Mars in Libra Transit

Mars in Libra Transit – SMOOTH OPERATOR

In the making of the hit series, “Mad Men”, Jon Hamm, who played the shows leading character, Don Draper, declared that he smoked 74 cigarettes during the filming of the pilot alone. Of course these weren’t real cigarettes, but herbal cigarettes, look-alikes essentially, which are supposedly healthy and easy on the lungs… either way, the scene of the series— set upon the early 1960’s Manhattan ad-men scene— required this however unhealthy, but oh, so sexy detail as it was very historically relevant. Quite literally, to be transported back in time to this period in our history, it would be strange to experience it without constant chain smoking, yes?!

Mars has moved into Libra, the motivation behind our actions are now needing to see both/all sides of things before actually acting, the usefulness of the roots of our motivations are now no longer enough, as was necessary in Virgo. This is primarily because of the Libran need to consider, and likely comply, to the needs and motivations of Other(s).

Mars in Libra Transit actually needs the motivation to consider motivations!— usually from anOther.

So, not unlike the endless smoke rings and infectiously defeating inhalation, Mars in Libra Transit requires a scene to be set for not only the relevancy of the circumstance, or our motivations toward the circumstance, but most importantly— what the audience, (or rather, those also involved among us), experiences by the circumstance in question. Either way, it’ll likely be both wrong and right, from all angles.

The details still matter, despite the evolution forward from Virgo.

Remember fondly, that Venus rules Libra, so Venus rules Mars in this rendezvous, Mars taking direction from Venus… and regardless of how sexy this may be or should be, there remains, unsurprisingly, a bit of a tussle, not to mention the opposing forces that exist with Libran energies alone.

When Venus rules Mars only good manners will do, etiquette, charm, and polite verbiage in discussions, especially so should conflict arise.

Truly, I am not encouraging any of you to smoke three packs of cigarettes in the span of a sitting, herbal or not, but I am encouraging you to embrace the ease that Mars in Libra Transit alludes, and thereby allures, within a sensation of charming subtlety, the message that conveys an attention to detail, an attention to experience an experience from all perspectives. Planet “me me me” in the sign of “anyone but me” provides an interesting dynamic; by seeing and feeling and experiencing something from someone else’s perspective only assures a cohesiveness that appears natural, despite it being anything but.

So, moving through and beyond the smokescreen… Mars in Libra is a smooth operator, (much like Don Draper), making everything look easy, charming the way to anyone’s heart and expectations and desires, too. Mars in our chart represents what we want and what we go out of our way to get, but when in Libra, an immediate concern that cannot be shaken motivates us to go out of our way to get what Other(s) want.

There’s an inability to act so forcefully, the way Mars naturally prefers to act.

Then there’s the anxiety and frustration that go with Libra and the indecisiveness… Never knowing what exactly is truly wanted, the indecisiveness haunts Mars in Libra natives, constantly wondering whether decisions made have rubbed another wrong or maybe in not making a decision, this wronged another just the same? Taking what they want, should they know what it is they want, actually goes against their nature and, in turn, haunts them anyway.

As Mars moves through Libra, until December 9th, you, too, may be haunted by a decision you either need to make or already made, or can’t see to make, or an action you provoked, followed through with, or failed to fulfill may haunt you, flummox you, or simply cause you anxiety.

Mars is naturally selfish, too, while Libra demands fairness and sharing and kindness and manners— you see the dilemma. This can result in a passive-aggressive manner, procrastination, manipulations, defensiveness, and can become relatively unemotional or emotionally detached, and again, these could be experienced now and through the transit, either through yourself or those around you.

Be patient, with yourself and with those around you, as they may, too, be battling with a decision, or the effects of being unable to make a firm decision, and being haunted by the manners and graces of remaining silent and detached and polite about it all.

It may be quite easy— effortless, in fact!— for you to gain what it is you think you want now… but the real haunt is that, even if you think you know what it is you want, you’ll likely be both wrong and right either way. Whether you make the decision or not, act or not just the same, you’ll be both right and wrong, even if only within your own mind, and it might just be worth the time to wait until Mars moves into Scorpio, because Mars in Scorpio knows all too well what it is that’s desired, and Mars in Scorpio will get it, without regret.

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