Astrology Birth Report Reading with UNKNOWN BIRTH TIME Jamie Slack


If you are on a journey of self-discovery, you have come to the right place!

Discover your true personality with my personalized Birth Chart Report. My interpretations utilize the exact positions of the moon, the sun and the planets at the exact time you were born. As such, I provide the ultimate report of who you are destined to be, or may be already. In short, my Birth Chart Reports uncover amazing facts about your character, as well as major events that are responsible for shaping your life (including childhood problems).


You may have heard of the term ‘As Above, So Below’

This means that the positions of the planets at the time of your birth is a blueprint of your personality. Birth chart reports also give you an insight into your future as they uncover likely events that may take place in your life, such as careers, love, home life, and more.

Topics covered within your Birth Chart Report:

For those who are willing to see, personality readings act as a lens in which you can read your strengths, weaknesses, skills and talents to produce the best version of you. A typical personality reading has different sections depicting numerous areas of your life:

General Personality

  • How do other people view you?
  • What is your general path in life?

Love and Relationships

  • Is my current partner the best match for me?
  • When will I meet my true love?

Career and Money

  • What career path am I destined to follow
  • When will my finances improve
  • What careers may suit you most


  • Is my body susceptible to disease in the near future?

Travel and Beliefs

  • What type of travel are you most suited too?
  • Are you destined to travel the world?
  • What types of beliefs do you have?


  • How can I control my anger?
  • What is the source of your anger?

Aggression and Sex

  • What sexual partners are suited to you?
  • What sexual fantasy’s you may have?

Home Life

  • How your childhood may have affected your personality and future?
  • Types of home that suits you best
  • What was your parents like

Here is What You Get in More Detail:

  • 11 – 17 pages Birth Chart Report.
  • A natal chart revealing the true position of all celestial bodies at the exact time you were born, and unique to you alone.
  • An interpretation explaining all planets in house, for your specific birth details.
  • An interpretation explaining planets in signs.
  • An interpretation explaining the important aspects between all the planets and superficial points.
  • An interpretation explaining your rising / ascendant sign.
  • The report is in color and is sent to you via email in a PDF format. Therefore you can easily print the reading if you wish.
  • Birth chart reports contains no unnecessary jargon.

What is required for this reading: Date of Birth, Location of Birth and Time of Birth.

Sample Report for Leonardo DiCaprio...