Personalized Astrology Calendar for 2018

Astrology Calendar 2018

Twelve Month 2018 Calendar Outline

Offered by Jamie VanZuuk via DMAstro

Do you ever wonder if my posts would be that much more informative if you could follow along with an outline indicating where these movements are occurring in your own nativity?

For those of you who enjoy my daily/weekly posts via DMAstro Blog and DMAstro Facebook page and free monthly horoscopes —  I recommend to you my personalized twelve month delineated outline— I would like to offer to you a personalized astrology calendar 2018 outline for ONLY $50!!! ($75 if you would like a phone call, too)

Normally, I prefer to talk to you— for a reading, but with these outlines, I make these delineations so clear that no other explanation is necessary, simple enough to follow along each day of the year.

Many of my friends adore these outlines and text me randomly through the year as many of my “predictions” manifest in whatever way, and it’s really cool to be so connected to you through the celestial energies and how they play out.

I learn a lot and you’ll learn a lot, especially when you’re able to connect my posts on my page to your own nativity… It’ll open up your year in so many different ways.

If you’re interested, please click the link below or email us and we’ll send you a link for a payment transaction.

In a private message, I’ll ask you to list for me several things—

  • a goal or two you have in mind for 2018
  • a theme you would like to be a motivation in 2018
  • a thing you struggled with through 2017
  • if you could choose one color for 2018— what would it be?
  • if you could choose one word for 2018— what would it be?

In your Personalized Astrology Calendar 2018 you’ll receive (for only $50!)—

  • a twelve month outlined calendar, with significant points of personalized celestial movements each month, specific to your nativity
  • all major transits of 2018 delineated for you, specific to your nativity
  • all lunar events of 2018 delineated for you, specific to your nativity

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