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Adam Sommer

I am an Astrologer, yes, yet I never planned on being one. It happened through a series of strange and beautifully synchronistic events-of which, I’m sure you can relate. Plants had all of my attention before Planets did. Ethnobotany, Plant Spirit Medicine, strains of Shamanism, and even a training in Medical Qi Gong all seemed to have been the essential stepping stones that lead me to where I’m at today. And where is that? I’m a full time Astrologer now: Writing and podcasting, giving readings and teaching to open minds all across the planet. It’s surreal. It’s unreal. It’s exactly the real thing I’ve always dreamed to be doing.

Dionysios Xenoulis

Dionysios is from Greece and was born in 1984. He has been studying astrology since 2010, and is the co-owner and content writer of Free-Spirited Mind website. Currently, he is preparing a lot of astrological e-books to be published, while his long-term plans are to strictly dedicate himself on literature. His Sun sign is Leo, while his Ascendant falls on Sagittarius. The strong Sagittarian influences of his natal chart have led him to travel a lot during the last years, living a semi-nomadic life and passing a lot of his personal time near nature. You can keep track on new articles he publishes on Free-Spirited Mind Facebook Page.

DMAstro Team

Most of the astrologers participating on DMAstro position their works, reports and services under their own names and we on DMAstro encourage them to do so! And on our website you will also find some astrological reports, articles and other materials positioned under DMAstro name. They are the result of work of professional astrologers who by some reasons decided not to be personally presented and want to position their works under our name and brand. But this, by no means, makes these materials worse than the work of our named professionals!

Hilary Harley

Originally from Pittsburgh, I have called Boston my home since 1987. I began my astrological studies in 1998 and opened my current astrology practice in 2001. My teachers include Dietrech Pessin, Monique Pommier and Dorothy Oja. I believe that astrology is the key to unlock our fullest potential, shining a light on what might otherwise be confusing or mysterious. It shows us the road map of our lives, the direction we are to go and how best to use our skills to get there.

Jamie VanZuuk

Jamie has over 20 years invested in the study of astrology and has been reading charts over the past five. She became interested in the idea of astrology in her teens and began taking the actual study of astrology seriously almost immediately. Through a very nurtured and insatiable curiosity she devoured any text, cookbook, how-to or theory content related to the heavens for the next decade. By her mid-twenties she was observing patterns and cycles and began to delve into deeper layers of this study – regarding transits, progressions, returns and prediction. Through Jamie’s devotion to astrology, and through her academic focus in a sociological lens, her interests grew to related topics including: religion, mysticism and philosophy; anthropology, systems and culture; psychological theory, social impact and human behaviors. Now, the ideas and theories surrounding metaphysics, energy, shamanism and universal interconnectedness shape her approach to spirituality. She is currently writing synastry content for and available to invite new clients for readings.

Jamie Slack

My name is Jamie Slack. I am a self-taught astrologer based in the United Kingdom, born in 1984. I provide professional horoscope readings worldwide. I first studied the foundations of astrology when I was 16 years old. Throughout the years I have advanced my knowledge, especially in the areas of natal, synastry and predictive astrology. What was first a hobby then become an obsession, spending many hours doing astrological readings for people from all walks of life.

Manuel Eloy Gaona

I have always been a stargazer and a lover of nature, ever since childhood I remember always wishing upon a lucky star and have always been fascinated by the cosmos and the origins of life, earth, and how the mind functions. My real breakthrough began in 2011 when I read into subjects like the afterlife, clairvoyance, occultism which made my search go deeper into these subjects. The subjects I was fascinated with were the works of a Theosophist by the name of Charles Webster Leadbeater, his work brought my cosmic vision into full being. Theosophist, like C.W. Leadbeater, Blavatsky, Theologians, Egyptologist, Astrologers i.e. Max Heindel, William Lily, and Alan Leo, Scientist, Religion, New Age Thought Movement, and Cosmologist all these authors and astrologers produced this feeling in me to trust in myself and spend time with myself.

Marija Dragojevic

My name is Marija and I am an Astrologer for the past twenty years. As a methodical and analytical Virgo, Cancer rising, I see Astrology as gift from heaven, tool from Universe, more precisely, that helps us to include new quality in our life. Astrology is a true Science in the full meaning of the word, contained combined mathematics, physics, astronomy and a little touch of pure magic, some of us would signify it as -The Soul. It makes us possible to improve our lives and make it better, it is insight of our true selves and our true nature.
The literature I studied during the past decades wrote some of the most well known Astrologers as Robert Hand, Liz Green, Robert Pelletier, Aleksandar Išimragić, Mile Dupor. In my heart, I thank all of them. Their books gave me knowledge that changed me and my way of seeing things forever.

Mihalj Nemet

Astrologer residing in heart of Pannonian Basin, fond of vast historical influences and different surrounding cultures. Being Leo in astrology, I am often favoring uniqueness and freedom of expression in my writing style. Neither in favor of too modern nor rigid ancient astrological methods, result is on middle ground colored with precision and technicality. In-depth analysis of natal chart, with focus on Karmic readings is what I favor most. Synastries, Solar Returns and Chart Progression comes right after. Your future is almost clear as understanding of your past. There is always a strange mix of patterns which cause our future to be more predictable; healthy dosage of them lies in our already experienced past. What astrologer can do after examining more visible patterns is to go or try to go beyond....through layers of less visible past emanated in Karma.