In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis
In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis
Planet Longitude House Position
Sun28 Can 13' 19"      7
Moon04 Sco 42' 48"    10
Mercury15 Can 21' 46" R     6
Venus19 Gem 25' 44"      6
Mars05 Lib 43' 52"    10
Jupiter09 Vir 29' 15"      9
Saturn23 Vir 00' 10"      9
Uranus21 Sco 32' 20" R   11
Neptune20 Sag 20' 58" R   12
Pluto19 Lib 06' 13"    10
Chiron17 Tau 45' 54"      5
Lilith11 Lib 51' 48"    10
True Node20 Leo 25' 24" R     8
Part of Fortune22 Ari 16' 31"      4
Vertex25 Tau 35' 33"      5
Planet Aspect Planet Orb
SunSextileHouse 26.70
VenusSextileTrue Node0.99
MarsConjunctionHouse 20.81
SaturnQuincunxPart of Fortune0.73
UranusSquareTrue Node1.12
UranusQuincunxPart of Fortune0.74
NeptuneTrineTrue Node0.07
NeptuneTrinePart of Fortune1.93
PlutoSextileTrue Node1.32
ChironSquareTrue Node2.66
True NodeSextileVenus0.99
True NodeSquareUranus1.12
True NodeTrineNeptune0.07
True NodeSextilePluto1.32
True NodeSquareChiron2.66
True NodeTrinePart of Fortune1.85
Part of FortuneQuincunxSaturn0.73
Part of FortuneQuincunxUranus0.74
Part of FortuneTrineNeptune1.93
Part of FortuneTrineTrue Node1.85
House 2SextileSun6.70
House 2ConjunctionMars0.81

In-Depth Birth Chart Analysis

In-depth analysis of a Natal Chart gives us possibility to manage our living the way we want, to improve life, to correct mistakes, to be prepared for unpleasant events, to explore talents and use them to make our life better and to find out where the dangers are and where is our greatest happiness.

  • Sometimes, happy events suprise us, when we least expect them.
  • Sometimes, „life happens“, some events make our living hard, makes us sad.
  • Some talents we have in ourselves and never use them to improve our way of living, our life in general.
  • Some mistake we repeat over and over, without any conclusion that would prevent doing it.
All of that is not coincidence. Natal Chart is a sort of „blueprint“ of all that events. It is not our „destiny“, that would be a too stong word for it. Simply, it is possibility for us to explore ourselves, to prepare to future events the best we can and to use our talents, which like hidden treasure lies in us.

So, here it goes:



Life on earth is literally empowered by the Sun’s energy, with it having effect on all the biorhythms of live organisms. Astrologically, its influences are so important that most people only know the sign where their Sun is placed in, referring to it just as “their sign”.

The Sun is ruling our vitality and self-perception, making any house it is placed in the epicenter of our life. It has a strong masculine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our father. In addition, it can also show relations with the male gender or generally people who become a father figure for us. The Sun is also strongly connected with activity and self-confidence, and rules our personality and ego.

Thus, since the Sun represents your inner self, your personality and your ego, so you need to consider your sun placement within that context.

Gisele Bündchen, YOUR SUN IS IN CANCER

You are innately attached to your home and family and are patriotic, maternal and imaginative. Although quiet, and receptive, you are deeply concerned with what others think of you. You need to feel needed, and through genuine concern for humanity you can overcome your natural shyness. You like to cook and entertain, and you are an avid collector. When necessary you can be manipulative to achieve Your aim, which is emotional security. You need a quiet place for retreat, since you respond so strongly to influences in your environment.

Sun in Cancer natives have a strong survival instinct. They are protective of those they care about, and of themselves too. They are often quite reticent about sharing their inner selves with the rest of the world, and are often caught up in reminisce. Cancers have a reputation for moodiness, although this trait is most evident when the Moon is in Cancer. Cancer needs roots. They resist change to an extent, and concern themselves with being secure and safe in most everything they do.

Cancers can be quite intrigued by objects with history attached to them - antiques, photos, souvenirs, and the like.

Cancer is a very sensitive sign, and they don’t always appreciate it when you are blunt with them. Their reactions to hurt will depend on how thick a shell they have developed. Most Cancers react by withdrawing or retreating. Some have developed an ability to manipulate others in order to get what they want. They avoid direct confrontations almost as a rule. There is a strong need for Cancers to feel out the environment around them before trusting it.

Cancers are, in fact, quite yielding and soft when you have them in the right mood. They are one of the more hospitable signs of the zodiac. Sure, they can be touchy and indirect, but they are also very dependable, caring souls. Even if they don’t quite know how much, they have loads to share with others, once they feel safe enough to open up. They are loyal and will hold on to those they’ve allowed into their private circle. They are warm, thoughtful, and full of love.


Partnership is your keynote and you function best when working with someone else. However, you must learn that your partner's wishes are as important as your own. Because you are easy to get along with, you are popular and well-liked. Marriage is important to you, and you will profit through any partnership or union. If there are difficult aspects, this placement can bring notoriety. Usually you are lucky in any dealings with the law or courts.


There are five main aspects:

Conjunction: emphasizes the self
Sextile: makes it easy for the ego to express itself
Trine: gives the personality an opportunity to flow harmoniously
Square: challenges the ego and creates tension on the personality level
Opposition: gives self-awareness or awareness of someone else


The Sun is the self-assertive principle and the Moon is the sensitive, feeling urge, so there is conflict between the ego and the emotions. This conflict can express itself through personality, health, parents and partners. There can be acute discord within the self in trying to reconcile the "male" and "female" principles. There may be contention between professional and domestic factors or between the parents. Perhaps there is trouble with the partner that could lead to divorce and financial hazards. Yet this inner tension gives great drive and the ability to achieve. The square or opposition can indicate that the parents were not getting along at the time of conception of the child.

What people who were born with Sun square Moon in their natal charts want and what they need are in conflict. The Sun square Moon aspect is similar to the Sun opposition Moon aspect in this sense, but there are very notable differences. Whereas the struggle between wants and needs is mostly played out on the inside and through significant relationships with Sun opposition Moon people, Sun square Moon people tend to confront obstacles that come from the outside. In truth, the struggle is within, as it is a case of being “one’s own worst enemy”. There can be a tendency to attract challenging situations into the life as an unconscious attempt to recreate the tension of early childhood. As well, specific habits and attitudes can hamper their progress in life.

These people generally have a need to achieve and accomplish something important, and they act out their internal struggle along the way. For whatever reason, these people didn’t feel needed or accepted. The clash between their parents or parent figures, if indeed there was one, made them feel unaccepted for who they were, and there can be a very real drive to prove themselves to the world (and/or to the parents). The parents may not have simply been opposite personalities, as is the case with Sun opposition Moon. It is more likely that their relationship was a continual struggle. Sun square Moon individuals internalized the tension in the cosmic air that they were born into, and felt out of place as a result. In some cases, they literally felt unwanted by one or both parents. Even if the parents didn’t clash, the early life was likely to have been over-stimulating and tense, causing the child to feel insecure.

These people experience a struggle between their need for nurture and their need for independence. When they get the autonomy that they seem to crave, they feel unsupported by others. When they receive the support they crave, they feel smothered. This internal clash is most apparent in the relationships they form, especially in the first half of their lives when they may not be aware of these patterns. Confrontations and challenges are frequent-not just with romantic partners, but also on the job, with friends, and so forth. However, these people have a lot of drive and spunk. They are resilient creatures who have faced conflict and who have survived it. Although they face a struggle with fluctuating energy, they are motivated to accomplish something. Ideally, they learn through experience to accomplish something for themselves rather than to prove their worth to others.


You are daring and adventurous, with a strong body and great energy. You can accomplish anything you set out to do. You have a strong sense of honor and integrity, and you can make quick and incisive decisions. The fields of law, management, sports and politics attract you.

People born with flowing aspects between the Sun and Mars are generally enterprising. They have powerful stores of energy that they can draw upon when needed. These people respond to problems or challenges with a spirited and enthusiastic confidence that is admirable. They are naturally competitive, and this trait is generally well-received by others simply because it is unforced, unaffected, and sincere. These people truly believe in fair play, and they seem to be in love with life. When they are expressing competitiveness and courage, it’s easy to smile and accept these traits as positive ones rather than being rubbed the wrong way. These people generally have good physical vitality.

It is interesting to note that these people are not naturally combative. Many enjoy sports or games that are competitive, but not violent. Breaking the rules of a competitive game is particularly upsetting to those with Sun in easy aspect to Mars. This is largely due to the fact that the will (Sun) is connected to the desire nature (Mars) in a pleasing manner, so that the natives are more able than most to control their desires, aggressions, and instincts. They know how to be fair, and they expect others to be fair. As such, sneaky behaviors, uncontrolled impulses, violence, and rage are offensive to them. They know how to direct and control their own impulses and desire natures, and they fully expect others to be able to do so!

The main difference between the sextile and trine of the Sun and Mars: The trine is a more natural energy. Those with Sun trine Mars naturally and without thought are courageous and enterprising. Those with Sun sextile Mars have the opportunity to draw upon their courageous and enterprising spirit, but effort is required to pull these energies out of themselves and to apply these energies in their lives. With the trine, the characteristics of Sun-Mars come so naturally that the natives may not even realize just how much endurance, confidence, and enthusiasm they possess. Because the sextile requires some effort and thought, those with Sun sextile Mars often have many creative tools at their disposal, and they can be effective strategists and leaders.


Your success in life comes through your own efforts, through your ability to concentrate and organize. You are responsible. This aspect usually promises a long life and general good health. In a woman's chart this aspect indicates a successful father or husband or both.

It is easy and natural for those born under a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Saturn to accept responsibilities, to lead a rather ordered life, and to apply caution in their financial and business dealings. They rarely jump to conclusions or take uneducated risks. They have a certain amount of patience and enough self-discipline to slowly but surely achieve what they set out to do. Although somewhat undemonstrative, they are generally loyal and responsible people to those they care about.

These are not the quickest-moving people around-they take their time and generally use a step-by-step approach to most projects-but they steadily reach their goals. Sun sextile and trine Saturn people are naturally trustworthy, and they don’t have much patience for those who don’t show respect for others, who take foolish risks, and who lead disorganized lives. With the trine, all of these traits come naturally. With the sextile, these traits are available when they are needed.


Your leadership, popularity and talent attract others to you. Although you are not always tactful, your enthusiasm, optimism and laughter are infectious. You may join a cause or a movement and if you do it is with total dedication. Your intuition, hunches and imagination are strong. In a woman's chart this aspect often indicates a happy marriage to an authority figure.

It is easy and natural for those born under a harmonious aspect between the Sun and Uranus to embrace new ways of doing things, to stick up for the underdog, and to express themselves in unique and inspiring ways. These people don’t have to try to stand out as unique-they are original, creative, and progressive without trying. Although these people question rules and traditions if they don’t seem to make sense to them, they don’t view them as threatening their personal sense of freedom.

These individuals are far from pretentious. They value honesty and truth, and they avoid putting on airs. They believe in the equality of people, and easily relate to people from all walks of life. There is an unmistakable enthusiasm about life, and generally the life is interesting because the natives invite unusual or adventurous experiences into their lives. They are generally appreciated by others because they are open-minded, fair, and not judgmental. Nothing really seems to faze them! They take things in stride, and are rarely shocked or taken aback by human behavior. If you are holding onto something that you keep to yourself for fear that if you talk about it, someone will think you’re strange, you can safely turn to a Sun-Uranus person. They probably won’t blink, and they’ll make you feel quite alright about it.

The trine aspect is the more dynamic of the two harmonious aspects. Those with the sextile can call upon their intuitive faculties when needed, and those with the trine between the Sun and Uranus have incorporated the traits of the aspect into their personalities, expressing them naturally and consistently.


The inconjunct involves two planets that are 150° or five signs apart. The allowable orb is TWO DEGREES. In this aspect the signs involved are totally unrelated to each other. They share neither the same quality nor the same element, nor are they both active or passive. With nothing in common it is much harder to integrate these forces, and this aspect calls for many adjustments.

The inconjunct demands a change of attitude, a change of habit pattern and a need to adjust to conditions indicated by the planets and houses in question.

You have a tendency to self-sacrifice, and you seem to attract those who need you in some capacity, and later you resent what you see as their exploitation of you. There can be debilitating health problems which you should attend to promptly. You must learn to say no, because by always helping others you deplete your own energies.

The Ascendant


The Ascendant (also known the “rising sign”) is the sign on the cusp of the first house of the natal chart. It is the sign (and degree of that sign) that is rising on the Eastern horizon at the moment of birth, with respect to the place of birth.

The Ascendant is one of the four angles of the chart. The other three are the Descendant (directly opposite the Ascendant), the Imum Coeli (IC), and the Midheaven (MC).

The Ascendant defines, in part, the first impression we make on others in a personal rather than professional sense. It represents our physical appearance, our physical bodies and overall health, and the body ego. The Ascendant is often referred to as the mask we wear, although don’t consider it to be as superficial as this might suggest. What it does represent is our natural and personal defense mechanisms that we use to adapt to, and cope with, our environment.

The Ascendant also shows our first impressions of the world around us, and reveals our expectations of the world around us-whether we are naturally hesitant or enthusiastic, for example. How we begin new projects, and our attitude toward the world.


People with Capricorn rising tend to be sensitive, timid, business-like, ambitious, controlling, reserved, practical, down-to-earth, duty-conscious, responsible, critical, and cold. You may have had trouble communicating in early life. Perhaps you suffer from feelings of inadequacy. You overcome these feelings through sheer necessity, for you have determination in achieving your goals and purposes in life. You have great ambition and do not settle until you have reached the great heights that you have set for yourself. Money, position and power are important to you. The reserve that often appears as part of your makeup is sometimes taken as coldness. To you it seems that you are being responsible and simply doing your duty. You may have had trouble with your knees. Any trouble with the knees is the outer evidence of an inner inability to be flexible.

Spiritual lesson to learn: Sociability (lighten up).

Saturn rules Capricorn so Saturn will be important in your life.



The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky, and also the second most important celestial body in astrology. The closeness of the Moon to the Earth has a very strong effect on the macrocosm, while astrologically it is connected with our emotions and feelings. In addition, the fluids of our bodies are also linked to it, as are also all the liquids of our Earth. Just look at the gravitational influence the Moon has on the tides of the sea, and you will understand how strong effects it can have on the endocrinology of our bodies.

The Moon is ruling our moods and their changes, as it is the fastest moving object in the skies. It has a strong feminine energy, and in the natal chart depicts our mother. In addition, it can also show relations with the female gender or generally people who become a mother figure for us. The Moon is also strongly connected with fertility, and rules pregnancy and the archetype of parenthood.


Your emotions are intense and are often based on willful desire. You are impatient, moody and even given to brooding. Easily hurt, you can become jealous, hold grudges and take revenge. You often judge others too quickly and feel a need to dominate through subtle means. You will not tolerate opposition to or interference with your goals, but often you will sacrifice a great deal for kindness. You have executive ability and are resourceful and enterprising. Although abrupt and impulsive, you have self-confidence and the ability to attain success. You usually get what you go after; however, you might find that you have achieved a hollow victory.

Since you are so jealous, proud and possessive, this position of the Moon doesn't promise a harmonious marriage. The wish to dominate is often reflected in your relationship with your children; it can be the result of a parent's domination or of your over-idealization of a parent, usually the mother. With this lunar placement, a mother can be overly possessive, and she may have trouble freeing a child, especially if male.

You become emotionally intent on completing and enjoying any project you have adopted, and you can seem lacking in sympathy when so absorbed. Your personality is deep, and you have shrewd insight into other people; often you like to probe into deep and unknown fields. You regard the senses as instruments of pleasure rather than knowledge, responding intensely and passionately to life and sex. Your ability to observe is unlimited. Your willpower is often latent, but when you use it, it is for the betterment of humanity.

A negative use of the Scorpio Moon can lead to sexual excess, inhibition, perversion or alcoholism. Your greatest need is to learn to forgive and forget. You must learn to handle your strong, deep feelings. Since your senses are so important, you should pay attention to them. In a woman's chart the Moon in Scorpio may indicate sexual promiscuity, self-indulgence. A man with this placement seeks a sensual partner, but one gentle enough so he can possess and consume her. Being secretive and closemouthed, he needs an intuitive mate who can sense his moods.


It is probable that you will experience several career changes. You need to work with the public in some way, with women or in fields related to women. This placement of the Moon is good for all lunar occupations: marketing, commodities, shipping, as well as anything dealing with the public. Your reputation is important to you; your feelings are often dominated by your ambition and your desire for advancement. Because you need the world for an audience, this position can bring scandal. You have little private life and you may feel as though you live in a fishbowl. You need to feel socially useful.



Astrologically, Mercury is ruling intellect and information, thus being responsible for a lot of things connected with the human mind. Indeed, the planet’s placements and influences influence the flow of data and speech; yet he is also ruling their misusage.

Mercury is the governor of logic and reason, thought and opinion. He is the vital planetary influence that made humankind evolve to a conscious being, while also is responsible for transportation. The planet has very quick and hasty characteristics, which when used appropriately can create a bright mind. On the other hand, his powers can also be of a destructive nature, especially when the human body cannot absorb a possible overflow of data. We should therefore notice that an afflicted Mercury can be the source of mental and neurologic problems.


You are good-natured, friendly, helpful, and have sound reasoning and judgment. This aspect helps ninth and twelfth house matters to proceed smoothly. You are interested in sports, journalism and travel. This is a good aspect for writers and philosophers, men with these aspects find that women bring benefits.



Astrologically, Mercury is ruling intellect and information, thus being responsible for a lot of things connected with the human mind. Indeed, the planet’s placements and influences influence the flow of data and speech; yet he is also ruling their misusage.

Mercury is the governor of logic and reason, thought and opinion. He is the vital planetary influence that made humankind evolve to a conscious being, while also is responsible for transportation. The planet has very quick and hasty characteristics, which when used appropriately can create a bright mind. On the other hand, his powers can also be of a destructive nature, especially when the human body cannot absorb a possible overflow of data. We should therefore notice that an afflicted Mercury can be the source of mental and neurologic problems.

You are very emotional and you can be swayed too easily by your senses. Arguments arouse your stubbornness because once you make up your mind you stick to your decision. Im pressionable and changeable, you are sensitive to your sur. roundings; kindness and praise are the best ways to get through to you. Your mind is retentive, and your thinking is creative. You have flashes of intuition, and you like poetry. You are a sensitive listener, full of sympathy for the suffering of others, but you might have trouble thinking objectively, since your emotions are always involved. This could lead to feeling sorry for yourself. You are diplomatic and have good business ability, although much of your orientation is around home and family. If your Mercury has many challenging aspects, you might be evasive rather than honest.


You are practical, reserved, systematic, efficient, fond of mental work and very observant. Education, health, hygiene, medicine, literature and engineering interest you. You are a hard worker and should guard against overwork. Because you are an excellent planner, this position is good for commercial enterprises or secretarial work. You like a variety of jobs, and you might have too many irons in the fire. Difficult aspects may lead to unnecessary worrying; this can produce ill health. Health problems in this house often stem from wrong thinking, rather than from anything physical. A diet is helpful.


You are good-natured and mild-tempered with breezy manners. good comprehension and great integrity. You are honorable, fair, optimistic, easygoing, Philosophical and shy. Travel is usually rewarding for you. This aspect is good for literature, journalism, publishing, teaching, foreign enterprises, public speaking and counseling.


The inconjunct involves two planets that are 150° or five signs apart. The allowable orb is TWO DEGREES. In this aspect the signs involved are totally unrelated to each other. They share neither the same quality nor the same element, nor are they both active or passive. With nothing in common it is much harder to integrate these forces, and this aspect calls for many adjustments.

The inconjunct demands a change of attitude, a change of habit pattern and a need to adjust to conditions indicated by the planets and houses in question.

Although you are creative and inspired, you are never satisfied with the way you express these talents. You dislike routine. You need to determine what your responsibilities are, and then you must live up to them. You have a lot of nervous energy and many grandiose ideas. You can be too trusting and unrealistic, and others may take advantage of you or use you.


Your speech is incisive, you tell it like it is, but you can also exhibit fantastic tact and diplomacy. You like to convert others to your ideas. You rarely show a happy mental balance; you swing from blind zeal and devotion to pessimism, nagging and quarreling. You take unnecessary risks. You would be good at research, crime detection, medicine or psychology. This aspect is good for new modes of expression in any field.

Mercury square or opposition the Ascendant

Without intending to, you often express yourself in such a way that people misunderstand your meaning or are offended. You may use flattery to win people over, but they can usually detect your insincerity if you choose that route! As your own worst critic, you may continually compare your accomplishments to those of your peers.

You must learn to relax and be yourself when you meet new friends and lovers. You project so much nervous energy that this is sometimes all a person sees when they meet you. You send out body language that at times directly conflicts with your verbal message. Ask your partner to pay more attention to your words until you improve your communication skills to bring your verbal and nonverbal messages into agreement. Avoid talking about your problems with your partner to just anyone. This could cause serious damage to your relationship, even if you mean no harm.



Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and is the brightest planet we can observe. She is named after the Roman goddess of beauty, equivalent to the Greek Aphrodite. Astrologically, she is ruling beauty and pleasure, thus being responsible for a lot of things connected with happiness. Indeed, her placements and influences can bring a lot of joy and success; nevertheless she can also lead to overindulgence in luxuries and comforts.

Venus is ruling love and affection, attraction and harmony. She brings tenderness and pleasure, being responsible for all the small things that make us happy and smiling. She is rather sweet and promotes unions, such as relationships and marriages. Venus has strong feminine energy, being the exact opposite from Mars. Whatever is beautiful and catches our eye, whatever brings us a desire to observe it or claim it for ourselves, is governed by Venus.


You are generous, friendly and detached. You need a lot of freedom. You like your partner to be intellectual, and if possible, to have a good sense of humor. You enjoy roaming the world and are literate, even poetic. You lack permanence in most of your involvements, and you may have more than one marriage. Your values in romantic matters can be quite superficial, especially if you lack fixed planets in the rest of your chart. You have pleasing manners, good relations with siblings and neighbors, and a great sense of family. Your emotions are on a more mental than feeling level, and you thrive on change and variety. Your nature is curious and you want to taste much of what life has to offer.


You like to give service, and you get along famously with your co-workers, servants and employees. You function best when others respect your habit patterns. You enjoy artistic work, and you often do business with or for women. You prefer jobs where you need not dirty your hands. You are always ready to lend a helping hand, so this is a good position for mediators, counselors of all kinds, arbitrators and health workers. Your health is generally good, and you are conscious of your clothes and diet. With difficult aspects, you should avoid too much sugar and starch. You may tend to be self-indulgent, and you may be unwilling to make adjustments.


Chronically discontented, you often sacrifice happiness for duty. Shy, sensitive and stiff with your emotions, others may find you cold. You tend to be on the defensive, and you fear rejection and lack of acceptance. You may have problems with your parents and will do better after you leave their home. Since it is difficult for you to express your true feelings, you will probably have to make many concessions in life. You should delay marriage until after age twenty-eight because you may be unhappy if you marry too young. Your big lesson is to learn to relate to others.


The inconjunct involves two planets that are 150° or five signs apart. The allowable orb is TWO DEGREES. In this aspect the signs involved are totally unrelated to each other. They share neither the same quality nor the same element, nor are they both active or passive. With nothing in common it is much harder to integrate these forces, and this aspect calls for many adjustments.

The inconjunct demands a change of attitude, a change of habit pattern and a need to adjust to conditions indicated by the planets and houses in question.

You are generous and indulgent and spoil others, while deep down inside you resent them. Often you take on other people's problems instead of dealing with your own. You are very communicative; in fact you are often too talkative, putting on a happy face. Or else you may become silent, sullen and mysterious. You would benefit from any artistic outlet especially writing. '


You must learn to deal with your extreme idealism, your exaggerated emotions and the struggle between your intuition and your feelings. You are easily deceived and often financially misled. You would be a good mathematician, statistician or strategist. You are an escapist, and you are very sensitive to drugs. When you feel unappreciated you tend to blame others. Artistic, you love gracious living and may be born into good circumstances. However, you must overcome your great sense of insecurity.


You are creative and ingenious and have a strong sense of colour. With your good financial and leadership ability you could be a great teacher, preacher or politician. You form strong opinions early in life and show great dedication, intuition and honesty. You can also be overly self-indulgent; you may have weight problems as you get older.

Venus quincunx (inconjunct) the Ascendant

The energy of Venus is in a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to your Ascendant, which can be the core of your tendency to overcompensate in order to gain acceptance. You may try too hard to please, and may even alienate those who would be supportive if you carry this behavior to the extreme. Gaining a sense of positive self-esteem is not always easy, but it does have an easy beginning. Ask yourself whether you would value or accept certain behaviors or attitudes if they were not “important” to achieve recognition by someone you deem valuable or important. Your real value lies not in what others think of you, but in how you feel about yourself. The adjustments you need to make may be just as simple as determining what you need and want from your life. But when you start to think about it, you realize that this is not as easy as it sounds.



Astrologically, Mars is ruling action and drive, thus being a vital force for all our progress. Indeed, his placements and influences can give extra energy to our lives; yet, he can also become quite dangerous due to his flammable temperament.

Mars is ruling ambition and competition, stamina and victory. He is rather impatient and will fight strong for obtaining anything he desires. In addition, he is a planet that can bring lust and yearning, creating passion which can be used as a source of energy for conquering the desired object or situation. He forces us for quick results, and this can create a warrior from us. Defeat is a word he does not like in his vocabulary, and he will do anything not to lose.

This, of course, can even lead to violence and cruelty in extreme situations.

Gisele Bündchen, YOUR MARS IS IN LIBRA

You are charming, generous, cooperative and persuasive. You like to entertain and be sociable, and are interested in new ideas. You are quick to seek justice whenever it is lacking. You may confuse your own desires and ambitions with those of others. Sexually, you are affected by external stimuli such as music, soft lights and beautiful surroundings. You may lack self-reliance and must develop the ability to stand alone. Inharmonious aspects can make you lazy.


If you are in the public eye, you will probably be controversial. You are active, persistent and highly motivated, and the driving force of your personality could make you an excellent executive. You will work hard to achieve a top position. If the aspects are difficult, you must protect your reputation. You may have a problem with your father, possibly a separation from him. This is a good position for a career in military, mechanical or engineering fields.



Jupiter is famous for being the most benefic planet, empowering any house or sign he is placed in. Astrologically, he is ruling expansion, bringing luck and prosperity. Indeed, his placements and influences can bring growth and success; yet, his influence can also easily spoil someone and give tendencies of laziness.

Jupiter is ruling spirituality and religion, fairness and abstract ideas. He is the bringer of good fortune, while also teaches us being benevolent towards other people. He rules everything that is fun, recreational activities and can strongly influence wealth and possessions. Generally, by observing the house he is placed in, we can see which life areas he boons with expansive behaviors.


You are able to gain the cooperation of others and you set high standards in whatever you do. You are a natural scholar with lofty ideals and you must watch your tendency to expect too much from others. You are analytical, practical and kind however you may be too narrow in your affections. Virgo's' concern with details can conflict with the natural expansiveness of Jupiter; so you may make mountains out of molehills. Cleanliness and order are very important to you unless Jupiter has difficult aspects; then you can be sloppy, lazy, dissatisfied and bohemian. You do well in mental health, education, nutrition or hospital work.


You are faithful, tolerant, devoted, aspiring and interested in religion and philosophy. You enjoy life abroad, get along well with foreigners and definitely should travel. Higher education is a must, and you have a flair for languages, writing and publishing as well as lecturing and public speaking. Your faults are arrogance and a love of display, but Jupiter here usually works in a positive way.



Astrologically, Saturn is ruling restriction, thus becoming feared by many people. Indeed, his placements and influences can bring difficulties to the everyday reality of a person; yet, he is also a great teacher passing wisdom.

Saturn is ruling responsibility and seriousness, obligation and dedication. Moreover, he offers to us harvest of results through patience. One must dedicate a lot of time and effort to activate his Saturn; on the other hand the planet’s gifts are long-lasting. He rules the old age, our grandparents and the elders in general. In addition, he is considered to be strongly connected to one’s Karma, and his natal condition indicates karmic debts we might pay from previous lives.

Thus, Saturn represents the learning principle. A lesson learned through Saturn is a lesson you will never forget.


You are practical, careful and hardworking, with a moral and conscientious attitude. You operate with efficiency, accuracy and precision; you will drive yourself and others. You work well in medicine, research, strategy and record-keeping. People sometimes resent that you pay so much attention to detail, punctuality and trivia; this may make you appear quite austere. You must develop a good sense of humor and try to overcome the tendency to worry. When you learn to discriminate between what is important and what is not, you will go far. You have much to offer the world. Difficult aspects can lead to a tendency to nag, a fear of the unknown and digestive problems.


Orthodox in your approach, you distrust new ideas, yet you are earnest and desire to know everything thoroughly. Saturn here stabilizes your superconscious faculties; you can be a good teacher, professor, scientist or metaphysician. You could also be successful in publishing, politics, public speaking or preaching. Although foreign countries and foreigners fascinate you, your relationships with them might not be good. In youth your philosophies are dogmatic, but with age you become wiser and more tolerant. You have a whimsical sense of humor, and your mind is deep, meditative and reflective. With challenging aspects, you may be fanatic, intolerant and have a poor relationship with your in-laws. You may either avoid foreign travel, or overdo it and make too many long distance trips or moves.


You have initiative, willpower and endless determination. Practical and intuitive, you need freedom but are willing to work for it. Your keen judgment and insight into others will bring you many accomplishments. You respect money but are not attached to it. You have a lot of common sense, good administrative ability, and you respect knowledge and are bored by those who don't use their minds; you are a born fact finder.


You can be either crafty and designing or the complete opposite, lacking all ambition. You may assume other people's guilt; instead you should overcome your fear of faiiure, face competition and learn to like yourself. You are capable and multi-talented in finance, business and the arts. You may find it difficult to distinguish between your real friends and those who would take advantage of you. You search for the ideal partner; sometimes you prefer to stay alone forever rather than give up your ideals. You have quite a bit of emotional strain and inhibition to work out. It is wise to stay away from psychic influences.



Uranus represents the freedom urge. It is the planet of individualism, originality, awakening and breaking with tradition.

The planet is responsible for the mid-life crisis, which happens in the individual’s forties, and can occasionally bring huge upheavals and radical changes. This happens due to the planets opposition to his natal placement, which triggers a crisis and usually a revolt on matters concerning the houses where he is placed natally and currently. The transits of Uranus are quite long lasting, bring turbulence and unexpected events.

Uranus is considered to be the higher octave of Mercury, thus taking intelligence and communication to a higher level. It is therefore not a surprise that the planet governs artificial intelligence and discoveries in such fields. In personal charts, the planet can be an indicator of genius minds, yet also show mental disease and illnesses connected with the nervous system. There is always a rather thin order between unorthodox ways of thinking and madness; a lot of genius individuals may have frequently walked on both sides of this border.

Symbolically, we could say that the planet can act as a rebellion against the chains of one’s mind and reality. This may have quite liberating results; on the other hand it can be also a way of self-undoing as the previous patterns followed by any individual collapse under the Uranian transformation. Yet, its effect on the masses is a stable progress towards a more fair, balanced and altruistic society. Uranus respects the differences and accepts everyone the way he is, granting us the wisdom to break the stereotypes that our ancestors imposed to us through religions, tradition and politics.


Your emotions are intense, and your approach is daring, original and leans toward the occult. Fascinating and dynamic, you exude sex appeal. You need to make many adjustments from childhood on, but you accept these challenges and are in control of your body and mind. You are decisive in your actions and have little understanding of laziness. You like to probe deeply, and you have scientific and mechanical ingenuity. You can find new approaches to surgery or do research into strange and unknown illnesses. You must try to overcome your jealousy, possessiveness and inability to cater to another's wishes. Difficult aspects may bring out a revengeful and rebellious attitude, a violent temper or an intense desire to change what you don't like.


Your friends may be strange and original, and you want to help humanity in some unusual way. You have interesting aims in life and are a non-conformist. You make friends and new acquaintances quickly but shy away from close relationships. Although you may appear arrogant and snobbish, you like to surround yourself with people and you like to be admired. You'll probably have two different sets of friends: artistic or bohemian (Uranian) friends and more conventional traditional (Saturnian) friends. Your approach to sex is unusual and you may have some sexual problems or hangups.



As a planetary force, Neptune is a gateway towards spirituality. Being the higher octave of Venus it governs the fine arts, while also all activities that can induce trance such as meditation. Being the planet of illusions, Neptune is highly associated with artificial transcendence towards altered states of consciousness. Alcohol, drugs, medicine and everything that can distort our view on stable reality are being governed by the mystical blue giant. Of course, as every planetary force has its light and dark sides, Neptune can bring through these spiritual enlightment or dependence and self-destruction.

Due to his connection with the 12thhouse, he is an open gate towards the individual and collective subconscious and unconscious. This fact also makes the planet responsible for psychology and psycho-analysis, and people with a strong Neptune can easily enter other people’s mind. Neptune is strongly connected with intuition and can open antennas that through osmosis can absorb thoughts and emotions that hover in the air. Even though this can be a blessing in order to understand better other people, any native with a prominent Neptune can suffer from oversensitivity towards such currents. Sometimes, the planet can even lead towards isolation, as it can become unbearable to feel every single person near you in such a strong way. What the planet does is distorting the borders between your own self and the other individual. Neptune does not like and does not have borders; it can smooth them so much that they become nonexistent. Through Neptune, one can connect with anything else without an effort - just by being present.


You can explore the powers of the mind, revise existing laws and search for the deeper meaning of life. You have new ideas about education; you are interested in foreign cultures and feel easy with a concept of universal religion. If Neptune is afflicted, you may wander aimlessly, lack judgment, distrust others and believe in false prophets.


Sensitive to your subconscious and your psyche, you may at times suffer from a feeling of confinement. You are artistic with a talent for dancing. You can be a source of wisdom and intuitive insight as long as you face reality and do not deceive yourself. Despite your need to help others you suffer from a deep-seated loneliness. This placement is excellent for doctors, nurses and work in hospitals, large institutions, or with the handicapped.


This is a creative and artistic aspect. It also indicates fights against human injustice and changes in the court and legislative systems. This aspect can bring open government, freedom of expression and the positive use of mystical or occult talents.



Pluto is maybe the smallest planet of our Solar System, but his astrological importance is huge. The planet rules everything connected with death and rebirth, both on a physical and a metaphorical level. Pluto is a synonym for transformation, and this can even apply to the relinquishment of matter, or the re-creation of matter through the process of incarnation. As a planetary force, it requires from us to “let go” of unnecessary things, symbolical sacrifices of whatever is old and useless so that we regenerate as a new self.

Pluto is responsible for all the things we leave behind, and any problems connected with him are mostly outcomes of our inability of letting go people, objects or situations to which we are emotionally attached. Yet, through such necessary transformations we become stronger and wiser. When someone co-operates with the planet, he gets rewarded; Pluto does not really intend to hurt someone, he just demands us to empty some space in our lives for new things to come.

Other things ruled by Pluto are strong instincts such as obsession, jealousy, subversion and intimidation. Whatever falls in the category of power struggles and power games has a strong Plutonian flavor. The underworld, crime, politics and other hidden activities are also under his rule. The planet is generally connected with activities and things that happen secretly and under the surface; it even rules the growing mushrooms or the discovery of gold and other precious things by digging underground.

Pluto represents both the reforming and the destroying urges. It rules our deepest subconscious and because it embodies the principle of transformation and regeneration, it can bridge the spiritual and material world.


If you were born with Pluto in Libra, you have a love of beauty and a need for harmony. Your sense of justice and social instincts are well developed. You are adaptable and might experience a conflict between opposing viewpoints. You may feel a great sense of responsibility toward other people but you could be fickle in your one-to-one relationships.


You are self-assertive and determined and willing to fight authority if necessary in order to achieve your goals. Strong, courageous and tenacious, you can be a dictator, an innovator, a planner or an inventor. With difficult aspects, your insistence on self-determination can border on megalomania. You are a leader in your own circle or profession, and you may be either loved or hated, but you will never be ignored. You have an obsessive need to be the best and to outshine those around you. A perfectionist, you drive yourself relentlessly. You can present your ideas lucidly and eloquent ly. With difficult aspects, you can be cunning, vindictive, sadistic and cheating.



Chiron in the natal chart represents our "deepest wound". It shows an area of our lives and part of our psyches in which we lack self-esteem or even self-respect and tend to overcompensate as a result. We tend to give and give and give in these areas of life, until we learn to build our confidence. Chiron represents insecurity, guilt, and, to some degree, subservience. We feel a seemingly endless need to prove ourselves in these areas of life, until we learn that proving ourselves simply never works! In fact, it ends up making us feel even more ineffective.

Gisele Bündchen, your Chiron is in the Fifth House

Chiron is associated with the emotional wounds we receive early on in our lives. The sign Chiron is in will dominate but the house placing will show in which area the personality is motivated and into which they will put their efforts. In the fifth house, it may indicate a feeling of having to take life too seriously, too early. You are easily deflated due, probably, to parents who told you that you could not do 'that' - though you would have known that you could. There will be a need to draw boundaries for ego survival. Though do not go so far as to cut yourself off from people completely. You are very creative but do not recognize it. Just do it.

Chiron Sextile Mercury

With Chiron-Mercury aspects we may rarely feel satisfied with how or what we communicate. To express ourselves or not to express ourselves--that is the question with Chiron-Mercury hard aspects. We may talk someone's ears off one day, and then feel guilty about it later, at which point we retreat into ourselves and become uncommunicative. We might review conversations we had with others and kick ourselves for what we said, or what we didn't say.



The North Node and South Node points are directly opposite each other. They are not planetary bodies; rather, they are points that take into account the relationship between the Sun, Moon, and Earth at the time of our birth.

The Nodes of the Moon suggest personal karmic imbalance. Thus, consciously working on these "life lessons" can bring us to increased happiness and fulfillment. If we over-emphasize and fall back on the qualities of our South Node, at the expense of developing our North Node, we may have a difficult time feeling personally successful.

With North Node in the Eighth House, your South Node is in the Second House.

With this position, we need to loosen the grasp we have on the things and people around us and open ourselves up to our soul's need for transformation, change, and regeneration. We may experience difficulties in partnerships because we tend to be blind to others' values and worth, expecting them to share the same values as us. We, in fact, not only need a partner, we need to learn the value of true partnership and intimacy (sharing) in order to gain the security we so crave! But, first we need to move away from our instincts to support ourselves, and towards sharing with significant others. We may fear taking chances and we tend to resist change as well as input from others. We may find ourselves imprisoned by the world of the five senses, and need to learn to fearlessly confront the possibility of crisis and change in our lives. Moving out of the seemingly solid and stable material world can seem intimidating. But clinging to things and people that are limiting, to our growth will steer us in the wrong direction. Releasing ourselves from our attachment to doing things our own way will help us find inner balance and satisfaction.


Generally-speaking, in a woman's horoscope Lilith represents which part of life the woman plays a strong role in & her power.

In a man's chart, Lilith reveals what type of woman he 'fears' & the type of woman that can drive him over the edge, often to despair. She may also represent hidden power struggles & unresolved issues with women in his life.

In the charts of both sexes, Lilith shows us what we are most secretive about & represents sexual passion. Lilith magnifies revenge, rage, witches, psychics, the temptress & the shadow.


Lilith in Libra may find herself concerned with the legalistic side of power. She is a defender of women here, supportive of laws that curtail abuse or sexual crimes. taken to extremes, she may be vindictive against those she perceives to be offenders & in a relationship may be clinging, jealous and/or manipulative. You like to flirt & manipulate your fellow beings with well-meaning intention. You break up, or let break, relationships because you vary between commitment & autonomy urges. You don't want to admit to being wrong about your conceptions concerning other people, or you don't want to see their true character. You may consider yourself completely different, contrary to others or completely misjudged. You have wisdom & intuition, as well as psychological & musical ability, but you may be unaware of it. You desire emotional loyalty from your life partner & you want to be accepted emotionally. You probably have very high standards & requirements in partnerships.


Houses represent parts of life, where the action of life takes place. All situations and relationships can be filed in one of the 12 houses. The house of a person’s true Black Moon Lilith is the arena of that person’s life in which she shows up. The energy of the wild feminine and what cannot be controlled will be available to the chart holder in areas of life fitting with his or her true placement. These are also the parts of life in which the person will show up as a Lilith figure, bringing something of the status quo-busting wild energy with him or her. When we have experienced suppression and domination as Lilith figures, our house describes where, how, and why.


With Lilith in the 10th house, a person can become a symbol of Lilith’s irrational instinct and primal wisdom to other people. His or her public self carries the energy of Lilith, and others will want to apply the prevailing labels for Lilith to this person, no matter how he or she behaves. If, after enough of this sort of treatment, Lilith in the person is hiding, developing a healthy and mature public role will be suppressed by this person. This is the house of being out in the world and of participating in the economy, leading the person with this placement to experience difficulty at work and just being out in public, for having this label applied.


You are expected to complete something already set in motion. Others expect you to become self-sustaining and self-supporting, to deal with security problems, and to support the arts in some way. People want you to deal with the world on a material level.

Accomplishing these things may create a solution for a severe emotional or material lack. You outgrow dependency on others and manage your own affairs.

Not doing so may keep you from attaining the self-esteem that you could gain from being self-sufficient. You may also feel social or emotional indebtedness.

Vertex Sextile Sun

Opportunities come in your life to boost the value you place on your services. Usually these come through male figures. You may develop a talent for working with children too. Sports and creative efforts smooth the way for the promotions you seek.

Vertex Trine Saturn

You are usually self-motivated, not needing the constant encouragement and pushing some require. Even as a child you were the one who could be relied on to take care of yourself and do what you believe is right. You may show wisdom that you may have gained in other lives as well as this one.