Mars in Scorpio Transit


This morning, very very early this morning, Mars moved into Scorpio and will move through these uncharted waters— or fly these clearly horizoned skies— until January 26th, within which time the god of ambitious drive and forward movement will make connections to Neptune by trine, Jupiter by conjunction, the sun by sextile, and Chiron by trine, which I’ll publish appropriately before they transpire.

Allow me, first, to introduce to you what you can expect from Mars when traveling through those— as I always say— deepest, darkest depths of Scorpio.

Mars is Scorpio’s traditional ruler, it is here where Mars can actually be somewhat mature, strategic, and rather rationally ambitious. Mars can be much more tempered, controlled, and therefore, much more powerful when acting as the eagle. No tantrums from the warrior god in Scorpio, like in Aries— only fully concentrated battle.

There will be a winner and a loser.

And Mars in Scorpio will not lose.

Mars in Scorpio needs a challenge, demands it, in fact. Challenge is sought after, willfully. The more impossible it seems, the more attractive it is.

No, no more tantrums here. Further, Scorpio doesn’t throw a fit, wouldn’t dare; the scorpion in nature, after all, will sting itself before allowing another creature, or an opposing scorpion, to attack it, much less devour it. Scorpio will not be played, manipulated, deceived, or destroyed. These are not options.

See, in Libra, Mars learned how to keep his cool and his calm and his equilibrium in check, learned to compromise and how to play fair, to play by the rules… And this is, once again, very astrologically strategic— as one must know the rules to effectively break them. In Scorpio, Mars learns how to make his way by instinct, and survival is the only option. Insatiably creating and conquering challenges is thrilling. Mars in Scorpio Transit will not entertain compromises, quite simply, because there is no clear winner within a compromise.

In Scorpio, Mars understands only black and white.

Mars in Scorpio transit may present to you circumstances that are very finely and clearly divided, circumstances that test you and your character, and losing your cool, losing your grip, or losing the battle will simply not be an option for you— save that for February, when Mars has moved into Sagittarius, forever hopeful and easily distracted onto the next adventure. You will want to do anything and everything within your abilities to do what is needed until then. Again, and this can be taken a number of ways, in Scorpio Mars isn’t needing to do what is right and just, as he did in Libra. In Scorpio, Mars needs to do what is necessary to survive.

Truly, a Mars in Scorpio native individual could be quite savvy in the ways of the world, criminality and underground affairs included. This, by no means, creates criminals or sociopaths by transit, or by nativity. It simply allows for critical thinking, strategy toward a goal, and an impossible challenge taken all the way to the grueling end. What divides these two ideas is choice, as always. In every moment one is given at least one choice. Scorpio may rule the underworld, and easily navigate these grounds… but when evolved, Scorpio is the eagle, flying high above it all, unscathed, untouchable— even by law, and unattached to any shadowy realms.

Mars will not be second guessing here, will not be suspended by constant decisions or distractions as he faced in Libra. Mars in Scorpio Transit aggressively, though clearly, focuses all sights, like an eagle to its prey.

Another very important note to consider through Mars in Scorpio transit is that the scorpion in nature will not put itself up against anything or any circumstance that it cannot see itself through safely, and successfully. If there is any doubt whatsoever, this silently speaks volumes, and movement is not made. Success and survival are the only options. This will save you much time, and both time and energy are huge for Scorpio, primarily because they are the only real things of actual value.

Well… let’s not forget love.

So, if you are driven to fight— to actually battle— battle for the deepest, darkest depths of the real deal in this world, the fleshy thick heart of all matters, and for raw, beautiful, evolved, transcending love.

And don’t you dare compromise.

❝Don’t ever compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.❞

——Janis Joplin

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius

Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius – MEANING IN THE MUNDANE

Mercury is currently moving retrograde through Sagittarius until December 22nd at 13° and will meet up with the twenty-ninth degree again— the degree Mercury stationed retrograde— on January tenth. Mercury and Saturn have also shared a little dance with this retrograde phase, and will meet up again in conjunction after the new year in Capricorn.

Until then, there are some things to be aware of, in reference to both Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius and working away from— and toward again— an application to Saturn by conjunction.

Since Saturn governs time— while Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius we will likely feel frenzied by time, and the lack thereof, especially now as we approach closer still to the holiday season. And since Sagittarius is the archer, always aiming too quickly for the bullseye and missing, time may elude us just the same. Time may feel shortened, or up, or constrained, or frustrated, or simply “not right”.

Because Sagittarius needs to experience, I would imagine experiencing the feelings of being trapped in an elevator on a day you’re already running late with one too many other people accommodating the small space with you should playfully describe the worst-case scenario of this retrograde transition. But one of the people probably has a dog, so, that’s an advantage.

This is yet another reason to be mindful of over-comitting yourself this season— and obviously, I am not in any way suggesting that you will become stranded in an elevator! Rather, simply that you may become so overwhelmed with one experience and either needing to, or feeling as though you need to, really experience it… forgetting that you’re supposed to be “experiencing” something else entirely. The upside to the elevator example is that— despite it being a potentially traumatizing and incredibly uncomfortable, and maybe even inconvenient experience— when Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, you really want to experience the stalled, overcrowded elevator, or whatever it may be— just because.

Additionally, any Saturnine restrictions, boundaries, limitations, inconveniences, and frustrations now, while Mercury is retrograde in Sagittarius, is an experience to be experienced as it is, and therefore offers opportunities that you may not otherwise ever figure appropriate in the same way under other, more convenient circumstances.

Further, allow me to point out that Sagittarius opposes Gemini, where Mercury is more comfortable, and all those little, menial everyday goings-on you would navigate yourself through in Gemini, naturally, become truly experienced in Sagittarius, with much more meaning to associate with the mundane. Nothing is ever really mundane, is it? The autopilot is turned off and being in the moment is now preferred, as irritating as it may become.

Truly, as many retrograde phases go, you may be, throughout the time of this transit, unable to put the right words to what you’re experiencing. Clarification may be a struggle, defining clearly ineffective, or clumsy ineptitude in social situations. Use this strange, fumbling time instead to really process these experiences, seeking meaning in the mundane. Harness the Sagittarian within yourself, and like a true Archer, disregard the fuss and frustrations and aim your bow again… and again… and again… until you understand why the “inconvenience” was actually a convenience, after all.

And finally, remember that these tests, essentially, are thrown at you in an effort to strengthen your patience, which is all Saturn in nature, and when Mercury stations direct once more and meets Saturn again shortly thereafter in Capricorn, that these tests will offer you a reward… should you pass. And either way, those elevator doors will open and wisdom will be available.

Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon

Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon

Saturn’s moon moved forward, void of course, through the morning hours, spinning tires in dry, heavy sand. For all the recent mutability, your flexibility should now be targeted upon cardinality, and go, go, go. Then, late morning saw this Capricorn moon connecting to both Jupiter and Neptune by sextile, which couldn’t’ve come soon enough, as Capricorn never enjoys wasting time.

And you’ll have likely felt this… Maybe reminiscent of a second Monday?

Yesterday and the day before allowed some daydreaming by all mutable accounts, however, today most certainly does not. It’s all work and details. Work. And details. And yet more work to be done.

Go, go, go!

This morning, due to the VOC, these duties and tasks and deadlines may have felt impossible, simply unachievable. This likely passed as soon as the moon made contact with Jupiter, or, maybe it heightened your anxieties. Either way, Saturn’s influence will demand your focus and your stamina and you *will* see this through.

It’s destined…

Either way— prioritizing your day should have been a priority.

Also, regardless, understand that you may not be able to cross everything off, and forgive yourself for this. You did what you were able to and likely still managed to go above and beyond what you should have.

Again, either way— the world continues to spin.

If you were able to take time away from your business and responsibilities, this time was likely much needed. However, your focus and thoughts would inevitably have drifted back to work, anxious of all there is to do, and everything not yet finished or completed.

Interestingly, yet unsurprisingly, Raven Kaldera† refers to the Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon as the “Mountain Climber’s Moon”, and this moon inspires one to take on the impossible. If you quit now, “something dies inside [of you],” laments Kaldera, however, you do require actual goals now in order to control and sustain this ambitious energy within. Not just business or busyness.

And finally, on a note of inspiration, Kaldera suggests that “whatever you do, do it without help[…] as this is a moon of lone accomplishment, attempted for the mastery experience or to achieve a goal.”

❝You can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.❞

——Leonardo DaVinci

†Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

Sun in Sagittarius Transit

Sun in Sagittarius Transit – AN INVINCIBLE SUMMER

Did ya’ll feel it‽— the weight lifted, the intensity mellowed…

The sun moved into Sagittarius in the last hour, the sun now ruled by Jupiter until Solstice, jovial and bright and optimistic.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we’re moving toward our winter solstice, the days shorter and shorter still, the nights darker and darker yet while the Southern Hemisphere welcomes their summer solstice, more appropriately reassembling the warmth of Sagittarius. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we must feel the warmth from within, especially those of us above the fortieth degree of latitude. As philosopher Albert Camus explored——

❝In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.❞

Sun in Sagittarius Transit represents the universally invincible summer.

It is through the darkest of nights we must venture from Scorpio to the new, bright horizons of Sagittarius, with hope for the future, new interests to preoccupy ourselves, and adventures in mind and on the agenda. In order to evolve to Sagittarius from Scorpio, the soul— not unlike the Phoenix— rises from the ash to seek Truth, which the Archer finds by way of philosophy, exploration, religion, and/or higher education. But above all, Sagittarius ultimately indulges this invaluable, insatiable hunger through experience.

Where Sagittarius is in your chart* is where you must go, see, and do. No excuses. It is also here that these experiences have no expectation or illusion attached, but simply to experience it, whatever it is, as it is. Authentically. In Truth.

When you experience your Truth truly… is when you experience and honestly, wholly understand warmth.

During Sun in Sagittarius Transit, it is only when you explore the regions of the house which Sagittarius rules in your chart* that you are able to aim your arrow at the warm, fuzzy happiness we all harbor within, the target being the essence of this house. The Centaur, so clumsy— Buddha bless him— frequently misses. But something from within, just the same, beckons the Archer to try again.

And again. And again. And again.

Maybe because we all hunger.

Maybe, after the deepest darkest depths of Scorpio, anything seems possible, everything is hopeful.

Maybe because the Sagittarian spirit knows no bounds, literally and metaphorically.

Maybe because that summer warmth within is invincible.

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Vesta in Scorpio Transit Astrology

Vesta in Scorpio Transit – THE ONLY WAY IS THROUGH

Vesta in Scorpio Transit lasts from November 18th, 2017 till January 15th, 2018 

Vesta represents the flame that never goes out.

One can conjure Vesta through ritual, through self-discovery, self-care, and self-love, and through time spent alone with oneself.

About Vesta Origins

Vesta, otherwise known as Hestia, was Hades sister— Hades being Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio— along with Demeter, Hera, Poseidon, Zeus and Chiron, each born from Kronos and Rhea. Hestia was swallowed by Kronos first, yet the last one to be disgorged, and therefore much more comfortable in solitude, confident in the unknown, and capable of personal sacrifice.

Vesta is also the goddess of home and hearth, the blending of these two gives us the reverie of heart, and this is no accident. Such as ritual strengthens our character, the ritual of food preparation— the baking and breaking of bread— and sharing food with those we love strengthens our heart. Whenever you practice ritual, be it self care or sharing food, enjoying time with yourself or awestruck by the cosmos in and of itself— you are honoring, and therefore conjuring, the energies of Vesta.

Vesta in Scorpio Transit Astrology

Vesta moved from relationship-oriented Libra into the personal convictions of Scorpio on November 18th, 2017 and will seek truth in these deepwater oceans of your unconscious darknesses until January 15th, 2018. Vesta is comfortable with both the unknown and the dark recesses of the souls innermost musings and here she searches the waters for healing tinctures, both spiritual and metaphorical.

With Vesta swimming these sacred waters it is to be presumed that healing should become something of a ritual for you, if these energies are to be used wisely and most effectively. Scorpio is known to co-rule Vesta, so allowing necessary healing is not exactly out of the realm to consider, or argue. It will likely feel as though it’s the next, natural step in the process of unfolding your personal truth.

Through Libra, Vesta learned much about balance and that— in balance— everything is true.

In balance, through Scorpio, learning to allow healing is celebrated, and therefore, accepting and embracing the cycle of life and learning to let go of what you have no connection to or with.

Truly, in Scorpio, these lessons will be intense. But you will re-emerge on the other side, in Sagittarius, a brave new being, brand new and reborn, and full of life once more, to allow, to learn, and to inspire others these lessons of sacred acceptance of self. Your lessons will then be your own personal truth, to teach, to alter, and to endlessly learn from and process through. Ah, such is the cycle of life.

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