Extended Monthly Horoscope Jamie VanZuuk


Extended Monthly Horoscope forecast is ideal extension for your Free Monthly Horoscope. It is your personalized horoscope made manually by our star astrologer Jamie VanZuuk. This forecast is just for you based on your birth data: place, date and time of birth. The personalized approach allows you to take into account all the transits that activate your own natal chart.

The horoscope reflects the general energy of the month just for you, major events and mood changes that you are likely to experience. The report is a monthly schedule that helps you make the most of the month and plan your everyday activity in synergy with the universal energy!

What does the current month have in store for your personal and professional life?

  Use the month to its fullest, take advantage of your celestial opportunities as well as your days of routine and act at the right time each month!

*The Reading is provided by phone or Skype.


**The pricing for the WRITE-UP is 125 USD. Please contact us if you would like to order the write-up of the reading.

*** Have Questions about the Reading? Email us