Juno in Aquarius Transit December 2017 – February 2018

Juno in Aquarius Transit – CONTROLLED FREEDOMS

Juno, or Hera, in mythology was wife of Zeus/Jupiter, and embodied the regal reverence of loyalty until death do them part and absolute fidelity on an levels… though Zeus did not exactly reciprocate the devotion… at all, in the slightest.

Juno and Hera are seen a bit differently in that Hera was queen of the gods, and goddess of marriage, but was controlling, jealous, and vengefully retaliating while Juno had connections with the moon and was therefore much more subtle and graceful, and tended to marital issues, most specifically, childbirth and the pains associated with it. Many women in ancient times prayed to Hera for a successful marriage and prayed to Juno for the safe delivery of a healthy baby. After the baby was born, women would pray once more to Hera to protect their child.

While Hera spent much of her time being loyal to Zeus, she did, however, spend much of that time scheming up ways to curse anyone who Zeus put his sights or conquests upon. Juno, on the other hand, spent much of her time protecting all women and guarding the from the dangers of the world.

It is actually after Juno that inspired the name to the month of June due to the brightest and longest light of the year in association with the sun and moon, and it is typically the most popular month for weddings still today.

Juno has been in Capricorn for a long while, since February, and connected with Pluto through the months of April and May, and then again through November, being strengthened by either the sun or Jupiter himself much of the time. In Capricorn, Juno was able to strengthen bonds and inspire graciousness upon the institution of marriage, commitment, and devotion, providing both security and safety, as long as both parties were obliging, of course. Capricorn isn’t much for infidelity, especially if they’re the one being scorned.

Beginning on December 18th 2017, with Juno in Aquarius Transit, however, the rigid institute of marriage and legally binding contracts becomes just that— very rigid, and it is here that Juno’s archetypal personification is embodied, leaving Capricorn’s more Hera-inspired archetype in the past.

Juno simply wants to protect the delicacies with the partnership, and sometimes this means expanding the boundaries of renegotiating the fine print. Through Aquarius, Juno can protect freedoms and broadened horizons and animate rare opportunities within commitments, both personal and professional.

Through Juno in Aquarius transit, the lesson is one of freedom, or even controlled freedoms— if that makes any sense? — however unconventional. It is important to remember that Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn, modernly by Uranus, so from Capricorn Saturn will be seeking security through commitments in ways that may seem odd to others but feel right to you, for whatever reason. This shift may be more noticeable at first, of course, and may end up not being as extreme as it’s first taken to being.

This transit could invite you to grant these freedoms, however strange it seems to you, or you may want these freedoms granted to you and your partner will question your motives.

By all means, this Juno in Aquarius Transit will not shatter the institutions of marriage, nor will marriages break up or spoil… simply, one partner or both may require some breathing space, space to take up a new hobby or interest, and the freedom to explore themselves in a (trans)personal way rather than through the boundaries of the partnership. However, as Aquarius is not traditionally known for its romance, softness, or equality in partnership to begin with, one partner may take on more than s/he can endure or require more than the other is willing or able to provide. There may even be a twinge of give/take where only one is rewarded with an advantage.

In Aquarius, Juno will oppose the North Node several times, meaning that there are things here for you to learn and cultivate, and be once again strengthened by the sun in conjunction in January, highlighting a source of gratitude and (re)awakening.

Juno in Aquarius Transit will last through February 24th, 2018.

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