The Moon Class Adam Sommer

The Moon Class    

The Moon Class “A Mirror of storied Truth”

*The class will be held on October 16, 2016 at 6pm MDT

The Moon Class is 2 hours class where Adam will teach and you will hopefully learn how to connect to the Moon in a way where she can become your greatest teacher. We will learn about how to understand her in the horoscope, how to dream with her, phase with her, ask her questions, and receive impossible reflections from her as well. We will learn how to utilize the Progressed Lunar cycle for grokking larger stretches of our development. We will also look into Lunar Return charts, and see how when they are paired with creative writing and diligent journaling, you gain access the eternal Akashic record player.

The Moon is one of the most essential elements in understanding ourselves. It is a filter for all of our experiences. Emotional intelligence springs from it, as do all of our memories, our patterns, our attachments and stories. Join us on this journey to the Moon, won’t you?

*If you are not able to attend the class personally, no problem! Once purchased, you will receive a LINK to the Google Drive folder which contains the PDF, the video and audio recordings of the class.

Upon clicking the BUY button, you'll be forwarded to Adam Sommer website where the cost of the class is 27.00 USD. To get your discount and get the class at 24.00 USD, please enter the following coupon in the order form: Eclipse