Saturn in Capricorn Transit Astrology 2017 – 2020

Saturn in Capricorn Transit— until 2020

Oh man… Old Father Time has moved into Capricorn.

Yes, Saturn has moved into a sign he himself governs until the year 2020, where he’ll be much more comfortable, much more secure, much more controlled… through Sagittarius, the last several years, Saturn’s been bossing about jovial Jupiter and either limiting dreams or questioning ideals, so, in a strange sort of way, this transit may offer a bit of a reprieve in some respects, but in other ways…

Saturn represents very heavy, confining things, things loaded with consequences, in one way or another. Some of these things are calcium, which is in practically everything, from our bones and teeth to the nutrients found in both soil and space. Saturn also rules concrete, systems of confinement, lessons in adulthood and maturity, mountains and gravity.

You get the idea… Heavy.

Capricorn rules things like aging and the elderly, conservation, tradition, conservatism, governments, politics, rules and rulerships, globalism, capitalism, industrialism, control, power— oh, I’m sure you’re getting the idea here, too.

But some things the two of these ideas contribute together, Saturn in Capricorn transit, they both inspire practice, patience, and perfection.

Saturn in Capricorn transit wants to measure three times and cut only once.

Saturn in Capricorn needs things— all things— to be done the right way, the ethical way, the proper way.

Both Saturn and Capricorn rule authority, management systems, parental figures, and mentors; but most importantly, as both Saturn and Capricorn rule over the very reputable tenth house— professional ambitions and that ladder to the top, sure, but really— what/who you aspire to become.

Whatever you aspire to, you must practice, you must have patience, and you must try your hardest to achieve perfection. There are no ways around it. And good things come to those who are patient…

The tenth house represents where you’re going, with both your professional ambitions and in your life direction.

What are you out to achieve?

What do you aspire to do?

What do you need to do to support and solidify these dreams in reality?

Are the choices you’re making now preparing you for these future opportunities?

With Saturn in Capricorn Transit, now’s the time, the time is now (and through the next two years) to focus, to center your sights on your target, to get serious about your future and your goals and your aspirations, and to begin working hard toward your goals in a disciplined manner. There are no shortcuts with Saturn. Oh helllllll, no. Make plans, set goals, and work. Hard. Work very hard. Harder still. Basically, if you’re not in tears, it’s not hard enough. Saturn is wince-worthy.

Both Saturn and Capricorn also represent responsibilities— naturally yes!?— especially those in regard to ambitions, responsibilities you tend to because they strengthen you in ways you understand will be to your highest advantage down the road. By enduring the elbow grease necessary to fulfill these responsibilities, you are, in turn, building character, and with character comes maturity— both of which are Saturnine and Cappy rewards.

Also, in these next two years, in whatever sector of your life Capricorn is found in your chart* (get your complete Birth Chart to know where this transit is the strongest. See a sample…), you’ll be working ambitiously toward the authority you deserve within the domain that house represents.

Where Capricorn instills maturities, Saturn prepares boundaries, and as each lesson is learned the parameters are broadened and enhanced appropriately, and rewards are offered. Sure, sometimes these boundaries feel more like limitations, but it must be trusted that these parameters are set for a reason of concern or safety or preparedness, but, then again, Saturn is also the disciplinarian… Saturn punishes just as quickly, when necessary, as rewards are rightly given when deserved.

Parameters, when we’re young, are guidelines of behavior, expectations for appropriate behaviors, chores and curfews while these become more and more refined as we grow older and they are applied to society at large, such as speed limits, laws, codes of conduct, and government policies. Punishment and reward are no strangers to these guidelines and social expectations. Punishment need not always be legal, it can be given in doses of humiliation, social embarrassment, financial setback, failure, or the loss of something valuable. Reward, on the other hand, regardless of age, is almost always a knowledge of avoiding trouble, consequence, and punishment, while also, of course, increased status, good social standing and reputation, and available ambitions and opportunity. This is, most appropriately, where Capricorn and the tenth house join in.

Saturn also stands for tradition, the tried and true, and, of course, respect for the elderly. Remember that Saturn is “home” in Capricorn, and therefore feels more secure and much more in charge, and this will likely inspire a very heavy shift in guidance, to us all— guidance back to where we’ve come from, how far we’ve come from where we began, and back to our familial roots. Speaking of family— if yours is “broken” then issues of the brokenness, in whatever way that is, will likely need to be repaired, fixed, supported, or upgraded— whatever is necessary in your circumstance to “right” a “wrong”.

An overall sense of groundedness, as Capricorn is of the earth, will be expected, appreciated, or sought after if it’s lacking. This groundedness, too, may feel supportive, structured, or secure— a reward in and of itself.

Saturn isn’t always so much about limitations as it is in protecting you and steering you in a direction that is most advantageous to you and your Truth. Remember that Saturn wants only to teach you the lessons necessary for your development and search for self, so this transit through Capricorn will be much about lessons regarding your ambitions and authority, and ultimately, looking practically and realistically to the truth you’re searching for or living.

Saturn is asking you to practice, to be patient, and to strive for perfect within whatever house in your nativity Capricorn cusps.

Understandably, Saturn is the Lord of Karma.

Remember that, regardless of what your Truth is, you are karmically obliged to honor it, wholly and truly, and the cosmos, thereby, provides you limitless opportunity and celestial securities to do so. I like to believe it’s a universal agreement our souls made upon our births, in return for life on earth in a physical body. Your soul made the agreement of learning its Truth— why on earth, literally, would anything or anyone keep you from it!?

Karma, by definition, is a cosmic principle in action, seen as bringing upon oneself inevitable results much like a boomerang— what you put out is what you (in)directly receive back to you; if you exude positive energy and opportunistic visions of abundance, it is only a matter of time and perspective before these find you. On the other hand, if you sulk deep within your own self loathing and proclaim that anything or anyone owes you anything at all, nothing being your fault… your perspective will be largely out of tune with that of the cosmos and you’ll have a sad experience from any angle.

So, sometimes Saturn inspires an obstacle to slow you down from your own self-destruction.

You could also think of Saturn as Buddha. Or the ultimate parent. Saturn only wants the best of everything for us… but we must earn it, for our own sense of ability and self worth. And when we dream the most improbable of dreams… Saturn inspires us to find ways of making these improbable, idealistic dreams real, manifest within the physical world at large.


Saturn gets a bad wrap, mainly because we, as humans, resist responsibility, so naturally, we resist Saturn’s lessons, even to our own detriment. Because we love reward…

This brings my ramble back to Capricorn and its associations with Saturn in that both these energies appreciate patience and the rewards that come with it. Remember, Saturn represents time… these two, together, can wait forever. And, quite often, the things we really want in life, those things we must wait years upon years to learn that are truly essential—are very Saturnine things, like health and a long life, the achievement of something, learned wisdom, and recognition— both financial and reputable— for what we have contributed, both large in impact and small.

But never do we yearn for responsibility.

Yet, how do all of those essentials manifest?

Responsibilities. Many years of them. And hard work. And more responsibilities.

And the ambition to thrive.

Before I conclude my endless rambling, a rambling ya’ll have been so patient for, I must differentiate for you the core essence of both Saturn and Capricorn. These two overlap in many ways, truly, however, they have a way of ruining the other if left imbalanced. Much like Scrooge, as seasonally appropriate as it is, he worked and worked and worked and had everything— but love, and a life worth living. Excessive materialistic ambitions, pessimism, and rigidity, greed, close-mindedness, and miserly ways are all shadow sides of Capricorn and Saturn sends the bill, eventually.

The core essence of Saturn in Capricorn Transit is that of patience and balance— all true rewards are granted to those who are patient and these rewards only last for those who understand that balance, the balance of all things, is key.

In summation, of all my rambling here, if you take anything away from this post about Saturn in Capricorn transit, take away a reminder that karmic promises were made and to simply be a good person, and to strive to be more patient and disciplined, to walk in your light with integrity, and ultimately, to persevere through all your lessons, whatever obstacle they represent. Because for the next two years, it may really feel as though time has stopped, slowed down to such a halt that no blur occurs, and you’re forced, one way or another, to really look at your circumstances in a truly humbling and realistic way, however serious, or depressing, or upsetting, or magnified that may feel to you… and there will be plenty of obstacles, delays, frustrations, and time-outs to do that.

Please be mindful that these lessons you’ll be learning and discipline you’ll be enduring will not be small, little, inconsequential matters but fundamentally significant matters that will eventually change your direction altogether into a better route… Remember that Saturn represents the basis of all things, the foundations of all things, and the structure of all things. Not just the carpet. And if your life begins to squeeze you in a way that’s unrelenting, you may be on the wrong path or needing to learn a very hard lesson. Otherwise, Saturn in Capricorn transit may be only a reminder for you to practice, to be patient, to seek perfection, to conserve, to be rational, realistic, and responsible for your own actions and consequences, and to keep going, no matter what.

To face reality is something of a responsibility that not too many of us are too eager to sign up for… yet… Saturn’s bill has arrived. It will be due by December of 2020— Saturn’s offering a payment plan in good gesture. Take it.

❝You have to dream, you have to have a vision, and you have to set a goal for yourself that might even scare you a little because sometimes that seems far beyond your reach. Then I think you have to develop a kind of resistance to rejection, and to the disappointments that are sure to come your way.❞

——Eldred Gregory Peck

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