Today the very dark moon journeys through Leo, not completely void of course until roughly 6pm PDT* when the moon is within orb of Mars, until making contact with Mars by conjunction exactly at 8:55pm PDT+ at 20° Leo. It is within these times that a potential aggressiveness may begin to surface, or, in turn, become unleashed in preparation of the New Moon tomorrow. All of the events from the previous New Moon have built upon one another up until now and will, in turn, play out through, with, and because of one another, one by one, for up through the next six months. EarlierRead More →


This morning had the moon moving in Cancer and making a square connection to Uranus, the planet of awakenings. Also the planet of surprise, it’s truly impossible to attempt any sort of prediction when it comes to the capabilities of Uranus. Likely, surprise struck, or feelings changed, or maybe you gained a fresh, new perspective regarding your recent circumstances, or those re-triggered emotions from Venus or Ceres. Now the moon, in Leo, moves void of course until tomorrow, proposing that you should remain reflective and inward rather than social or distracted, preparing you for the upcoming New Moon Monday. There’s so much to think andRead More →


To honor today’s Gemini moon, allow me to be informatively playful… Did you know that porcupines enjoy being pet?! It’s true. However, there’s really only one way to do it, isn’t there? Much like how there’s really only one way to navigate yourself in this universe: by going with the flow, not against it. This advice may render itself useful today. True to nature, the Gemini moon is busy busy busy today, with contacts to a retrograded Mercury— still very close to Vesta, to Neptune, an opposition to Saturn, and then later, to the sun, which will be exactly conjunct the North Node at 24°Read More →


The word ‘wealth’ means “anything that has utility and is capable of being appropriated or exchanged,” or, more spiritually focused, “an abundance or profusion of anything.” Taurus, and the second house, both ruled by Venus, are connected to wealth and this idea of it. Sure, these are also connected to finances, financial security, foundations for investments, and the value within a very necessary currency of gain. Still, traditionally, it was thought that to be wealthy was to be fulfilled through the resources of, and be ensconced among, what was rendered valuable, which was in ancient times a sense of value within one’s surroundings and anRead More →


When the disseminating moon is a moon that needs to share with everyone— and I mean everyone— what it’s learned since the last New Moon and this moon is in Aries, by God, the message will be loud and proud and full of adventure. You’ve been learning so much, taking it all in, absorbing and processing— especially through Pisces!— and now it’s finally time to share. It’s time to choose a focus and really hone in on deeper analysis, but with a distributed source of energy and inspiration. And this is all fine and good, but Aries isn’t very good with the details… in fact,Read More →