Pisces New Moon Astrology March 2018

Pisces New Moon Astrology – SOUL MATTERS 

❝And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.❞

——Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The cosmos is asking very big things of you this year, and you’re likely in a place where you can genuinely feel yourself growing stronger, moving forward, and accomplishing more… still, it is at this point in your journey forward you must begin to let go of the past, whatever that may mean to you.

For some of you, the past represents pain or shame or guilt or self-loathing and for others it may mean loneliness, lack of fulfillment, needing to be in control, or self-righteousness. Either way, these feelings— these feelings so strongly associated to actual memories— will have no room in your venture as they simply weigh too much to try to accommodate.

The soul remembers what it needs to, as the soul has endured so much in many lifetimes; the memories attached to feelings were processed, hopefully, and quickly allowed to fade, with only the lesson, through what we call instinct, to remain.

The new moon at 26°53′ Pisces occurred earlier at 6:11am PDT* and was conjunct Chiron by two degrees at 28° Pisces, inspiring both heavy memories of the past and all past pains to be let go in order to begin the healing process. This is no small feat, and obviously today is only the beginning of so many daily feats into the future, this karmic unloading is not simple, clean, or easy… but this is why you need to do it.

Allow me to paraphrase from “The Planets Within”† by author Thomas Moore, allowing a backdrop of sorts to prepare for my main point “the narrow role of ego is further strengthened by personal history…”I” includes all accomplishments and failures of the past. We see in the history of the ego causes of present problems, and we are concerned about the future development of this ego. Indeed, there seems to be something essentially conservative about ego as we know it. It is fairly easy to imagine that habits and manners of an early period remain the same in the ego’s old age. In a sense, ego seems to age much faster than the physical body, so that a ten-year-old may sound like an old man. Identifying with personal experience of the past, an individual really freezes his possibilities, limits his potentiality to what is “tried and true.” Rather than multiply the directions for personal biography, frequently ego, narcissistic and defended, maintains a straight and narrow path. It is no wonder that ego and soul are to be at odds.”

My main point, as Moore validates, is that ego issues and soul matters are best described as the opposite of easy, clean, or simple, but rather, as complicated, messy, and complex… “ego does not help much in this matter, since it prefers neatness. To ego cleanliness is next to godliness. Ego spends a good deal of its time and energy trying to make life neat and cleaning up the mess we inevitably get ourselves into. But alchemy†*, a thoroughly non-ego work, suggests that the way to soul is through the mess, not around it or in spite of it. And, according to many alchemists, if you don’t have a mess to begin with, you had better work hard to get one.”

He furthers this point in stating that many counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists alike are “beginning to see that people who really need therapy are not those whose life is a mess but those who have been avoiding and covering up the mess.”

Italian scholar and astrological psychologist, if there were such a term back then, states “no wonder that unearthing the psyche is like undertaking a fullscale drainage operation… thus our psychology, the acquaintance with our own souls, begins in every respect from the most repulsive end, that is to say, with all those things which we do not wish to see.”

The ego can’t help itself but need more and more validation, and if that means pestering the soul… the soul will oblige.

Jung deepened these theories in his time, suggesting “we also strike out in anger against the collective shadow we refuse to claim as part of our human inheritance… that we try to unite with our alienated souls by marrying alluring likenesses and projections[;] all our actions, in fact, involve us in deep mysterious themes and plots[;] the alchemical process of drawing soul out of matter aims at showing us the fantasies that are congealed in our actions and in our thoughts. Dissolved, they rise to the surface, to the screen on which we behold our dreams and reveries, and there we can see the characters and motifs which animate— ensoul— our lives.”

It gets a bit deep from here, as it would, these matters may never become fully resolved in a lifetime, and, one could argue, why should they? After all, it’s the ego who creates these in a likeness of dramatic issue in the first place.

On a brighter and lighter note…

Raven Kaldera‡ calls this moon the Dreamer’s Moon, inspired very strongly by Neptune’s fancies, and he recommends on this moon, that “this is not a moon for concrete planning… on the Dreamer’s Moon, we dream. It’s a good time for reading… spend[ing] all the time you can afford daydreaming… write down what you wish was in the world without regard to pessimism or practicality. Picture the outcome in your head and meditate on it. Then wish hard, or clap your hands, or click your heels together three times, or whatever comes to mind. Don’t let the rational side of your mind get in the way. Whatever you do, have faith; the Pisces strength is believing.”

Dreaming, of course, can become a coping mechanism for processing, or the avoidance thereof, pain and discomfort, however, in whatever small way you begin your journey of letting go and forgiving, I think it’s the beginning that matters more than the coping, as long as you’re not furthering your pain or harmful to yourself in the process.

The way I understand it, is the soul is a very delicate thing, yet, stronger than any element we have discovered and claimed to understand. We create our ego realities to protect our soul, yet we inevitably make a much larger mess of this, to the point of our ego badgering the ego itself, almost to a point where the soul— is it even still involved? I’m not sure it’s the soul that needs protecting, but the ego, which is only an idea, really, not our reality, however much we’d prefer to insist that it is. Remember, Pisces, like Neptune, reigns a boundarilessness that our human mind cannot fully understand, much less attempt to navigate… the ego doesn’t stand a chance. But the soul… the soul needs no guidance, the soul knows exactly where it needs to be and appears to be in no particular rush, as entire lifetimes upon lifetimes are spanned and endured and survived.

When one stops listening to the soul, the ego grows in power. This is why we live in a culture that celebrates impatience, and all the deadly sins, instant gratifications and self-indulgence to a disgusting, out of control degree— our ego’s are calling all the shots! Individuality, truly, is one thing, something to be celebrated and guided by of course, but only when one’s truth is being heard and respected, and mindfully followed.

The untamed ego, which is rarely blamed, is the real reason for pain, suffering, and inevitable disappointment.

The Piscean boundarilessness also umbrellas the idea of interconnectedness, which would regard our souls, too, not unlike the root systems of aspens, as each individual soul, though highly separate with separate journeys to venture and tasks to accomplish and lessons to learn, is also interconnected to every soul for shared nurturance— through love— a love for ourselves, both achievements and mistakes, both ego and soul, and an unbounded love for one another.

*7:11am MDT; 8:11am CDT; 9:11am EDT
†Moore, Thomas “The Planets Within” Lindisfarne Press; ©1982, 1989, 1990.
†*Alchemical practices hinge much on elemental characteristics, such as water, fire, air, and earth, and it is no wonder that dissolution directly involves water, watery atmospheres which are home to Pisces, Neptune, and the moon alike.
‡Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

*5:51pm MST; 6:51pm CST; 7:51pm EST

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Mercury & Venus in Aries Transit

Mercury & Venus in Aries Transit Astrology – CMON, LET’S GO

Last week both Mercury and Venus moved into Aries, which automatically recharges both thoughts and feelings, ideas and dreams, and both logical and irrational reasoning… and the sun will join these two at the equinox, marking the first day of Spring, on March 20th this year, bringing your motivations to your thoughts and feelings, putting these into action.

Aries doesn’t wait around… Aries wanted to change forth two days ago.

When Mercury moves through Aries, thoughts, naturally, are quickened, couraged, and all ideas feel original, fearless, and completely possible.

When Venus moves through Aries, feelings follow this template, and emotions are supported with a bit more ego, your heart boasting a moxie that might not otherwise exist, the very lining of the muscle that beats to sustain your livelihood thickens, encouraging your love center to take a chance… because, what it?!

Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, obviously, as the first sign; Aries ventures forth first, unafraid and unabashed, ready and eager for adventure, whatever it may be. And when both Mercury and Venus are in Aries together, the mind and the heart are in cahoots, if only for the time being, as long as neither of them slow the other down.

Either way, you’re much more willing to entertain an adventure, a quest, or a spontaneous idea… Just think— you’ll never know unless you ask (Mercury) or try (Venus).

Virgo Full Moon Astrology March 2018 – CLEANSING & CLEARING

Virgo Full Moon Astrology March 2018 – CLEANSING & CLEARING 

Virgo wants to fix and improve all that is broken, and eliminate anything no longer serving a higher purpose. And above all, Virgo is self-sufficient— to serve oneself in health and happiness is necessary first before being capable of serving anything more.

The Virgo full moon occurred at 4:51pm PST* at 11° opposing a Piscean sun, specifically, but also a very heavy Piscean stellium, including Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Chiron… this suggests a significant amount of residual feelings and repressed emotions need clearing, cleansing, or completely cauterized. Virgo will eagerly and efficiently approach this, never one to dwell on feelings or nostalgia, but effectively appropriating a situation rationally, and capably.

Virgo represents the sixth house of health, ritual, prevention, and practical measures, opposing the twelfth house of self undoing and all that we are unaware of…

It’s likely that something in your immediate environment— however it could be lingering just before the surface, festering— is broken, and however confused or corrupted, foggy or f*cked your predicament is, or feels— Virgo wants to organize it, rationalize it, clean it up, and make sense of it.

Virgo wants to fix it. Virgo knows how to manage a mess.

Take this time to look at your circumstances realistically. Take what is lurking, hiding, or pestering and put your energies and efforts into fixing, clearing, or eliminating what no longer works. Remember that Virgo rules the intestines, and when one’s intestines are happy, one is thoroughly happy… consider what function the intestines serve you and mimic this action in your life. When the intestines are clean and clear (Virgo), all flows through effortlessly (Pisces).

When nothing is lurking, hiding, or pestering you… You can be happy. Realistically.
Manage your mess and your dreams will come true… In time.

*5:51pm MST; 6:51pm CST; 7:51pm EST

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Sun in Pisces Astrology

Sun in Pisces Astrology 

The first degree of Pisces represents a spiritual commerce, conveniently I feel, symbolizing the Waterbearer plunging in to the great sea, ultimately, to both cleanse and sanction the coming of the Fish.

The sun has now moved in to Pisces from Aquarius this weekend, announcing the beginning of Nature’s welcoming of an approaching spring while slowly drawing the days of winter to a close.

Sun in Pisces Astrology Transit – ONE FISH, TWO FISH

Pisces represents two fish swimming in opposite directions, bound by a cord, represented in a balanced way the opposing forces of All That Is.

The dualism here is one of weakening principle, because the fish strain and fight against each other, struggling to be free, rather than supporting each other’s motion in a collaborative effort.

Much like the transition from winter to spring in many areas of the world.

The universe demands both balance and opposition, and the current through which these two fish swim should be the significance, in my humble opinion.

One fish swims away from All That Is— wholly rejecting reality, rejecting pain, rejecting Self… rejecting life, essentially. The other fish swims toward All That Is— embracing reality, but to the extreme, embracing pain to such an extreme that martyrdom or victimhood is blatantly embellished, embracing Self to an intoxicatingly dangerous point, embracing life to the downfall of a Messiah complex. Only evolved Piscean energies are able to find that happy balance between the two extremes.

The happy balance is the current by which the two fish swim, and it is this that truly connects the fish…

The element of vacillation charms the way a Piscean thinks and acts, and lives from day to day. Piscean instincts are keen in understanding that in most worldly matters— in order to gain here— one must suffer loss over there.

Like Gemini, our Twins, another dual representation, Pisces is always two fish, never just one.

As Greek myth so quickly explains— the evil monster, Typhon, descended from Mount Olympus and threatened all of the gods and goddesses. Aphrodite, and her son Eros, in particular, found themselves in need of escape. Two fish approached the goddess and her son and swept them away to safety. These two fish were later honored by being placed in the heavens. The constellation of Pisces represents two fish with their tails tied together.

It is believed that this legend is the reason why some religious ruling sects, Pisces ruling spirituality and religion, refuse to eat fish.

The relevance of the mythology of Pisces is often questioned in reference to Christian mythology. The fish symbolism is popularly used in Christianity to represent Jesus Christ and makes for attractive and simple automotive decals for windows and bumpers.

Furthering this connection, there’s a little thing called the “Precession of the Equinox”. Every two thousand years, just as the sun moves through each of the twelve signs within one solar year on earth, so to does our world implore a new age.

As above, so below. Truly.

At the present time we are going through a transitional change; transiting through to the Age of Aquarius.

About six thousand years back was the Age of Taurus, when they worshipped a bull— which is the symbolism of Taurus— a bull they called Apis.

Deuteronomy 9:21 states that Moses took the golden calf and “ground it into dust and threw it into the torrent that flowed down the mountain,” ending the Age of Taurus and beginning the Age of Aries, four thousand years or so back, when sacrificing the ram— which is the symbolism of Aries- was all the rage.

As you can see, the Precession of the Equinox works through the zodiac backwards. If we even survive through the Age of Aquarius, another two thousand years, we will move on then to the Age of Capricorn.

Christianity entered the scene at the beginning of the Age of Pisces, some two thousand years ago, and lending me back to my initial point: fish symbolism and its direct connection between religion and myth.

And so, the Age of Pisces was called the “Age of Deception” by some. Piscean symbolism does include deception, and schemes, illusion and the hidden parts of all things. Confusion. Fraud. Mystery.

However, Pisces also invents, realizes, and inspires; continuing on and contributing to photography, cinema, film and most eloquently, the silent films before talkies were introduced. Magic and magicians. The fantasy world of make-believe. And dreams.

Pisces takes on the entire spectrum of the subconscious, consciousness, and REM; religion, philosophy, and spirituality, including mysticism, devotion and monks; and then there’s yoga. And namaste…

We all have two fish.

It is where you find these two fish in your chart that you inspire through fantasy, suffer toward strength, and sacrifice all of your everything’s for the betterment and salvation of those who you do not even know and for those who you will never meet.

One fish for you. One to give. Sacrifice. Devote.

It is here in your chart you will find spiritual growth through solace and it will be here that you will seek out all things unknowable.

Whatever that looks like to you, blessed be.

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Jamie James —Astrological Guidance for DMAstro

Sun in Pisces Astrology Natal

The Placement of the Sun in your Natal Chart describes some of your core qualities as a person. The Sun, being the Center of the solar system, also represents the center of who you are.  The rest of the planets build on-top of the qualities that the Sun radiates into your life. Also, the color associated with the Sun is Gold and therefore shows what area of life you can find good luck and prosperity.

As a Pisces you are generally of a calm and serene disposition. You love to kick back and relax and have a natural talent for anything involving spirituality. You are able to understand deeply complex matters but prefer the trance like state rather than being to overly logical. You are very creative and your dreams are likely to be extremely vivid. Pisces represent the boundless ocean of consciousness so you probably have natural psychic abilities and pick up on people’s emotions with little effort.

It is worth noting that Albert Einstein was a Pisces along with Jesus. I point this out to demonstrate how Piscean personalities are incredibly ‘deep’. Jesus was known as a spiritual teacher and Einstein brought a scientific model to the surface that attempts to explain the nature of reality. It is not hard to see how these things are related as both have to do with the deeper inner workings of the universe. Science and spirituality are not as far off from each other as some would believe.

You would do well in careers in science, yoga, divination, music or art. Your creativity is your greatest strength.

To understand your personality on the deepest level, get your complete Natal Chart providing intepretations of the Sun, the Moon, all Planets, main asteroids and astrological points placements by signs, astrological houses, and their aspects. See a sample report for Donald Trump here…

Aquarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse Astrology February 2018

Aquarius New Moon & Solar Eclipse Astrology February 2018 – WAKING UP TO A NEW VISION 

You’ve envisioned yourself in a particular light now for some time… possibilities have a way of offering hope.

Sometimes possibilities are born from what you already have, as an extension of that.

Sometimes possibilities are born from a lack, from something that doesn’t currently exist, as something you need.

Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, which represent patience and restlessness, respectively. And this is what is currently swirling around within yourself… elated, giddy energy you must keep quiet, or keep to yourself entirely, or wait for a later date to relish in the joy of it all. Or, a rigid restraint is being clung to in an effort to avoid a complete awakening from all that’s comfortable and safe and expected.

This is truly quite a lot to simply sit with.

How healthy is your relationship to change?

How easily do you relinquish control?

How are other’s expectations of you absorbed?

How naturally do you express yourself?

How easily do you embrace joy?

This vision you’re entertaining… are you extending from your life, or completely changing your life?

Eclipses are game-changers, and when both Saturn and Uranus are involved, all senses of security could be rendered faulty and surprise turn of events could stabilize you with ease. It’s important now to set intentions for the next six months and begin both visualizing yourself living the life you envision, in whatever way, and beginning, as it’s also a new moon, living this life you see for yourself.

At 1:04pm PST* the new moon occurs at 27°08′ Aquarius, conjunct Mercury at 25° and connects to Uranus himself, and Jupiter. An awakening, however small— though, Jupiter is involved, so it’ll likely be big— on whatever level, is occurring. With Mercury so close, bringing clarity and focus and new, refreshing ideas to envision, in detail, striking through the fluff to the real issue, the real reality, the real truth. Sure, your imagination can take you anywhere… but realistically, how is it possible? Anything can happen, anything happens all the time, but one must do the work in order for “anything” to look the way it’s envisioned.

Because Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, it is not too much of a stretch to learn that the association with Aquarius and rebellion (Uranus) is only because of its past bondage to obligation and the expectations of others (Saturn). How else could Aquarius rebel so fiercely from something, without first having been so fiercely intertwined?

It is because of these two opposing forces that Aquarius possesses its unique celestial gifts; change will always be supported; with appropriate objective, and relinquishing the outworn or unused to make room for realistic reward and necessary change.

If an old way of thinking about things is no longer lighting your way or empowering your potential… maybe it’s time to consider your own perspectives. It’s better than alright if your perspective isn’t aligned with someone else’s, because your truth isn’t theirs, and theirs isn’t yours. Express yourself, unapologetically. Reaching beyond your comfort zone will always be the only way to truly see what you’re capable of… and you’re capable of doing anything you put your mind to, and support with action.

Now, for the waiting… No more. It is time to begin.

Now’s the time, the time is now… however, Saturn will suggest remaining patient and being deliberate in your actions, while Uranus will boldly proclaim that simply leaping is the only way the net will appear. Like any native Aquarian, you’ll have to decide whether Saturn or Uranus has more hold on you, and then decide to navigate both your Saturnine intentions and your Uranian visions— your own way.

Remember… change is supported now, either in small measures or boldly erratic leaps.

*2:04pm MST; 3:04pm CST; 4:04pm EST

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