Leo Solar Eclipse 2018 Part 2 – DO IT ANYWAY

Void until 8:59pm PDT*, the technically crescent Leo moon begins anew, however disconnected the voided course or the recent eclipsed energies may still be, boldly scouring every last indignity of self-expression in an effort to reclaim, from what was once shadowed and hidden, a dignified and illuminated usefulness—to celebrate a renewed sense of Self. But also in preparation for tomorrow’s Virgoan moon.

However, today… today is a day to relax, to play, and to gather with friends and loved ones, to love, to celebrate, and, ultimately, to stop taking yourself so seriously.

I’d like to point out to you here that Leo governs the fifth house, governing activities such as play, romantic pursuit, leisure, children, artistic endeavor, celebration, and gambling, which is why it’s also infamously the house of risk. Really, all of these are risky in their own ways. By embracing any of these fifth house pursuits you are taking a risk with—and Leo rules this, as well—your heart——do it anyway. All fifth house things involve joy, and these make the heart grow fond, and strong, and happy.

Notice, too, that all fifth house pursuits lack a certain seriousness, or, practicality, but make up for this in interest, and when you’re interested——you’re invested. Yet, without the seriousness, you’re free to express yourself, well… freely, and genuinely. As you are.

Despite the overall energies remaining mostly low, you have reached the dawn of a new day—you can use your renewed and revived energies in any way you like, of course——but do try to enjoy these with love, by sharing, and by sharing yourself with someone, however risky it may feel to you now.

A crescent moon is a moon of setting new intentions—yet, again, today’s moon is void of course, so how celestially appropriate for you to simply enjoy the day, in very healthy, happy Leo ways. There is no need to begin anything new just yet, much less intend it.

Perhaps setting intentions would be too easy a way to take yourself too seriously?

Perhaps the heavens know this…

And after all, setting practical, achievable, time efficient goals are much more Virgo’s thing—something to do tomorrow.

I also want to mention that I was blessed with countless examples of confessions, stories and happenstanced glimpses of social media yesterday celebrating, in true Leo fashion— renewal, new offerings, things once lost now found, and new pathways of possibility that were not previously there… it wasn’t all doom and gloom. This could’ve been the residual Cancerian energies having more of an impact for some of you, and others, the Leonine. But at the end of the day, not unlike twilight to dawn—endings are always opportunities for beginnings.

This cartoon I found yesterday made me think of the current energies occurring… Crazy, perhaps. Do it anyway.

*9:59pm MDT; 10:59pm CDT; 11:59pm EDT

Leo Solar Eclipse 2018, Part 1 – A NEW DAY IS DAWNING

Solar eclipses, by nature, bring about major events, events which can have something to do with matters that have remained hidden, or, on a more personal level, conjure feelings that come from those shadowy parts of yourself you’d prefer remain hidden.

Tomorrow morning’s eclipse in Leo is the last eclipse in the Leo/Aquarius series, a series that began in January last year. This suggests that an official ending or closure is appropriate, that a new chapter—or entirely separate anthology—is beginning, that a new day is dawning. Think back to the beginning of last year—how have you changed, grown, and evolved since then?, in what ways have you resisted your own potential?

However, before the metaphorical sun rises upon your new day, one must associate with, and acclimate to, the time before dawn. Twilight. And I’m honestly not trying to bring us back to the Eclipse movies, promise. Be patient with me here… I’ll come through.

Twilight is typically, for many, a spooky time of night, when all the nocturnal creatures are on patrol, when many of us are home, safe, sleeping soundly in our comfy, fluffy beds, dreaming of happy things and hopeful things and curious things, or, should you suffer from insomnia and see each hour of twilight pass, perhaps you are already familiar with the disillusioned, dark, and daunting things the mind is capable of conjuring when the sandman denies you his sweetest slumbers—even still, these mental, psychosomatic hauntings occur only within the parameters of your own twisted mind… nevertheless, the racoon outside has every opportunity to rummage through your trash, for anyone to see.

A solar eclipse is sort of like a racoon rummaging through what you would prefer others didn’t see or know or witness about you. Your unmentionable, hidden out of sight, darkest dark side.

I’m being dramatic… forgive me, but this is appropriate for Leo, am I right?!

This phase of “no longer but not yet” is your twilight.

Of course, twilight can manifest as simple restlessness, however I would argue that, for some (fire signs), restlessness is not simple, but rather next to alienation on a scale of tolerability—or it could emerge as dramatically as a break down (which is always, always recovered with a breakthrough), a collapse of something no longer existing in its highest light, a good old rummaging, or a direct confrontation with a shadowy force you’ve been denying quality time. Even the dictionary refers to ‘twilight’ as a terminal period, a phase described in uncertainty, vagueness, and gloom. And perhaps yesterday’s energies granted you this?—worry not, Leo energy is much more optimistic than Cancerian energy.

Today (and tomorrow) will largely be about willingly confronting your own twilight, becoming more genuinely familiar with it, even more loving toward it—as it is, after all, despite its shadows, still a part of you—and ultimately, just flat out more honest about it.

Leo is a proud sign—hell, a group of lions is called a pride—and prefers to shine and inspire, dislikes bad lighting (especially when on stage) and detests embarrassment of any kind, and it’s quite likely, too, that your shadows are only embarrassing——to you. What’s that saying?—that if we all laid out our woes to see we’d inevitably take back our own? Naturally, whatever you think is so horrific about yourself is likely, in the grand scheme of things, really not so bad. Also, Leo would point out, why would you *not* want to own up to your own horrors?!—they’re yours, and there’s opportunity to be found within them. Not to mention the building of character it demands, and Leo is all about character.

Furthermore, we’re all much too busy with ourselves to be pointing out another’s failures or faults… (however, should you notice someone always eagerly pointing out your faults or failures, this would be an opportunity to thank them for their remarkably astute gesture toward their own character failure, and carry on without apology.)

In this space of metaphorical twilight, like an exhausted lioness who must rise to the occasion to hunt for the livelihood of both her own survival and that of her pride, you are called upon today to rise to your own character—every highlight of it, every low light, and all the shadows in between—as your authenticity, livelihood, sense of joy, and autonomy depend upon it. You are not completely, fully, wholly you until you are illuminated from within the essence of your darkness. Like twilight, the sunlight emerges through the darkest hour.

So, what happens next?—if good, clean, fun character building isn’t motivation enough for you—what happens when the sun rises, and twilight shifts into dawn?

Well, the raccoons and creepy creatures of the night scatter and slither away.

Your unmentionables, strewn about all over your yard, are basking in the morning light and dew of a new day, and no one even notices—instead, everyone is squinting or reveling about, as the sun is simply so bright and joyous.

And you’ve just experienced the best, most relaxing slumber, burdened only by the fleeting thought that the raccoon didn’t find the trash bags concealing your weird, crazy—embarrassing only to you—craving stash of marshmallows and peanut butter (again, I’m having way too much fun with this)… a raccoon’s favorite.

Usually the stuff that haunts you is the stuff that others need to see or know or witness to remind them that they, too, are worthy of love and that at the end of the day, at twilight, and then again at dawn—we’re only human, and if we weren’t working to be our best selves so fiercely, so truly, we’d never see the dark, self-imposing shadows as what they really are—proof of self-evolving and idiosyncratic boon. Bravely be you, completely.

†The new moon event occurs very very early tomorrow morning, however, considering the magnitude of it all, I’m guessing the energies will surround both today and tomorrow.

Venus in Libra Transit – BALANCING ACTS UP AHEAD

Venus moved into lovely Libra today and Venus loves Libra, is exalted in Libra, and therefore able to freely share her gifts and strengths through the energies of Libra and Libran gifts are abundant and generous. And best yet, this shift from Virgo should definitely be noticeable, as it’s quite extreme.

In Virgo, Venus is quite critical and emotionally detached, and isn’t really at all comfortable, whereas in Libra, Venus is at home, feeling powerful, though still not exactly emotional—as Libra is an air sign—but finds that sweet spot still by being gracious and giving, charming and courteous, and would never dream of being harsh or haughty.

For any reason. At any time. Ever.

Yet, I do think we’ll have a rare opportunity to see this tested.

When Venus is in Libra, those energies that inspire our emotions and our desires are much more balanced, feel that much more harmonious, and are considered to be that much more in alignment… or at least that is what is preferred or pursued.

However, this particular transition through Libra will confront, almost immediately upon moving into the sign of equilibrium—possibly feeling it already—an opposition to Chiron while squaring Saturn until August 10th, (and then a square to Pluto mid-month, and finally, beginning the month of September, with a square to Mars—which I’ll cover in future posts)——to maintain a sense of charming proportions through the harshnesses of all these squares could definitely be a balancing act, indeed.

Allow me to take you through the Saturn/Chiron t-square——

Venus in position with both Chiron and Saturn by t-square is heavy and disproportionately imbalanced, plain and simple. So Venus in Libra will struggle with this; try as she might, her charms and fondness in equal measures may feel threatened.

Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn suggests a drive to accept a serious ownership of responsibility, or the courage to oblige toward that which needs leadership, or guidance, or care, to name a few. And either way, these typically regard long-term relationships, or ideas, or goals—usually big, exciting stepping stones in your life—and with Saturn involved by square, an ability to enjoy the process can be dampened or lacking, or just that much more unnecessarily difficult.

With Venus in Libra, you may want to go out of your way to please, to be involved in partnership of some kind or personal relationships, to display your capabilities, however, your best abilities and intentions could be taken advantage of, or simply unappreciated—and should your circumstances involve an/Other, your efforts may be misdirected or ineffective, or worse, be unwilling to reciprocate.

It’ll be obvious that Venus in Libra will struggle with these options.

With Chiron in Aries added to this mix, you could likely feel added pressure to prove yourself. And again, with Venus in Libra, you can go against your better judgements and compromise yourself or your values to do so. This will not only portray an image of displacement or disingenuousness, but also possibly one of outright ineptitude.

These, of course, are the outward manifestations, and so an inward perspective could be one of you simply doubting yourself, doubting the strength of your integrity, or your ability to come through, follow through, or be thoroughly who you are in moments of doubt or confrontation. Or, in a more emotional tone, the doubting of your worthiness or likelihood of being loved. Ouch. Venus in Libra is not at all familiar with this…

Chiron, remember, is an energy that can inflict pain, however dull, discomfort that has no name or place exactly, or remind you of a faded hurt, or past wounds that begin, once again, to hurt, so if you’re tuned in to these energies, this confrontation could be patterned or cyclic, and ultimately involve a scenario that you have navigated in the past.

On this note, your circumstances should immediately begin to introduce yourself to the option of navigating a new direction.

Happily, however ironically, Saturn at the apex of the t-square represents the strength of the situation, sometimes to the point of overcompensation, and as it’s Saturn, what does this tell you?—to maintain your authority, to be patient, and seek security in this patience, and through those friends or folks with which you have good and reliable stance, and not through those and that which you must prove yourself… not this time.

Ultimately, Venus’ movement through Libra may simply be highlighting an ongoing square between Saturn and Chiron, which suggests an ongoing struggle to find your place in a grander scheme of things, especially in terms of making strides as an independent, autonomous individual creating a life you want to live… confidence in yourself, or that which has been pressing you or bothering you, will surely be further questioned.

Stand your ground, be patient, and be true to yourself.

And, for fun, I always look to the unoccupied space of a t-square, and in this instance it falls in Cancer, and this will tell you, however subconsciously, that patience, love, tenderness, and care should be applied in these times of doubt and imbalance that will inevitably confront you in some Venusian way.

Up next, mid-month, in this balancing act will be a square to Pluto… suggesting that beginnings will be intense, and volatile, and that endings will be just that—a real and permanent end, and Venus in Libra will struggle with this, as well, preferring less extreme options and the agreeableness of middle ground.

Aquarius Lunar Eclipse 2018 – SELF, SPACE and EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN

It is on lunar eclipses that something ends, and when a retrograded Mars, Uranus, and a t-square relationship connecting both retrograded Mars (also out of bounds, just cos, inspiring that much more immobile disruption and impatient irritability) and Uranus to—and very much through—the lunar eclipse, not to mention the paralleling Nodes, which happens to also be the blood moon… oh my, these endings are bound to be beyond explanation.

But I’ll try.

Today has an erratic Leo/Aquarius vibe, obviously, as it’s been building through the week, coming to a climax today, and will continue to disrupt you emotionally, at the very least, and perturb your sense of direction, or focus, or frustrating your calm or your cool. It will be particularly frustrating for you if you’re one of those individuals who insist upon keeping control, and perhaps that’s precisely the point?

Lunar eclipses can be much more emotional than their solar counterparts, naturally, as the moon guides our instincts, our feelings, our unconscious or repressed psychic baggage, our fears, and our needs, and our preferences in comfort.

Two things here—

First, Leo energies are very tuned in to emotionality… Aquarius, however, is not, at least not naturally; it’s a lifetime of patience and effort to connect emotion to reason, especially simply for the sake of heart’s desires.

Second, you’ve likely become aware of Mars-driven and erratic Uranian energies by now, and these two, combined, are definitely impulsive, and impatient, and instantaneous!—sometimes these two together inspire much-needed gumption, but sometimes it fuels bad, ego-driven decisions and havoc no one needs. And sometimes it’s hard to decipher the difference.

I need to be brutally honest here, today’s themes, for you, are truly anyone’s guess, especially without the road map of your nativity at hand. Just when you thought you had something nailed down, nope. Just when you thought you had it figured out, ha! With everything together, working in unison, in tandem, and at odds, simultaneously, anything can happen. Sure, sure, anything happens at the time… but this week, whoa, anything that’s happening is very likely right outta left field.

Allow me, instead, to try to decipher the underlying theme of meaning today, and this week, offers—

The t-square I mentioned earlier, remember, these suggest adjustments and confrontations and frustration in finding compromise—a comfortable balance, for instance, which would be ideal, as the apex of the t-square lies in Taurus, and Taurus prefers comfort, creature and pampered, any day, especially when facing frustration.

Oh, to be wholly comfortable…

Also, again, a need to control an irrational event which potentially threatens your sense of comfort, security, authority, or boundaries, well… this can inflict anger, fear, and reactive alternatives. Please be mindful of your temper, your energy field, and your impulsive reactions. These, ultimately, will work against you if you utilize these with ill intention.

However, on both a bright and hopeful note, keep in mind the overall emphasis of endings… this is a celestial opportunity to acknowledge, accept, and find alternative ways of expressing yourself, for instance, if you’re one of those individuals preferring control—stop, let go, and trust. If you allow your ego to call all the shots, in reference to your actions, your feelings, and your thoughts—stop it!, acknowledge the detriment of this conditioned behavior, and seek soul guidance; or if you harbor, enable, or perpetuate your own negative reactions, or those of others, for any reason whatsoever—stop this, observe the endless cycle of doom in this, and notice the good in everything, the gratitude you have for it, and the graciousness of it all, even if it hurts. Especially if it’s a foreign concept—especially—anything can happen.

Endings, usually rather forcefully, create spaces for beginnings. But it’s hard to keep this in mind at the time. This is why it is so important to be flexible now, to trust, and to create a space to allow for the awesomeness the universe has in mind for you.

Because eclipses will see to it, either way.

If you’re one of those who’s always looking to stay in control, this is an opportunity for you to control your time and energy—stop the compulsive ego-inspired need to control, and trust, in your soul, and then make some space for anything to happen.

Space for self-realization, and space for self-love.

Perhaps your need to control is actually stemming from an inherent lack of trust, stemming from a vacancy of love for yourself?

And with these jewels of introspection, you can finally acknowledge those beyond yourself—genuinely see and accept and love—and that which is larger than you, and this… this is truly having control of your highest potential.

The choice, as always, is yours, and this alone is under your control.

May your eclipse season be gentle, but profound, and may you allow yourself to be as completely, irrevocably, and thoroughly amazing as the universe has always intended for you. You must only allow for it. Thems the brakes, as they say.

*1:21pm PDT; 2:21pm MDT; 3:21pm CDT; 4:21pm EDT

Venus in Virgo Transit 2018 – AN INVITATION, HAPPILY EVER AFTER

There’s a zen encouragement that suggests that “the way a person does one thing is the way they do everything,” suggesting further that mindfulness and ritual penetrate so much more than the surface assumptions of an unembellished routine.

Venus moved into Virgo on July 9th, and will continue through this self-critical analysis of fact and fiction, real and unreal, and everything in between until August 6th, defining both logic and that tricky feeling we humans revolve around, that feeling we associate to the word “love.”

Venus isn’t exactly herself in Virgo and it’s not difficult to define why this is so. It is through this transit that we’re able to understand much more clearly exactly why we love what we love, and don’t.

How appropriate, then, that Venus would oppose Neptune, the planet to aspire to when trying to understand the boundrilessness, the mysteriousness, the holiness, and the ideals of that feeling, that feeling we call “love.” This opposition, which was exact today but will continue to linger, has a tendency to invite you to allow a most potent and purest form of uncut, idealized love, the kind of love envisioned when daydreaming or planning for the future when young and oblivious and selfish and without anything real at all in the world to compare it to.

Venus in Virgo is selfless, Aphrodite suspending her appetite, if only temporarily, in an effort to pursue a love much larger than herself or any hunger she could possibly crave. Venus in Virgo dutifully serves to fulfill this ego-inspired hunger by selflessness and loving unconditionally— herself, her shame, her hopes, and her fears, for when this is strived for, and eventually achieved, it is then possible to love these boundless selfishnesses in others.

Often, this transit brings both solutions and dissolutions of any kind of bonded relationship you can imagine or shake a stick at, real or unreal, as we’re dealing with Neptune, after all. Much healing can transcend you now, or… much agony can befall you, depending upon how you feel your way through the real and the unreal.

The sixteenth degree of Virgo is one, assigned by Marc Edmund Jones, of explosion— from the Big Bang itself to each and every moment your heart stops in reaction to exhilaration and love itself.

This invitation, as I mentioned above, is a most potent and pure form of uncut and idealized truth in honesty. This invitation, truly, is an embodied manifestation, however metaphorical, of hushed potency, or subtle impact.

We all have an image, or a role, which we present to others, either to protect our true selves or to romanticize who we wish we were… The invitation involves, too, the inevitability of confronting, coming to terms with, and ultimately accepting who we really are, truly. If only there was a way to understand and connect to these soft and squishy, vulnerable places within ourselves… if only there was a way to realize the beauty through all the pain and ugliness and wicked, wicked weaknesses…

Venus and Neptune can.

Even in Virgo, Venus and Neptune, when blending their energies and swirling together their magical emphases of creativity, inspiration, and everything lovely, create a boundless amount of possibilities. Truly, many of these possibilities only offer fantasy, least likely scenarios, and unrealistic ideas toward the reality of how things really are. Still, some flirt with a harbored hope, like lights flashing by paparazzi on a velvety red carpet, pretty and worthy, symbolic of the dreamy and fated, able only to envision the happily ever after— and see it through.

Venus and Neptune offer both the happily ever after imaginings, as well as the doom and destruction and demise of the best of intentions, the highest of hopes; the most melancholy of poets and artists and free thinkers alike, but also the talents and aspirations of history’s most vastly visionary myths, mystics, muses, magicians, musicians, and movie stars.

Though it may not appear on the surface that this motley mix of visionary archetypal examples have much in common, however, in diving deeper into this sea of possibility, the myths, mystics, muses, magicians, musicians, and movie stars alike have an intuitive gift, the gift of vulnerability and unconditional acceptance of all that is and all that ever was… an ability to confront, accept, and truly love the dark and ugly, raw truth in both themselves, and the entire human experience…

Strange as it seems, this invitation is no stranger than love itself, and should you have it in your heart to embrace this gift, even if only through this transition through the weekend, may it leave you wide open, vulnerable, and accepting—not unlike the vulnerable, albeit destined, bang the cosmos made, confronting the inevitability of life, of a heartbeat, of love.

To see yourself, honestly and humbly, and to see those around you, clearly and lovingly, that is what this transit asks of you. And may you confront, accept, and truly love the realities as fiercely as you do your ideals, of how you feel things ought to be—as embracing things as they really are sometimes isn’t as difficult as it could be.

The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything… Practicing the mindfulness necessary and the ritual required to confront, accept, and embrace in love the holy, the beautiful, the good, the bad, the bang, the unknown and unknowable, and the very, very ugly just the same is Venus in Virgo at her finest, without any worry of learning and loving in vain.