to this fact, when the native finally turns his dream a reality and travels, he might be so fascinated by this change that will not want to return to his previous way of life. Living abroad usually becomes a life goal and an obsession.

Natal Pluto in the 9thhouse can be prominent in charts of people who are interested in politics. There may exist a subconscious desire to control the masses through ideas, so the native may indulge in becoming a politician or a religious leader. With adverse aspects to natal Pluto, the thirst for control may be stronger than the desire to offer to humanity, and can create vicious attitudes towards others who are lower in hierarchy.

Many times, disagreeing with such a native’s opinion and perception can be considered a mutiny, and he will fight to prove himself right. In addition, this placement can bring tendencies of revenge towards any person who proves himself more intelligent than the native, or elsehow questions the correctness of the native’s doctrines.

Pluto in the 9thhouse is also a very strong natal position for anything connected with the law. If the native chooses to study law, he is capable of learning and remembering every detail of the law system, making him an encyclopedia of rules and legislations. This placement can frequently create judges, because Pluto makes the native prefer to be on the top of control. Of course, Pluto located in the 9thbrings along him strictness and seriousness in the house’s matters. Such a judge may follow the rules without any lenience or flexibility. Again, sticking to a doctrine is for him a way to express control; ninth house Pluto are actually receiving pleasure when other people are afraid of them. This placement also can prompt the native to create reforms in laws. He can become a wise scholar, responsible of restructuring the existent rules through thorough research, and make such a social transformation a life target.

In case you have your Pluto in your ninth house, you will probably adore the way he functions. It will grant you immense power over others, boosting your ego and self-confidence. You might reach life-changing personal discoveries, and generally reach high spiritual transformations. This placement is wonderful for you. Nevertheless, always care about not making it horrid for other people. Using such a blessing to create hell for others, will in the end make you lose everything you were granted. Do not forget that you are not above the laws of reality; your presence is also being tested and you will reap what you sow. Be good. Or at least, don’t be bad.

Chiron in the 3rd House


Natal Chiron in the 3rd house of a natal chart indicates some emotional wounds connected with communication, or with the native’s siblings. The third house rules our interactions with the immediate environment, and thus its presence there shows unresolved traumas related to the houses’ matters, and mostly has influence on the native’s early years.

Generally, asteroid Chiron is responsible for traumas and their healing; thus the house where it is placed is a rather sensitive area of the native’s life. In case that the asteroid is negatively aspected, especially by malefics such as Mars, Saturn or Pluto, the native may have experienced quite a lot of suffering. On the other hand, a well-aspected Chiron indicates abilities of healing other people in such matters, as the native has learnt quite a lot from his own experiences.

A person with his Chiron placed in the 3rd house might have difficult childhood experiences concerning the ways he expresses himself. As the 3rd house is ruling one’s basic education, the native as a child has faced misunderstandings in schools and an overall hostile atmosphere that he connects with communication. Chiron may make him afraid to speak his opinion, as it might get ridiculed by the teachers or other pupils. In the best situation, his words are being ignored; in more severe cases he might even get continuously insulted and verbally harassed.

In case that Chiron adversely aspects natal Mercury, the native might have difficulties in speech such as dyslexia or other mild handicaps. Generally, all the traumas at school might be even connected to the native’s funny voice, strange (or foreign) accent, or anything else verbal that can alienate him from the mass of pupils.

Such incidents may hurt the native’s self esteem, making him feel less mentally adequate than other people in his class. As a result, he will often tend to keep silent in order to not experience humiliation. If Chiron is not adversely aspected, it mostly shows alienation from the rest of the class, as the native does not feel comfortable with speaking to other people. There might not be an apparent reason, or the roots of this behavior might rely on some incident hidden in the early childhood and connected to the idea “No speaking, no problem”. In any case, the marks of Chiron will definitely reappear during transits and eventually manifest in the native’s adult life. Of course, during his conscious observation of these pattern the native can not only heal his own wounds but also become helpful to people that have common problems but of a worse nature.

A 3rd house Chiron person might also experience quite a lot of issues with his siblings. As the 3rd house rules brothers and sisters, the native may be bullied by them and quarrel a lot. Usually, Chiron shows that the chart owner is the one that loses the fights, gets intimidated and is left with feelings of having suffered injustice. People with such a placement frequently have older siblings, who out of jealousy mistreat them. Of course, in such young years the native is quite defenseless towards an older, stronger and more powerful person. The trauma usually involves unresolved questions such as how can a family member who is supposed to express love, act in malicious ways towards the individual.

If no siblings exist, this fact might be exactly the cause of trauma. The native might be yearning to have a brother or a sister to communicate with, but life did not offer this blessing so the native was feeling quite lonely concerning that matter.

More rarely, the problems that Chiron in the 3rd house creates are linked to ill-tempered neighbors that cause fear to the child, or painful situations that happen during nearby short traveling. In extreme situations when the asteroid is very badly aspected, a pattern of avoiding having neighbors or going to nearby trips can be created. Of course, after reaching a conscious age to understand this problematic behavior (or a highly beneficial transit that will heal it), the native will be able to see his 3rd house matters function better.

As a result of Chiron’s placement, the child strongly connects self-confidence with expressing himself in a harmonious way; this pattern will follow him during his adult life and he will seek pleasant surroundings in order to feel secure. For such an individual, communicative people that do not judge or mock will be an elixir of self-healing. Eventually, through choosing correct discussants he will be able to establish a better flow of speech and information.

In addition, Chiron will definitely bring efforts of reconciliation with the siblings. This may be even done without conscious effort; the native will always be thirsty for softening any childhood disputes. A positive transit will definitely trigger attempts of dissolving issues between the native and his brother or sister.

Of course, the severity of the emotional trauma largely depends on the aspects of natal planets. Squares, oppositions and conjunctions with Mars, Saturn and Pluto indicate more difficult situations, while harmonious aspects with planets will actually teach the native how to develop his view on the matter of possessions and belongings.

Chiron in the 3rd house can bring disappointment to the native during his early education. It will rather feel as a burden, and his memories of it afterwards will frequently be of a depressive flavor.

A good exercise to empower a 3rd house Chiron, is to dig deep in your childhood years and see what or who was causing you fear and restrain. In case it is a physical person of importance, even talking to him about it would help. In case it is a situation, someone unreachable or not important, the best way is to resolve the matter symbolically. The best way to energize Chiron is through symbolical demolition of the archetypes that cause pain. In the end, you will understand that these traumas are just leftovers of the past; they do not offer you anything precious but fear and stress.

If you have this placement, your path of transcending your traumas passes through communicating, while also getting engaged in other activities that involve your immediate surroundings. Start making some short trips, friendships in your neighborhood and pass more time with your siblings and cousins. Alternatively, another great 3rd house activity that can help you heal yourself is using your hands for creative reasons. No matter if it is writing, painting, creating sculptures or anything else with your hands, your natal Chiron will be empowered.

In the end, this transformative healing experience can make you aid others who have similar problems. It will make you rather compassionate towards people experiencing trouble with their expression, and even make you sensitive towards everyone who is unable to speak their mind, no matter for what reason.

A curious pattern is that a 3rd house Chiron person is better in teaching other people about how to manage their communication, than they can their own. Be wise enough to apply your great advices on your own self too, and you will figure out the best way to deal with what holds you back!

Lilith in the 7th House


Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 7th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith. Thus, we should distinguish this mathematical point of alignment from the asteroid Lilith, and also from Dark Moon Lilith, which is calculated in a different way.

Lilith is not a planet and is not a material object. It is the hypothetical point connected to the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, the farthest spot from Earth that the Moon can reach. The Moon is not orbiting Earth in a circle but in an ellipse, and thus this calculation shows the astrological degree in the signs where when the Moon transits is more distant from our planet.

Black Moon Lilith is a rather obscure point of an individual’s natal chart. This topographical extreme of the Moon makes emotion and sentiments hit a low and show their cold side, and the placement of this mathematical spot signifies quite a lot of doubtful or even negative behaviors. Under one’s Lilith can hide subconscious energies of malice and self-undoing, yet it would be wrong to consider her as something mostly negative.

Having Lilith in the seventh house can complicate an individual’s marriage or long relationships. The native is in need of uniting with someone darker than him. Lilith makes them feel attracted to people of a mischievous character and dubious morality. 7th house people are often very kind and naïve, and therefore search for the exact opposite in order to balance their own behaviors.

This is created by a subconscious need to see the dark traits of Lilith in other people, so that they do not need to manifest through the native himself. Thus, it is quite natural that he is turning towards people with a strongly emphasized Lilith in their charts. For example, their significant others may have Lilith in the 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, which is symmetrically an opposite situation than the native’s. Alternatively, their partner’s Lilith can be conjuncting important personal planets, thus granting them obscure attributes. Yet, these are not some rules that always are valid. The partner might be expressing his darkness through other ways too. Tough aspects between Pluto, Saturn and the Moon seem to be the most common in giving such dark characteristics.

Of course, this natal placement of Lilith can be quite tricky. The native is having his life gates open for inviting individuals who may harm him. In some occasions, the chart owner might be even enjoying difficult relationships with people that might even repulse him. With hard aspects, he might receive pleasure in feeling victimized. Yet, a frequent pattern that appears is the native trying to soften the difficult character of his spouse or partner. He may feel an internal need to turn the sinner into a saint, to tame the wild beast and make it a lamb. In case that Lilith is positively aspected, the odds can be on the native’s side and help him succeed.

Of course, such transformations are not the easiest thing to happen. A 7th house Lilith indicates that one’s partners may have extremely strong sexual instincts, a rebellious character and even self-destructive tendencies. In any occasion, such unions are rather problematic and usually demand from the native to invest a lot of effort in accepting the difficult parts of their partner’s psyche.

In addition, as the 7th house is ruling one’s business partners, the chart owner should be even more careful than when choosing his beloved ones. Failing in love or marriage can have emotional consequences; yet failing in business can be even more catastrophic. It is not wise to collaborate with people you already feel that can take advantage of you. A seventh house Lilith may bring a snake at your business doorstep; consider well before uniting your powers with it.

We should not forget that the 7th house is the realm of one’s open enemies, and Lilith will make them quite vicious. Moreover, if she is adversely aspected, be sure that you’re your ex-partners (no matter if in business or in love) will not hesitate to turn against you after your relations end.

Of course, Lilith can also become a great teacher. The difficulties that she can bring in the native’s relations will definitely make him a stronger person. He will eventually become conscious about the problematic people he attracts, and also develop his own dark side, which is usually repressed.

When Lilith resides in the 7th house, it can very frequently bring divorce. Bad aspects to her indicate troubles concerning the procedure of getting divorced, and usually bring matters to court. When the native’s marriage involves having children, this placement will most probably lead to intense battles concerning their custody. The same pattern appears in a business partnerships; the dissolution of the established company may need to pass through law and can be a lengthy procedure.



Having your North Node in the 9th house of the natal chart automatically also means that the South Node is located in the 3rd house . This natal placement of the nodes indicates heavy emphasis on matters concerning communication, information flow and knowledge. In addition, the axis shows that your life lesson also involves your attitude towards your spirituality and religion, foreign cultures and languages- and how you interact with them.

As the Lunar Nodes indicate Karmic debts and connections with previous lifetimes, the native who has the North Node in the 9th house must concentrate on developing his spiritual skills during this incarnation. The North Node always shows as what route we must follow in order to develop ourselves, and most of the times it is not the easiest one to choose.

Most people usually feel quite uncomfortable about marching towards fulfilling matters of the house where the North Node is located. This is because during previous lifetimes we have gathered a lot of experience concerning the South Node house matters. Indeed, we are lot more acquainted with the roads we have already walked; yet life requires from us to abandon the safety of known patterns and face development through unknown areas.

For fulfilling our cause, the North Node strengthens everything it touches. Of course, a lot of fears can be present concerning the direction it indicates, as it is a terra incognita yet to be discovered. Yet, the North Node is quite beneficial when conjuncting any planet present in the house, even if it is a malefic. Of course, a malefic adversely aspected will still remain a rather harsh lesson to learn. Spiritual growth will be eventually reached; even if it comes through difficulties, but generally expect the North Node of the Moon to bless you with expansion of the positive traits of any planet nearby.

When the North Node is located in the ninth house, the beneficial energy of Jupiter helps us expand ourselves. The house is the traditional home of the great benefic planet, and such a node placement is considered to be very positive. Such an individual should open his mind channels as much as he can, allowing himself progress through higher abstract meanings. The quest of knowledge will bring him illumination. Yet, he must first learn how to let back the detailed way of thinking, that the 3rd house rules. It is necessary for him to concentrate on the big picture. There are quite a lot of ways to do that, and he must choose the one that is the dearest for him to follow.

An individual with such a Lunar Node placement has probably developed too much his 3rd house abilities during previous lifetimes, being a data analyst, a writer, or anything connected with detailed information. Thus, such abilities are still dormant inside him, and there will be always tendencies to repeat those patterns.

Yet, during this incarnation, the North Node’s placement in his ninth house will drag him towards a new direction. Even if he is afraid to abandoned detailed and practical thought, higher questions that boil inside him will eventually make him dedicate to understanding their nature, and possibly answers to them. This is the biggest reason that can drive him towards exploring a new religion or philosophical path. On the other hand, this does not necessary imply expansion towards the non-material realms. For other people it might signify learning new languages, receiving different cultures, or even moving to live abroad.

The first thing that such a native has to do is allow his inner curiosity dictate him his direction. If you have this placement, travel a lot. Search in your subconscious the countries and cultures that mostly attract you, and give them a try. Most probably, such travels will permanently change your life.

A next level that will come through years of experiencing an activated North Node in the 9th house, is teaching others. Probably, the things that you will learn through your travels or spiritual quests will be of utter importance for others to hear. In some occasions, when the Node is empowered by Jupiter, Neptune or other spiritual planets, he may become a priest or a preacher. Yet, one should be careful when having Pluto or Mars conjunct the Node, as he might try pressuring the masses to receive his words and ideas.

Another life area which a 9th house North Node person should examine is writing or even publishing his travel stories, while also ideas about spirituality. If Mercury is located in the house and conjuncting the Node, he is destined to invest time and effort in developing his own texts. This will be mostly done as a way of personal meditation, yet the native should also expect money and success through it. If success comes, it will be highly dependent on other planets that are responsible for fame and money. Indulging in this spiritual exercise with intentions to make it a career would be a mistake, as it would change the inner experience and definitely affect the karmic development of the soul.

Generally, this natal placement is wonderful and guarantees a life of discovery and inner growth. Grab those great opportunities and transform yourself to a hyper-being, capable to understand deeper the mysteries of life.



Being born with the South Node in the 3rd house indicates that the native should give less importance towards details and concentrate in discovering abstract truths, religion and foreign traditions. In addition, he should give less time to small things of his everyday reality and communication, while also not spend a lot of time in people of his immediate surroundings that just consume time.

A 3rd house South Node person feels quite comfortable living a structured life, following daily patterns and spending time communicating with others. Such natives adore chatting, and will frequently visit friends and neighbors in order to do small-talk. They seem rather happy when learning details of things that are interesting for them, and this can even lead them towards gossiping a lot.

Their minds are rather analytical, which is a consequence of previous lives and habits. During their previous incarnations, they could have been teachers, data analysts or anything else that is connected with information and its transformation. As the 3rd house is also connected with everything that hands do, they can also have been craftsmen, painters, mechanics or likewise. In any case, such a native bares memories from his past life that make him easily develop similar skills during his current one. This can be particularly noticed in people whose 3rd house also contains vital planets, powerful by sign or strongly aspected by other planets and points.

Such aspects will create a strong ease towards expanding in the same direction, and these patterns can easily reappear. The individual may have a tendency to seek comfort in them during his young years and can develop great abilities concerning all third house matters. In some cases, even memories of previous lives and hobbies can appear. Those will be observed mostly as random flashbacks of data and information that the native cannot know but are correct. It is quite natural for a soul to walk the easy path, the one that it has already walked.

Of course, re-living the same patterns does not really help the native progress, as his soul path is now showing a need to move towards the opposite direction and pay attention to things that are connected with higher education, foreign languages and cultures, or even philosophy and religion. Yet, the 3rd/9th axis of the Lunar Nodes is probably the easiest dilemma that life can impose to someone. They both contain intellectual growth and travelling, and changing the focus from one to the other takes lot less effort than other placements of the Nodes. Nevertheless, a transit usually awakens his consciousness and the native will choose consciously to abandon old habits and strive towards new ones.

Curiously enough, benefic planets such as Venus or Jupiter conjuncting the South Node in the 3rd can manifest in such a great way that the native really will not want to change his views concerning communication and learning. These two planets, especially if well-aspected, will give great ease with handling his immediate surroundings, good neighbors and brothers and a rather happy life with short journeys. Therefore, such a native will have to fight harder within his own mind, as someone does not easily relinquish the easy everyday reality in order to dedicate himself towards higher meanings, long travel and new ways of thought. It takes strength and courage to choose walking the difficult road.

The South Node in the 3rd house requires abandoning your small aquarium. It might be comfy, beautiful and always offering you all you need. Yet, you are created to swim in the ocean, even if this might sound scary. Such a person must battle his fears towards different cultural patterns, try to learn languages and higher meanings that spirituality can offer. He may have to quit hobbies and let relatives behind, in a quest for truths that will change his life permanently. Of course, this does not mean totally discarding all the valuable life areas that the third house rules. Yet it is wise that he firstly fully activates his North Node in order to be able to use the South one with harmony.

If you have this placement, aim high concerning your education. Finish that school and take that degree; even consider becoming an academic. In case you are already a teacher, aim even higher. This might mean returning to the seat of the student, yet through further studying you will eventually teach others from an even higher position. Your life road is not becoming a simple transmitter of basic information, but of the core essence that knowledge can offer. The bigger picture, the higher values, everything that will inspire the young so much that they will strive to become even better than you. Sometimes, abstract knowledge and higher meanings are more important than detailed and specialized knowledge.

We should hereby note that the South Node is debilitating the power of any planet that it conjuncts, and this can even be quite helpful. Malefic planets are still remaining tough to bear, yet they are losing quite a lot of their potency. Of course, benefic planets are also operating less powerfully. Imagine the South Node as a gravitational hole, sucking energy from the nearby planets- no matter what type. The South Node is the entropy, leading the system of your own self towards stability and eventually decay. On the other hand, pursuing the path that your North Node dictates is literally allowing fresh energy flow to your system, negative entropy that protects your soul from getting stuck in stability (even if it’s of the type that you enjoy).

Learn to leave back your South Node and embrace the lessons that the opposite house has to offer. Yes, you will leave quite a lot of things behind. But it is the only way to make yourself rise as a conscious human being, a person who holds his fate in his own hands.