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Daily Moon Sign Astrology – Your Everyday Astrology Guidance

What’s the use of astrology if you’re unable to apply it in your life from day to day? Honestly.

Let’s make astrology personal to you, shall we!?

Let’s start with the Daily Moon Sign Astrology and where the moon is from day to day?

We all know about Sun signs in Astrology, but do you know that the Moon Sign affects you greatly as well? The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky, and also the second most important celestial body in astrology. The Moon is ruling our moods and their changes. As it is the fastest moving object in the skies, the Moon is changing signs approximately every two days. We feel best and operate most effectively when we’re cooperating with the energy of the Moon, so follow our Daily Moon Sign Astrology posts to plan your life accordingly.

With the help of Daily Moon Sign Astrology you’ll be able keep a journal of your moods– in particular, but also your routines– and if or how they’re working for you; intimacy issues; and day-to-day comings and goings overall. Also, the beginnings and endings of things.

In a months time you’ll be able to look back on your month and associate each day with a zodiacal placement.

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Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon

Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon

Saturn’s moon moved forward, void of course, through the morning hours, spinning tires in dry, heavy sand. For all the recent mutability, your flexibility should now be targeted upon cardinality, and go, go, go. Then, late morning saw this Capricorn moon connecting to both Jupiter and Neptune by sextile, which couldn’t’ve come soon enough, as Capricorn never enjoys wasting time.

And you’ll have likely felt this… Maybe reminiscent of a second Monday?

Yesterday and the day before allowed some daydreaming by all mutable accounts, however, today most certainly does not. It’s all work and details. Work. And details. And yet more work to be done.

Go, go, go!

This morning, due to the VOC, these duties and tasks and deadlines may have felt impossible, simply unachievable. This likely passed as soon as the moon made contact with Jupiter, or, maybe it heightened your anxieties. Either way, Saturn’s influence will demand your focus and your stamina and you *will* see this through.

It’s destined…

Either way— prioritizing your day should have been a priority.

Also, regardless, understand that you may not be able to cross everything off, and forgive yourself for this. You did what you were able to and likely still managed to go above and beyond what you should have.

Again, either way— the world continues to spin.

If you were able to take time away from your business and responsibilities, this time was likely much needed. However, your focus and thoughts would inevitably have drifted back to work, anxious of all there is to do, and everything not yet finished or completed.

Interestingly, yet unsurprisingly, Raven Kaldera† refers to the Capricorn Waxing Crescent Moon as the “Mountain Climber’s Moon”, and this moon inspires one to take on the impossible. If you quit now, “something dies inside [of you],” laments Kaldera, however, you do require actual goals now in order to control and sustain this ambitious energy within. Not just business or busyness.

And finally, on a note of inspiration, Kaldera suggests that “whatever you do, do it without help[…] as this is a moon of lone accomplishment, attempted for the mastery experience or to achieve a goal.”

❝You can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.❞

——Leonardo DaVinci

†Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

Sagittarius Waxing Crescent Moon

Sagittarius Waxing Crescent Moon – 15 STEPS

I’m sure you’re all familiar with that frenzied feeling of being late for something important you may not even want to do, or needing to be focused and studious under less than confident circumstances, or maybe even feeling as though, at any minute, the metaphorical tray you’re holding in the palm of your nondominant hand is carrying one too many saucers balancing cups with too much of something that doesn’t even make sense?

This may be where you are today. Frenzied, for a feeling you’re not even otherwise invested in, or present for, or, furthermore— driven by.

Today’s moon was moving forward from a conjunction with Saturn this morning, extending your responsibilities from being one thing to quite another altogether, even if only for the day.

Maybe something demanded your attention or undivided focus immediately, and immediately, as the moon continued moving away from Saturn, a square aspect naturally formed to Chiron. The seriousness of whatever added pressures you find yourself among today may also add a sense of offensiveness in some way, like a very tightly adhered bandage being ripped away from the wound prematurely. Or, perhaps, something you did was metaphorically equivalent to something just as painful and unexpected, and equally obtuse.

Either way, hurt feelings could be surfaced, and the still lingering feeling of lack, frenzy, or disinterest, which ultimately does not kindly aid in the assuagement of the matter only recently delivered.

Today may be easier if left alone, if possible, or circumstances may arrange it so for you. Or maybe, for you, low energy could be a culprit, despite the Jupiterian influence of resiliency upon the moon. Resiliency being an ability to readily recover from anything— be it an illness, or an emotional wound… and this, along with Chiron’s influence, make me question whether the hindrance today is one of long-held repression or resentment rather than a fresh and minor cut to the ego. Sagittarius is one to quickly shake it off and say gratefully, “better luck next time.”

It might not be as simple today.

If twelve steps is the norm, today will require fifteen.

This said, if you continue to choose to repress whatever is bothering you, the Sagittarian happy-go-lucky attitude may turn sinister and, well… passive-aggressive.

Then, later today, a square to Mars, almost challenges you to express yourself in wilful, aggressive, or outwardly dramatic and passively-aggressive ways. Fun.

When the moon squares Mars, it’s ordinarily motivating, and action-driven, but if you’ve read my recent post regarding Mars in Libra, you’ll understand the dilemma here, so, a combative or emotional reaction may battle, and win, over a more mature and logical response, especially if you’re wounded and cannot find the power of resiliency to protect you.

Or, as I suggested before, today may just be another day, but a day you’re overwhelmed, emotionally stunted, blocked, or volatile, and searching for an outlet, be it an argument, an outburst, or an exhausted collapse into much needed sleep.

And finally, just before midnight on the west coast, the moon will ingress into Capricorn… likely adding a heaviness and seriousness to the reflection of your day, especially harsh if you have reason to feel guilt or shame.

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Sagittarius Waxing Crescent Moon

Sagittarius Waxing Crescent Moon

There’s a quote that suggests that only by leaving home, in search of truth, do you find it upon coming back home. Not unlike, only by venturing out beyond the boundaries of your own ego are you able to truly recognize who you are, wholly.

The moon truly is void of course, and when Jupiter rules the moon in void a restlessness can result.

A much lighter feel today, truly, from the previous two days, focus is still upon truth, though, today this focus is jovial, optimistic, and opportunistic. Learning from Scorpio how to see through things, Jupiter wants more to seek solution, not extreme dynamics.

Today is a wonderful day to go outside of your comfort zone, refresh your boundaries, especially those within the realm of your imagination. Just by doing something beyond your ordinary routine can spark creativity, can invite your muse, and can find a solution that wouldn’t have otherwise been so clear.

Anything ninth house related can rejuvenate your sense of joy and take away the power of your restlessness. Ninth house activities would be socializing with people from different backgrounds than yourself— such as religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, or geographical location, or by studying a second language, reading a book of religious or spiritual value, walking in nature, a Sunday drive road trip, or meditating.

Enjoy your day… may you see yourself more clearly by going out of your way to see beyond yourself, outside of yourself.

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Scorpio Waxing Crescent Moon

Scorpio Waxing Crescent Moon

Still swimming through the dark depths of Scorpion waters with only a silver lining of the moon’s light to guide the way… and sometimes that silver lining is all that’s needed.

It’s another one of those times when I ask you to decide for yourself, one of those times when the moon is technically void of course all day, yet, the silver lining today may be that this very young moon makes a square aspect to the North Node and a friendly connection to Chiron.

You tell me.

As The Dead encouraged, “every silver linings got a touch of gray…”

A void of course moon in Scorpio implies deep soul searching, contemplating deep down instincts, and deep, transformative periods in reflection, struggling, really, with all that’s gray— as the sign coming after Libra, it’s realized rather harshly— that not all things are so clearly defined. It’s definitely not something that’s willy-nilly volunteered for, seeing and feeling things through a Plutonian lens, or even stumbled upon obliviously. It’s significant and should be taken seriously.

It’s a time to dig deeper, especially when void, to find the heart in a matter, to scour through all the muck in an effort to seek the source… somewhere in the middle, of course, as you’re learning.

Today’s moon is still so new, so young, and now there’s so much to think about, to feel… action really isn’t strategic now and those around you, too, may not be very receptive to any action anyhow, as they’re likely turned as inward as yourself, deep in thought, rummaging through their own feelings and fears. Seriousness is definitely likely, do not misunderstand, however, this seriousness is not the kind that’s clear.

So again, it’s rather convenient, isn’t it?— that a Pluto ruled void of course moon would be described so painfully similarly to a Scorpio moon associating with the North Node and Chiron— reactions now are emotional, have hidden, deeper meanings than the superficial surface value, and connections made or not made are much more prone to sensitivity, even intimacy.

Truly, the touch of gray may be an inclination or a propulsion to cling to— or count, one by one— each and every fear you have, could have, should have, or would have, if only… but the silver lining will be an uncanny ability to rise above these fears, and look forward, forward and to the future, to the unclear and uncharted unknown, leaving the fears behind. Because again, as The Dead reminded, “[you] will get by…”

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