Venus in Capricorn Transit Astrology

Venus in Capricorn Transit – INFLEXIBLE AUTHORITY IN HEART

The planet of love and what you desire is now in Capricorn, back to earth from all that dreaming and idealism in Sagittarius, back to work after all that play… Venus in Capricorn transit has much ambition and seeks to achieve goals born of discipline, self-control, and perseverance. Venus in Capricorn prefers competency of character, predictable plans and responsible routine. Venus in Capricorn possesses an authority toward what is desired, and inevitably achieved.

While in Sagittarius, Venus wanted freedom and adventure and to dream dreams of grandeur, and now, while in Capricorn, she wants groundedness and responsibility and to see these dreams manifested in reality.

I’ll be honest, Venus in Capricorn transit isn’t very romantic, or frivolous, or lofty, or even fun the way some would recognize fun to be, but when it comes to commitment, security, and reliability— Venus governed by Saturn is a flirt in love for the first time. Venus in Capricorn is all in and in it to win it.

Venus in Capricorn transit is serious… about everything.

Because Saturn rules Venus when in Capricorn, there is a certain lack of warmth with a detached feel, a coldness with the warmest of intentions. Venus in Capricorn requires patience and time, some of Saturn’s favorite things, before opening up fully before another. Also, a very intense fear of rejection lingers, as well as fears of disruption and failure, these fears are the core reasonings why Venus is so slow to convince in Capricorn, so hard to rush. This is also why proving self-worth, both to yourself and to others, is so very vital now.

Truly, deep within a tame type of unassuming beauty is thriving.

Venus finds investments and savings accounts and IRA plans sexy and irresistible, planning for retirement drives the possibilities wild! Through this transit is an auspicious time to look more critically at your finances, plans for the future, and where you can strategize and maximize your life goals. Remember, Venus is not only love, but also finances and resources, because very frequently what is desired depends upon some financing, or, major investment on your part.

Either way, if you’re able to relate to Venus wherever she is transiting in your nativity is how you’ll experience the ease you seek.

However… ease will not be given without effort.

As Venus moved into Capricorn, she was immediately halted and met by Saturn himself, the two connecting by conjunction at 0° Capricorn. The zero degree of Capricorn represents inflexibility, inspired by Marc Edmund Jones, this degree demands credit where credit is due, authority, and complete integrity.

The word ‘authority’ derived from the Latin word, “auctor”, translating to “author”— one who increases or produces, very Saturnine, indeed.

Conjunctions between Venus and Saturn, however, have something of an unpleasantness associated with it, only because it is not fun to associate romance with work or laissez-faire pleasure seeking with obligation or rendezvous with reality and routine, but there is an attraction to love and commitment… however, commitments of love require both obligation and hard work.

Through the next several days, while the conjunction is still in effect, your relationships may require more responsibility or the obligations you agreed to will be a bit more trying. Patience works wonders now, as well as focus on the ultimate goal.

Venus invites you to author your own story now, to increase your awareness and produce something from your potential, to proactively embrace your own authority toward the things you want and desire in life. Recognize your worth now, your genuine abilities, and your capacity for aptitude. Even in merely putting in the effort and the work and the elbow grease now toward your story, toward your dreams, will do much and prove much, and will further your character by the example you’re setting, in truly living your Truth.

The last time Venus was in Capricorn was in January, earlier this year.

Venus in Capricorn Transit will last until January 17th 2018.

The next time Venus will be in Capricorn will be in November of 2019.

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