Personalized Solar Report Mihalj Nemet


Personalized Solar Report

Solar chart shows return of Sun to its natal position, occurred every year around birthday. It shows key energy focus for following year, stage where ego force will shine or be tamed (depending on situation in chart). As Sun is usually house ruler solar chart reveals new area where Sun gains prominence. Solar chart is valid for one year. In that period Sun is placed in position where new opportunities may arise more easily. Personalization offers more insight in some hardly measurable explanations like exact Sun position in house (right on start, in the middle, on dark side etc). Also it can better delineate aspects pattern - showing which planets follow Sun in importance. Based on final picture of Sun position we are in position to provide better advice on how to use upcoming situation in best manner.

As Solar chart can position some other planets to greater prominence, personalized report offers better insight in new relations within chart. Some notoriously marginalized areas and planets can now share their turn so it is important to present new view in best sight. Solar chart reveals some rare opportunities which should not be easily squandered!

Time of report delivery: 2 days since the day of payment approval. Please note that every report is created by Mihalj personally based on your birth data. Every sentence in your report is written manually by Mihalj based on his own approach to chart investigation and he does not use any software-generated texts. That is why the delivery takes several days.

Sample Report for Leo DiCaprio      Get Report at 49.00 USD


Once your Report has been purchased, we will contact you by email within 24 hours for requesting the data required for your report: Name, Gender, Place of birth, Date and Time of Birth!

Please feel free to send us any comments, questions or notes about the report by email.

Why Personalized Report is so Different and Good?

There are no two exact charts in the world. Even twins have dissimilarities. Personalized chart offers approach this mater in a very thorough manner. Astrologer can use its experience to full potential. In that process important chart features can gain more prominence so person who orders report will not be swarmed with linear non-arranged details. Every information has potential to be useful but it needs to find position in order and avoid crowding. Chart can show great deal of hidden features so careful manner of investigation is mostly recommendable. 

Main advantages of personalized report are:

  • Examining chart as a whole reveals chart strong points (planets on key house cusps)
  • Houses with greater energy focus can be examined more carefully
  • Special planetary patterns will be researched along their impact on related houses
  • House ruler can gain new dimension in chart
  • Additional calculations can be examined if needed, like midpoint calculation
  • Customized impact of scheme house ruler-house-order of planets housed inside
  • Written material that reflects chart as wholeness

Also, personal consultation can be arranged (via Skype for example) to explain chart details which where not understood completely. New area of chart or another view on it, not mentioned in report, can be discussed. Some additional astrological technique implementation may be taken into account. Please, don't hesitate to put your requirements and ideas in comments when you are submitting request.