MOON MOODS••• Virgo/Libra Waning Crescent Moon WANTS & NEEDS Yesterday’s t-square continues through the morning, with Chiron’s incommodious influence lingering laxly, then moving forward void of course in Virgo for an hour or two before moving into lovely Libra, and eventually connecting exactly with Venus at 4°32′ Libra just before 7pm PDT*. So the morning will be Mercurial, the afternoon more Venusian; all business, then fun and play, and very likely some mild distractions in between. The Venusian moon joining together with Venus herself, Selene and Aphrodite thriving and triggered, animating the livelihoods within even the begrudgeoned. In fact, warmth is a key factor ofRead More →


MOON MOODS••• Virgo Waning Crescent Moon NO RIGHT OR WRONG, BUT WHY Sometimes, we’re simply asking the wrong questions. Because all questions, regardless of simplicity, run the risk of inviting very complicated answers, or new questions altogether. Sometimes, we’re simply wrong. Scientists are of the few in their endeavors that are thrilled with being wrong, because in their findings, wrong or right, they are validated nonetheless in that they now know what isn’t, or can’t be, and that’s an essential ingredient of the recipe for rightness. Take the theory of spontaneous generation, for example. As far back as Aristotle, and then for hundreds of yearsRead More →


The day begins with the sun-ruled moon making a friendly connection to Saturn in Sagittarius, suggesting a confident groundedness and providing a potential platform for getting things done, for planning, sticking to the plan, and planning on the plan providing, and also for having an opportunistic influence on others… as the plan probably predicted. Also, the moon will apply a conjunction to the North Node at 21° Leo, supplementing a sextile to the sun, which will inspire opportunities to appear before you if you’re willing to pay attention and read between the symbolism of them. With these energies and the stabilizing strengths of Saturn onRead More →


Yesterday’s treasure chest… what was inside?! Your expectations. So… it was empty. Because expectations are empty and only invite disappointment. Today is the last quarter moon, when forgiveness is given, when whatever is weighing you down is released, and when you willingly let go of whatever no longer wishes to remain. As this phase falls within Cancer, Cancer being a sign that doesn’t willingly let much of anything go, from a favorite family or childhood heirloom to a grudge or even a memory… today may be somewhat flummoxed with ever more frenzy of feelings. Raven Kaldera* describes this moon phase as the Widow’s Moon, aRead More →


Gemini Waning Gibbous Moon Meaning Air signs— in particular, Gemini— tend to find that being confined within a physical body is complicating, debilitating, and simply taxing upon the element of air and that which we attribute to the omnipresence of the soul. Gemini’s nature of mutability prefers, much like the element of air itself, to not be contained, suffocated, or stifled; favoring freedom, opportunity of movement, a motley mix of people to share, collect, and divulge information with, and an endless supply of myriad types of entertainment and scenarios. The other mutable signs, however— earthy Virgo, fiery Sagittarius, and watery Pisces— aren’t in agreement with GeminiRead More →