Cancer Full Moon Astrology January 2018

Cancer Full Moon Astrology January 2018 – IS THAT ALL THERE IS‽

In 1969, singer Peggy Lee came out with a song titled, “Is That All There Is?”† with lyrics that reflected upon, questioned, and even dared— that if that’s all there was, “let’s keep dancing, let’s break out the booze and have a ball… if that’s all there is.”

You have an instinctive feeling that there’s something more…

Something more to the meaning of it all, to the idea of the infinite omnipresence of the universe, the world itself as you understand it to be, your entire life, even those however ideal ideas that continue to haunt your thoughts through each waking hour… there’s something more, you must believe that there’s something more.

I accroach you— please, entertain that there is. In fact, for myself, I need to insist that there is, I won’t accept anything less.

It just so happens that the degree that governs this full moon lunar event represents materialization— the actual manifestation from idea to action, from dream to reality, from ideal to very, very real.

But there’s a catch. Always. This “something more” requires effort.

The canvas of the sky tonight, if you were to see beyond the brightness of the moon, would illustrate the outline of a kite from our perspective here on earth, if only by line and dot. Allow me to delineate this for you…

The moon, in this instance, is the fulcrum from where the kite is supported, at the bottom, or rather, the tail of the kite, and describes from where your direction is being aimed. Because it’s governed by the moon, and much more powerfully charged as its in Cancer, from where your intentions or goals are being directed from is likely quite emotional and instinctive by nature, meaning that both you and the directions you’re aiming from are coming from a place within yourself, instinctively, seeking something more than emotional comfort and security, or perhaps more of it, sure, but definitely something more.

The top of this celestial kite, the opposite end, is composed of the loose Capricorn stellium, including the sun, Venus two degrees away, and Saturn, only several degrees away, and describes the forward direction you’re aiming for. This would suggest that you have large expectations, extraordinary ideals, and high hopes toward the future you see for yourself, all just beyond your reach from the comfort and security of your quaint, cozy shell. Capricorn is the quintessence of more, by the way; not so much “more” as in greedy, but rather “more” as fulfillment, whole, or complete package.

There’s always more…

Finally, this symbolic kite is being kept in the air, and both motivated and influenced, by Neptune in Pisces on one side and the applying conjunction between Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio on the other. This further signifies that where you’re coming from— from lunar means in Cancer— is watery and therefore emotional and very important and coming largely from a place of security— not to mention depth, as well as what motivates and influences your direction, both watery in element (Pisces and Scorpio) and therefore inspiring and extremely meaningful to you… aiming toward a most practical foundation for a most realistic future as a most earthy (Capricorn) in nature kind of goal.

This almost guarantees more.

It’s almost as if the cosmos is doing everything it can to completely and most thoroughly line it up for you!

At 6:24pm PST* tonight the moon will oppose the sun at 11°38′ Cancer and “something more” will guide your intentions.

Keeping true to tradition is really no longer an option, if not entirely out of your realm of interest altogether, despite its intended, and quite possibly guaranteed, decoy presence of safety. True, both Cancer and Capricorn prefer to play it safe on all levels, in all ways, but with the romanticized ideals of Neptune and the larger than life ambitions for more, driven by a Mars/Jupiter conjunction, meanwhile rebellious and daring Uranus stations direct… oh my, playing it safe simply isn’t on the table. And if it is, and it’s rendered immune of all destruction, there’s still no guarantee that the results will be effective, or even trustworthy.

I tell many of my clients, either Cancer by nativity or approaching an appropriate transit, that the most difficult— and therefore most meaningful— decision, and then follow through of the decision, is one of abandoning the cozy quiesency of safety and security. This is exactly what a hermit crab must do in nature as at least once in its lifetime it will inevitably outgrow the shell its in and be in need of a new one, one that fits.

Of course, almost never is there a guarantee as a fallback, as life rarely writes these into the script, other than what universal law assures, which is that everything falls in to place exactly as it should. Cancer isn’t too keen on this promise. And, of course, this plot example is ancient archetypal “hero’s journey” content. Still, it remains powerfully effective, and spiritually humbling, through and through… we take for granted what we demand, and for Cancer this demand is security-related issues, yet we, inevitably unfulfilled and hungry, question if “that’s all there is!?” when so effortlessly maintained.

We yearn for the challenge of being alive, whatever that means to you.

What does it mean to you to feel alive? Just think of the satisfaction and fulfillment the hermit crab can boast of and rejoice in when a new shell is sighted, quested, seized, and then occupied. Brave new comforts are inevitable.

Being alive, I mean really fulfilled, truly awakened— and how that feels for you— likely isn’t something that is always simply given to you or offered to you or found in every corner of your routine. It isn’t an automatic reflex. Unless, of course, you’ve struggled for it originally. Unless you’ve reached beyond the confines of your self-fulfilling comfort zone and risked a vulnerability you’ve never before imagined, much like the unprotected exoskeleton of the hermit crab without a shell… true fulfillment may be much of an empty concept, and all the more reason to yearn and struggle and work that muscle for it.

It’s important to observe that both Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal by nature, meaning that they demand action… so when you’ve made your move, as this sense of fulfillment you seek will require— even demand!— real effort on your part, it’s only then that you’ll comprehend fully any of what you seek.

When you’ve exposed yourself (not literally, of course!) even a little bit or by a small smidge, in an uncomfortable, vulnerable, or otherwise daunting way, inevitably being introduced to even the slightest speck of what you consider fulfillment to be, feeling truly alive in every moment, in every way… you’ll think to yourself, “is that all there is to feeling truly, and wholly, and completely alive!?”… but this time it won’t be from a place of wonder or ignorance, it’ll be from a place of fulfillment, and completely accomplished gratitude.

❝Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.❞

——Doris Lessing

†Lee, Peggy; Leiber, Jerry & Mike Stoller. “Is That All There Is” 1969 © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc
*7:24pm MST; 8:24pm CST; 9:24pm EST

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