Libra New Moon Astrology October 2017

Libra New Moon Astrology

Edward Norton Lorenz, father of Chaos Theory†, once entertained, “predictability: does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?”

Wikipedia will tell you that Chaos Theory is “a branch of mathematics focused on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.”

A dynamic, by definition, is a force that motivates; a forceful presence of power.

This forceful presence of power motivating you… is the Libra New Moon.

I encouraged you yesterday that anything can happen, that anything happens all the time. And it does. Any one of you can attest to that, myself included. It’s beautiful and it’s thrilling and it’s scary and it’s real and it’s unreal, it’s order and it’s disorder, and it’s absolute chaos, which is central to the fundamental components our universe evolved from and continues to revolve around to this day. And likely, forevermore…

The Libra New Moon occurs today at 26°35′ at 12:11pm PDT* and will oppose a retrograded Uranus at 26°31′ Aries almost exactly, so… this should deliciously impress the need for achieving a healthy balance between a detachment from the details of the chaos around you, and within you, and the effort in action to see a clearer, bigger, more wholly balanced picture of the chaos unfolding.

With chaos (Uranus) comes order and disorder (Libra); with chaos, there are two sides to everything.

Libra is not thrilled about chaos, really, because Libra seeks an often times unavailable equilibrium in everything, so the idea of yet another imbalance… it’s an exhausted disappointment, to say the least. However, because of the opposition to Uranus, unexpected change and upheaval is a theme with this new moon. Flexibility is only an advantage to you now, not a hindrance. Trying to find a balance, always, is ideal, but it simply may not be probable now.

Where is Libra in your chart?, and which opposing house is Uranus occupying within your chart? Where is this dynamic playing out in your nativity? Knowing which houses these dynamics fall within in your own nativity would be ideal…

With Libra, the Scales, you’re likely caught in the midst of a decision now, or a run of the mill fork in the road, or finding yourself extremely within a juxtaposition of some sort, weighing both the pro’s and the con’s, the highlights and the shadowy realms, the in’s and the out’s, the up’s and the down’s, and are really needing to find a balance… and you’re asking yourself— is this even possible?

While you’re selflessly suspended in between these two, or more, choices, it is so important to remember this subtle word: selflessly.

Obviously, you’re human, with an ego, and it isn’t really too far of a stretch to assume you’ll likely choose the side that best meets your needs, yes? However, do keep in mind that there may not be as fierce of a demand in choosing so impulsively and quickly as you think, or have been told.

This lunar event is a celestial opportunity to really harbor the significance and depth of your decision— or the details you’re determining— to really grasp the situation and its commitment at its core and how it will serve you now, and later, and further still after that, and this will be made possible only by distancing yourself from the decision, from all perspectives. Completely.

Libran energies, not unlike universal laws, are happiest when an equilibrium is achieved. To find the center of all things and dissolve the notions of wrong and right, evil and good, in and out, and to see— truly see— things as they are, to be completely clear that these two sides inherently— and endlessly— sync together, blending perfectly, falling into place time and time again. It is time now to find the center of your decision by de-centering yourself from it.

This is a little secret— it’s how equilibrium is truly achieved.

Because Libra holds both sides within, both the good and the bad, without allowing either side to affect any emotion, but rather, remaining emotionally unattached and logically minded, only. Always. It is important to remember that Libra is an air sign, despite the Venusian charms, it’s all air, it’s all logic, analysis, and reasoning… no emotion, no time for feelings mucking it all up. Only logic.

The only true worry you should protect yourself from now is either in distancing yourself from the decision— to be denied an opportunity to make a decision by counting yourself unavailable for the time being, to not making it immediately, *before fully evaluating each side* (because Libra needs to honestly and thoroughly balance each side). Or, by taking yourself so far outside the details of the decision, so far out and rebelliously, that you’re no longer connected. That’s not good, either. Remain connected.

In the end, again, as with universal law, either way, pro’s will blend with con’s, good will dance with evil, and right will allow the wrong. And likewise. Always.

So, anything can happen. Anything happens all the time. And this is only a small example as to how. Perfect chaos. Always.

*1:11pm MDT; 2:11pm CDT; 3:11pm EDT
† to learn more about Chaos Theory—

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